Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Conserving actions from the ACLU

The ‘so declared’ pact God has made with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America to me is at the rim of the discrimination that the Christian Collusion cannot help to leave in their wake of the encompassing movements to pass mandates. As an illustration of Government sponsorship of a faith or creed but still religion, and still unconstitutional in it stands in battle with the axioms of democracy of our republic. Actions such as described in the article linked above are another example of government endorsement of discrimination to our most innocent of the citizenry of America, our children. The nature of most children even myself as a child was to revolt to a heavy hand of restraint of most kind, it seems to me to be innate to us humans as well as other mammals for reasons of self security, by leaving this aspect entire within a person one gives that person the security of self worth and self-esteem. Pointing out this human aspect, one I recognize and respect so much to hold as principal to my humanist being, recognizing this principal as respecting it in others a moral to hold as a good character . . . so here I choose to sound my revolt.

Pentagon to stop sponsoring scout troops
Washington Times

"The American Civil Liberties Union says a negotiated settlement has been reached to stop U.S. Defense Department sponsorship of Boy Scout troops. Previously, Pentagon policy has allowed Defense Department units to hold charters to hundreds of Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs. The scouts required government employees to exclude any youth from membership if they did not believe in God and for members of scout troops or packs to swear an oath of duty to God, the ACLU of Illinois said." (11/15/04)

Seeing another restraint or ultimatum these Dominionists include in their revolution siring mandates to turn our democracy to theocracy is faith-based charities taking the place of social responsibilities the government has held to insure human rights were indeed held to law, law will not be the case as in the human rights in the constitution (mans law) ultimatums and stipulations will surely be upheld by churches of different denominations and religions. For a child placed as a ward under the roof of a faith-based organization for their care will the child be submitted to a daily bombardment of interpreted scripture, even other than their own heritage would they be within their own family protection. There is history that we could call from to learn, in England for many years there were an unwed home for women which was found to be nothing but a slave labor camp for profit to the church that sponsored it. Plenty other historical examples to when a church or religious organization takes over duties that were before bound by law of human rights, those laws, mans law metamorphosed into God’s law. Is there an accurate code, list, or registration of these translations of God’s laws other than the ancient bible?
These thoughts touch on a subject I read about nearly each and every day, and it held my interest tight for years. I have yet a solution to straighten the curve in our progress taking us so far within our past. It could start with really teaching the Constitution and proper education of the history of building that document. That document held above all men, as if a god some might claim just to defy it. It surmounts reason and the truest of justice yet reached in humanity on earth, not claiming to come from the heavens it keeps our feet firmly planted in reason so as our mind clearly sees the justice of humanity it provides. If I were religious, I would probably be called a Constitutionalist non denomination Independent, or not.

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Replaced a the link under Dominionist to for further insight to who they are a very informative history.

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