Tuesday, November 23, 2004

While I was Jones

Tiger's ululation near the door brings me outside to investigate, the full moon brightens the way, there I find silence and Tiger wailing from half a mile a way within moments. It is near midnight, high moon and as the moon is full I am guessing so must be his spirit. His all night travels are worrisome to me, sometimes I negociate the fix and feel it is somehow wrong to stifle nature that way. Who am I to decide if his future offspring should have a chance at life. Knowing the rate feral cats die I would have to find and care for his future offspring, and who knows where he is by now. I just hope he is safe and sound. That is Tiger curled up beside my temporary pond under the pine tree in the picture of the red Japanese maple and sage. When he gets over his teen-age years and less boyish in ways boys don't like affection I will get a nice portrait of him.

I am changing internet service, had no intention to when calling, was concerning billing methods I wanted to change, took two days, a Friday and the following Monday. The phone company got involved, May at yahoo was supper nice no complaints. The third time I called , conference call, I couldn't understand her name, but Larry was with the phone company on the second line. "Couldn't understand" ask the opening confirming questions that affirm to her I am me, then just breathing, no hang on or checking back to see if I am ok, need anything, feel I am waiting too long, nothing, nada but breathing for thirty minutes.

Larry speaks up after I mumble something to myself hoping she would affirm to me this was a real phone call, and I didn't get lost in cyberspace, "I am still here". So we start talking, and he tells me about their internet service, the cost not much more than I am paying now, rated tops in customer care, so he sold me, while online with "couldn't understand" at the yahoo. I made a crack like, " maybe they are taping this and will use it in training sessions" he bellowed with laughter, I think it made his day. Probably made everyone's day he told. After I hung up I realized Larry had made the call, and what if "couldn't understand" was cut off by Larry, and Larry was just a good opportunist, I have been with the same service for nearly ten years, so I wonder.

Been reading some other blogs on this blogspot thing, good writers, I wonder if you have to be a writer to blog here, I might be intruding. I think I will try to comment on a few I liked, and maybe make friends, or find some traffic here and then comments on my stuff also.

I read about Openoffice.org, so I love to play with different programs and was curious, mainly because some one stated it was as good as wordPerfect. That got my attention, I use wordPerfect have never liked the Microsoft. I down loaded it hoping it had a flexible database builder, file sharing tool, automatic like. I can use basic to build it, and if anyone knows of one that is around, I would like to look at it. I want to update a link file, automatically, while I type or paste. It will have to monitor key strokes and look for that address marker http: and then copy to the data file just the address. But I don't know as I never grew out of my training wheels in computer programing. I do know one thing, Microsoft stumped the advances society could have achieved when they took over the software market.

I was computer winged on the old network systems that took up rooms at college. Before auto cad, before windows where it was basic, and a now rare to find dos file tree and shelves full of floppies. I still haven't found something as useful for my hobbies as database II. With simple tools great things can be done. I built my own programs to efficiently maintain the quality control program at the manufacturing plant, also built a workable and very usable warehousing cataloging locating system for materials in use, and in storage. I may explore Openoffice.org and see just how simple and hopefully flexible it can be.


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