Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Natural World Called Earth Refuses

Tuesday September 20th approaching the day that marks the fall, the earth shifts on its axes and we in the northern hemisphere turn away from the sun. Looking out at the yard so brittle brown and dying, sun scorched. News a few weeks ago warning of huge remarkable sun spots with flares so dangerous, not being able to make long distance calls the spots on my skin from working in the sun. The heat that swelters mid day, the animals hidding in the shade, the absents of the usual tree frogs during the night calling for mates to come and play. The growth of rage in the storms over the ever increasing warm waters, and the size of enormously destructive force increasing. The maddness of men, relieving EPA standards, the maddness of eugenics and judgements of who deserves life and who deserves death, justifing our own steps to this maddness with simpletons blame to God, misinterpatations of karma, denial of fault these are the times we live this is the hand we dealt ourselves.

Tuesday 1900 dead american hero’s in Iraq

Dr. Scott, who trained as a physical anthropologist, said that in training docents she emphasized "how the public understands or misunderstands evolution and some of the misconceptions they come in with." She hopes to combat the idea that people must choose between science and faith - "that you are either a good Christian creationist or an evil atheist evolutionist." September 20, 2005 Challenged by Creationists, Museums Answer Back

Church may not want answer to the gay question
"Maybe we should just reinstitute an old Catholic practice —— public burnings at the stake for homosexuals. In fact, oblations right in front of the parish church could have a good impact on local neighbourhoods or, if that isn't possible, either the parish parking lot or the playground for the parish elementary school."

Texas sues the pope ..... oh well, what other way to battle demons.

In the face of this maddness of men I see a fimilar glaring smile, eyes that twinkle with that back-assward glee that satisfies most uninquiring minds, simple answers for simple minds, after all was it not so cool to be dumb rather than a nerd in school, simply speaking: Marking a milestone in our social behaviors these past six years, a swell in popular voices reaching the public knowledge base, not thru education but thru peoples churches and religious institutions. The human mind can’t help but imagine and ask, why when where and how. Basic tenets in our thought heightening, instruction and knowledgeable that our minds are feed and grow on information, I present we have become a nation of lesser thinkers and faster gradifacation we demand NOW. To ask why is philosophical, to ask why can also be pharisaical, to ask how is more pharisaical than philosophical because of the greater requirement for inquiry and study, ‘hard work’. To ask when is most totally scientific and pharisaical and 0% philosophical. Metaphysics is pure imagination, philosophical and emotional. Scienctifics is pure pharisaical, requiring testing of studies, proof beyond doubt but may require some imagination to find those doubts and proofs.

As the great philosopher and revered thinker on metaphysics in our time, said about Karma, his disappointing time limit on answering allowing in this misunderstanding of Karma. Karma defines the final of your actions, for every action there is a reaction. We polute with out reguard to the consciquiences, we vote these inept idio-simpltons into public office via popular decent of logic. The natural world of real laws and disaplines of the wrath of natural physics, laws of nature physical and biological, combine like the overview structure of the virus that plages us, living in harmony with each we decide we control, we harness, we redistribute, finding only the resistance of the natural world we feed on.

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You are so Smart. I love you.

Tue Sep 27, 04:11:00 PM EDT  

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