Sunday, September 25, 2005

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

Mr Viges, 29, said he was still haunted by the memories of what he
experienced and urged President George Bush to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

"I don't know how many innocents I killed with my mortar rounds," Mr
Viges, who served with the 82nd Airborne Division, said during a presentation
this week at American University in Washington. "In Baghdad, I had days that I
don't want to remember. I try to forget," he added

The rare insight into the chaos of the combat ­ including an order to open fire on all taxis in the city of Samawa because it was believed Iraqi forces were using them for
transport ­ comes as US support for the war in Iraq slumps to an all-time

I read the article above, wasn't surprised, I read from iraq_dispatches@ first hand acounts from inside when my stomach tolerates it.

The winds and waters of Katrina washed away the Labor laws that assure at least minium wages, and the people themselves that should have had the opertunities to be employeed.

President Bush has promised that Washington will pick up the greater part of
the cost for "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever
seen." To that end, he suspended provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act that would
have required government contractors to pay prevailing wages in Louisiana and
devastated parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. And the Department of
Homeland Security has temporarily suspended sanctioning employers who hire
workers who cannot document their citizenship. The idea is to benefit Americans
who may have lost everything in the hurricane, but the main effect will be to
let contractors hire illegal immigrants.



Blogger Wonder said...

Federal and state governments were preparing to become even more active and sought to protect themselves from falling victim to “fly-by-night� “cut throat� contractors who performed “shoddy� work with “exploited�, “low-skilled� and “imported� workforce.

Sun Sep 25, 07:00:00 PM EDT  

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