Friday, September 30, 2005

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Black Legislator: Is the Republican a KKK Member?

The racism exposed by Katrina and Miss Rita (yes they deserve respect, vengeful women they were) has boiled over in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Go get'm Miss Edith! Maybe it will make enough stew to feed the hungry so they do not have to loot, maybe the issue needs some good ol rue to thicken the gumbo. My mom told me once that FDR suggested everyone consider the importance of potatoes, during the depression. I always wonder if the term 'feed em beans' was somehow related. Mom was a republican alone with all the others in her family, elephants galore, and potatoes soup with corn bread, sometimes fried cabbage.

Battle heats up over Caucus membership
By John Rodgers,
September 29, 2005

Accusations flew Wednesday over a white lawmaker’s attempt to join the General Assembly’s Black Caucus.

Recently, Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), a white lawmaker, inquired about joining the state’s Black Caucus. The Caucus’ chair, Rep. Johnny Shaw (D-Bolivar), reportedly told Campfield he couldn’t join because he’s white and not black.

That prompted Campfield to tell the Associated Press that his “understanding is that the KKK doesn’t even ban members by race.� He added the KKK “has less racist bylaws� than the Black Caucus.

Wednesday, Rep. Edith Taylor Langster (D-Nashville) called that comparison “outlandish� and questioned how Campfield is even aware of the KKK’s bylaws.

“Apparently, he is apprised of what the KKK is, and that is truly a racist organization,� Langster said. “Is he a card carrying member of that organization? That’s my question to him.�

The list justifing fig leaf's free for all who voted Republican in 2004 is growing at a steady and soothing rate now, I wonder how you all feel, in these times.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. Olbermann said: "Somebody voted for this dude."

"that aborting black children would reduce the U.S. crime rate." Bill Bennett former
Secretary of Education

State Revenue Department auditors went ahead with a $129,295 conference in Nashville this week, even after Gov. Phil Bredesen ordered all nonessential state travel curtailed because of the costs of Hurricane Katrina.
The conference at the Millennium Maxwell House Nashville hotel featured karaoke Tuesday night and a luau last night, plus prize radios, calculators and pens for the auditors who traveled on the state dime to Nashville.

Read it again:

"These are horrible times, and it's extremely frustrating. I wish I could speed up the process, but speeding up the process could contaminate the process. I'm sorry about that," said Dr. Louis Cataldie, who heads the body recovery process in Louisiana.

Identifying the bodies through personal items, DNA, fingerprints, dental records, pacemakers or implants has been made difficult by the poor condition of corpses left for days or weeks in contaminated water, sludge and heat, he said.

Wonder who will pay for all the fig leaves when the party is over, or all you racist biggots a figment of my imagination. nah


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