Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Without a fig leaf, with only figmints on my breath, I say this you read, just wonder

This is not my dairy, or a blog as such that most rant chant or rhapsodize of personal daily dental flossing, but here I only wish to point to the tiresome atrocious news mainly left a void from mainstream americana. You being that americana, whom ever you are that stumbles, stops and takes a second look-see at what I have left during my morning, afternoon or midnight snippets of my own interest. That interest I hold myself to admit is to expose my suspicious personal faults to public view, come be paranoid with me, phobias or facing reality your choice your free opinion as mine is also free. Make sense, I wonder sometimes. In facing life or death situations as most of our kin are doing so sadly in Iraq sense march of 2003, some have found an escape I suspect, or was this path to escape their own hell provided from some black operational training not in the field manuals each and every American soldier has access too. The nausea, the shame, the corruption and lately the crimes by our own we must take our own blame. Be like Garfield if you will, just say it is a crewel cold world out there and kick the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the oppressed, the occupied, the enslaved to that crewel world to sink or swim Or do something about it, talk about it, write about it complain it isn’t getting enough buff. This is my attempt to buff the hidden so it outshines the lies. Without a fig leaf, with only figments on my breath, I say this you read, just wonder.

FEMA hires subsidiary of funeral services company implicated in scandals in Texas and Florida to collect bodies of Katrina victims

Times reporter defends herself in CIA probe case

As the noose tightens at the White House, the State Department memo may be the key piece of Plame evidence.

True to Bush soldiers get rewarded, who is it that leads the national movement into this free fall from truth, my suspense was alleviated when I found a promise, a prophecy, a doctrine on everyone’s lips to explain away the obvious lies. The movement of the "The Family", not your family or my family, this family is a group a real existence for political change, for theocracy not a democracy and their march to power is only realized once ‘they’ are here, now. The movement has moved you from the real view of the truth.

Abraham Vereide founder, family prays for influence to 'rule the world' the secret society that destroys culture, sacrifices thousands, thinks Genghis Khan was a man with vision, pits Jesus against Muslims ..... I say Bush et al oozes of 'family'. Careful reading required, caution for those 'pre-washed' as believers this is seriously bordering a true anti-Christ movement.
fundamental introduction to 'family'
GNN: In that vein, reading your article I got the impression they are praising guys like Adolph Hitler and Ghengis Khan - a lot. Is that a fair assessment of your intention?
SHARLET: In fact, Harpers made me cut back on that stuff. [They said] 'We know it's true, but this is already so much to absorb.' That's why I included that line at the end of the story. The leader of the group is having dinner with the younger members of that group and is talking about the bond, the covenant. And he says, "Can anyone
think of someone who had a covenant?" And the answer, of course, and everyone
knows it, is "Hitler."

Berger (2000:388) has argued that the twentieth century has been "thoroughly
marked, perhaps even defined by, apocalyptic impulses, fears representations and
events." He outlines four principle areas of post war apocalyptic representation: "The first is nuclear war, the second is the Holocaust, the third is the apocalypses of liberation (feminist, African American, postcolonial) and the fourth is what is loosely called ‘postmodernity’." (390).
To these could be added a fifth significant area: the ecological crisis (Buell
For Berger and for other theorists of the apocalypse, these events are not merely catastrophic they are in some way revelatory. In nuclear narratives "accident and telos are intertwined" (390). For many writers and artists the holocaust "has come to occupy a central place in late twentieth century European and American moral consciousness……[it] is portrayed as the revelatory, traumatic, apocalyptic fulcrum of the twentieth century" (391); and much postmodern fiction is driven by "some revelatory catastrophe whose traumatic force reshapes all that preceded it and all that follows" (392).
apocalyptic to be exact
With the possibilities of being entirely wrong, and all these evangelistic prophets are correct and god wishes them to lead us to the grand ending, with bloodshed for his enemies, as if he has enemies then that will be, what ever will be will just be.
Areas of interest and mind sparks abound, listed below are some idea bursting sites anyone on either side of the chevron of hospitality of wondering should wander.

Now with my current task at hand is reading up on these who have to have an enemy, or think that god has an enemy. It is a terrible way to be to me, to only exist to hate someone, some people or some thing, must be miserable. But that is the nature of most religious teachings and writings and beliefs, there must be a devil. ~wonder 2002; in hindsight this day October 5, 2005.

My time is numbered, with days that are laid my task births a new, finding focus to only finish while enduring fragmenting health, for you to know the truth.


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