Friday, September 30, 2005

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Black Legislator: Is the Republican a KKK Member?

The racism exposed by Katrina and Miss Rita (yes they deserve respect, vengeful women they were) has boiled over in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Go get'm Miss Edith! Maybe it will make enough stew to feed the hungry so they do not have to loot, maybe the issue needs some good ol rue to thicken the gumbo. My mom told me once that FDR suggested everyone consider the importance of potatoes, during the depression. I always wonder if the term 'feed em beans' was somehow related. Mom was a republican alone with all the others in her family, elephants galore, and potatoes soup with corn bread, sometimes fried cabbage.

Battle heats up over Caucus membership
By John Rodgers,
September 29, 2005

Accusations flew Wednesday over a white lawmaker’s attempt to join the General Assembly’s Black Caucus.

Recently, Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), a white lawmaker, inquired about joining the state’s Black Caucus. The Caucus’ chair, Rep. Johnny Shaw (D-Bolivar), reportedly told Campfield he couldn’t join because he’s white and not black.

That prompted Campfield to tell the Associated Press that his “understanding is that the KKK doesn’t even ban members by race.� He added the KKK “has less racist bylaws� than the Black Caucus.

Wednesday, Rep. Edith Taylor Langster (D-Nashville) called that comparison “outlandish� and questioned how Campfield is even aware of the KKK’s bylaws.

“Apparently, he is apprised of what the KKK is, and that is truly a racist organization,� Langster said. “Is he a card carrying member of that organization? That’s my question to him.�

The list justifing fig leaf's free for all who voted Republican in 2004 is growing at a steady and soothing rate now, I wonder how you all feel, in these times.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. Olbermann said: "Somebody voted for this dude."

"that aborting black children would reduce the U.S. crime rate." Bill Bennett former
Secretary of Education

State Revenue Department auditors went ahead with a $129,295 conference in Nashville this week, even after Gov. Phil Bredesen ordered all nonessential state travel curtailed because of the costs of Hurricane Katrina.
The conference at the Millennium Maxwell House Nashville hotel featured karaoke Tuesday night and a luau last night, plus prize radios, calculators and pens for the auditors who traveled on the state dime to Nashville.

Read it again:

"These are horrible times, and it's extremely frustrating. I wish I could speed up the process, but speeding up the process could contaminate the process. I'm sorry about that," said Dr. Louis Cataldie, who heads the body recovery process in Louisiana.

Identifying the bodies through personal items, DNA, fingerprints, dental records, pacemakers or implants has been made difficult by the poor condition of corpses left for days or weeks in contaminated water, sludge and heat, he said.

Wonder who will pay for all the fig leaves when the party is over, or all you racist biggots a figment of my imagination. nah

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Insider - US soldiers sell porn photos of mutilated Iraqi women with joke captions

Representatives from Amnesty International and Human Rights First even refused to comment, although both organizations ostensibly exist to condemn just this kind of practice. Perhaps no one wants to give Chris Wilson more publicity, or daily editors are too sensitive about being viewed as unpatriotic. Or perhaps the story is just too ugly to contemplate.

Americans have thousands of media outlets to choose from. But they still have to visit a porn site to see what this war has done to the bodies of the dead and the souls of the living. One of the pictures on Wilson's site depicts a woman whose right leg has been torn off by a land mine, and a medical worker is holding the mangled stump up to the camera. The woman's vagina is visible under the hem of her skirt. The caption for this picture reads: "Nice puss -– bad foot."


East Bay Express, "War Pornography", 21 September 2005.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 27 September 2005.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

Mr Viges, 29, said he was still haunted by the memories of what he
experienced and urged President George Bush to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

"I don't know how many innocents I killed with my mortar rounds," Mr
Viges, who served with the 82nd Airborne Division, said during a presentation
this week at American University in Washington. "In Baghdad, I had days that I
don't want to remember. I try to forget," he added

The rare insight into the chaos of the combat ­ including an order to open fire on all taxis in the city of Samawa because it was believed Iraqi forces were using them for
transport ­ comes as US support for the war in Iraq slumps to an all-time

I read the article above, wasn't surprised, I read from iraq_dispatches@ first hand acounts from inside when my stomach tolerates it.

The winds and waters of Katrina washed away the Labor laws that assure at least minium wages, and the people themselves that should have had the opertunities to be employeed.

President Bush has promised that Washington will pick up the greater part of
the cost for "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever
seen." To that end, he suspended provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act that would
have required government contractors to pay prevailing wages in Louisiana and
devastated parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. And the Department of
Homeland Security has temporarily suspended sanctioning employers who hire
workers who cannot document their citizenship. The idea is to benefit Americans
who may have lost everything in the hurricane, but the main effect will be to
let contractors hire illegal immigrants.


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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurah For Christopher Cooper

Who gave gracious permissions for use. For all our voices whispering, muttering, with all our different far away accents from where our voice’s begin, through thunderous rounds of sounds we find our chorus in you.

Don't you suppose a couple billion other people all over the world heard that chortle, you bloated, ignorant, overprivileged mother of a moron?

Published on Thursday, September 15, 2005 by the Wiscasset Newspaper (Maine)

Sugar for Sugar, Salt For Salt Go Down In The Flood Gonna Be Your Own Fault

by Christopher Cooper

This won't take long. And it won't be much fun. But duty and decency demand that we do it.

Sometimes you buy a cantaloupe because it looks good and you have enjoyed some fine ripe cantaloupes in your time, even though a buck and a half for a little melon that went three for a dollar within living memory seems pretty pricey. And you leave it on the kitchen counter for a few days, because it's a little green, but it softens and gets a better color so you slice it open, but it's mushy and rotten and smells like feet and tastes like vomit and you remember other, similar, corporate grocery chain cantaloupe experiences and vow as you heave the mess into the compost not to get fooled again.

Maybe you've bought a car. Reasonable mileage, no rust, convincing salesman who chatted you up about your hobbies, agreed with your prejudices, and made you feel you were a pretty clever guy for choosing this vehicle from his selection. But you couldn't keep it aligned, it ate tires, the brakes, exhaust system and radiator didn't survive the life of the payment book, and when you tried to sell it three years later every seventeen-year-old who looked at it was astute enough to reference the oil blown past the rear main seals as his reason for declining your "Best Offer Over $500 Dollars" prayer.

Some of you lady readers married men whose virtues are now no more apparent to ou than they were pre-nuptually to your mothers, friends or even relatives of the room himself. True, he was a successful inseminator but, sadly, the children look disturbingly like him. Of you, people say, "She could have done so much better." What were you thinking? What can you do?

Or let's say a whole country was riding a foaming crest of good times, new cars, low nterest rates, affordable gas, electronic gadgets and a We're Number One world view that was maybe weak on history, geography and empathy, but sure did by God show he big stick to the heathen foreigners. Such a people might toss a coin in a contest etween a dorky, dull Democrat and an insipid dry drunk Texas fratboy Republican whose every and many failures had been rendered moot by family money and connections. They might not be paying much attention.

Then, let's say, some really nasty guys from a country larded up with ugly, corrupt at cats blew a great big hole in a part of that country. Suppose the new president "rose to the occasion" by starting a war with another country in the same part of the world as the one where the bad guys came from, but which, for political and personal reasons and reasons having very much indeed to do with very valuable mineral resources and very profitable corporations and some other complicated considerations having to do with weapons sales, it was not convenient to invade because those particular rich foreigners were personal friends and business partners of that new chief executive.

And further (stay with me; I know it's a weird trip), imagine that just as it was made startlingly clear that pretty much everything this president had advanced as a reason for that war was a fabrication, a misdirection, a deliberate under- or over-statement well, hell, yes, I guess just a pile of tremendous lies, really, if we need to use such an gly word), imagine that he got re-elected despite his manifest incompetence and venality and smugness because the same Democrats who had advanced the very dull, unappealing candidate four years previously selected this time a cipher who ran against his own finest, most decent history and tried to seem more and more like the dull incumbent until, finally, some voters stuck with the dummy they knew, and some voted against the sad-sack they'd come to not respect, and the rigged Republican voting machines in two critical states made up the shortfall.

Now what if the best-studied, most carefully-observed, best-tracked, most predictable-coursed hurricane ever seen, and one of the biggest, wiped out a major coastal city that, had the president in question not been so intent upon "drowning government in a bathtub" and reducing the unwelcome sting of taxation upon the richest people and corporations he knew (outside of his friends in Saudi Arabia, I mean), might have received enough money to fortify its dikes and seawalls in the true spirit of "Homeland Security", and maybe every old lady trying to board an airplane could have been spared the burden of taking off her shoes. (OK, I know it doesn't cost much to humiliate old ladies, and I know the money saved wouldn't have been diverted to New Orleans, but great craziness must be recognized and ridiculed and, when it is public policy, repudiated, and that's what they pay me to do here.)

You've seen the pictures. Twenty per cent of the residents of New Orleans lacked the resources, the vehicles, the health, the money to evacuate ahead of the storm. Too old, too sick, too poor to save themselves, and mostly, given America's great secret still, all these years after we thought we'd equalized these things, even after the token Scalia wannabe on the Supreme Court and the sad yes-man who abandoned the Secretary of State job after the lies he told finally began to curdle on his lips, mostly black. Poor blacks. Indeed.

You've seen the Superdome, the convention center footage. You've heard the first-person accounts of scores of hurting, hungry homeless (poor, black) persons trying to cross a bridge to dry ground but ordered back by white officials with guns. You've seen the misery, the neglect, the abuse. So has the rest of the world. We're Number One! Say it loud.

Is it time yet? Can we all just admit we made a stupid mistake? We weren't paying attention? We heard what we wanted to hear? We succumbed to slick advertising? The fruit was rotten; the car was a lemon; that bum was just piss-poor husband and father material and your momma was right. Stay the course? What course? Our country, its citizens, its principles have been reduced, abused, worked-over, bled-out, violated and humiliated. Not by terrorists or foreign enemies or tsunamis or tornadoes or an angry god. We have rotted from within.

Blame the Republicans? Nah, they're just "protecting their base." Like helping like. It is the party of wealth and privilege. Blame the Democrats? Sure, if you can distinguish 'em from the Republicans. It sure ain't the party of FDR any more. Or even Jack Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson or Jimmy Carter. I'll see your Tom DeLay and your Bill Frist and raise you a Joe Biden and a Joe Lieberman. Blame the press for avoiding or killing any story that wasn't a press release from the Pentagon, the White House or the American Association of Yellow Ribbon Manufacturers. Blame our stars. Blame ourselves; we weren't paying attention; we didn't do the work democracy demands.

Do I exaggerate our desperate straits? The man at the top in his own words and by his own actions. Add the smirk and swagger yourself; you've seen it often enough.

First response? Fly over on Air Force One; go play golf. Condi Rice shopped shoe boutiques. Dick Cheney bought a three million dollar vacation home.

While you and I watched the Superdome and convention center fiascoes? Lunch with Al Greenspan. "Hurricane Katrina will represent a temporary setback for the U.S. Economy and the energy sector."

As WalMart water trucks, Red Cross workers, TV reporters and Canadian Mounted Police forces tended the stricken city while FEMA and the National Guard waited for orders that didn't come? "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job."

Days after we'd all heard testimony from the engineers and planners who'd repeatedly sounded the alarm about Category Five storms and Cat. Three levees: "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

With hundred of thousands homeless, uncounted dead, the poorest among us hit the hardest: "Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- the guy lost his entire house -- there's going to be fantastic house. I look forward to sitting on the porch." [Yes, rubbles, plural. I know it sounds stupid, but I got it right off the White House website. He's proud of it, for Christ's sake!]

There's more. You've seen it, heard it, been repulsed by it. But did you get this from his mom, the husband of one bad president, the mother of the worst one yet, a woman who you'll remember said she couldn't find the time to trouble her "beautiful mind" about Iraqi civilians we'd bombed to death by the tens of thousands? Of those who'd lost all they owned, including, in many cases, loved ones, to the flood and were now enjoying the hospitality of Texas shelters: "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this [chuckle] is working very well for them."

Oh, those lucky, lucky homeless, sick people! What happy niggras we have here on our grand plantation. It makes a person feel dirty and disgusted and sick to his stomach. Don't you suppose a couple billion other people all over the world heard that chortle, you bloated, ignorant, overprivileged mother of a moron?

Hey, folks, things have gotten so bad that even the press is beginning to pay attention. Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan said at least fourteen times during two press briefings last week that now is not the time to "play the blame game." I say it's an excellent time, while the dead are still floating on the polluted tides and we are not yet distracted by the World's Series or the run-up to Christmas or another newly-discovered "Axis Of Terror" triumvirate.

Now, for pure, wholesome, refreshing local idiocy we have the Maine Republicans' brilliant plan to make us forget the screwing we're getting from Exxon by canceling the state gasoline tax for a few months and (this is really too perfect for me to have made up) forgiving the sales tax on home heating oil (struggling, low wage, two-job homeowners get ready for this!) for business use.

OK. I'm done. Gotta go wax the yacht and wind my Rolex. Jesus, I wish I could be homeless and eat some donated food in Texas while my wife rots in a drainage canal and my dogs starve to death on the balcony of our ruined home.

Chris Cooper writes an editorial page column, Fixtures And Forces And Friends for the Wiscasset [Maine] Newspaper. He lives in Alna, Maine; contact him at

see also:

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A heartwarming feeling of belonging to an America that still holds some good old fashion morals of what is Wright and what is right. Wonder has spat and spat till there is this pond, it drys though in the hot sweltering sun shining thru that freon hole kept bouncing back again and agian increasing its radiation, like we are in a microwave boiling dry, we find another chance to spit, so we spat at that. That so horrid and grave, death multiplied for favor. Profit not will I or you unless we determine we as a populas was Wrong. Where are those fig leaves, or were they only figments of our imagination, our faith, our rightous morals? Anyone passing out fig leaves?


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Natural World Called Earth Refuses

Tuesday September 20th approaching the day that marks the fall, the earth shifts on its axes and we in the northern hemisphere turn away from the sun. Looking out at the yard so brittle brown and dying, sun scorched. News a few weeks ago warning of huge remarkable sun spots with flares so dangerous, not being able to make long distance calls the spots on my skin from working in the sun. The heat that swelters mid day, the animals hidding in the shade, the absents of the usual tree frogs during the night calling for mates to come and play. The growth of rage in the storms over the ever increasing warm waters, and the size of enormously destructive force increasing. The maddness of men, relieving EPA standards, the maddness of eugenics and judgements of who deserves life and who deserves death, justifing our own steps to this maddness with simpletons blame to God, misinterpatations of karma, denial of fault these are the times we live this is the hand we dealt ourselves.

Tuesday 1900 dead american hero’s in Iraq

Dr. Scott, who trained as a physical anthropologist, said that in training docents she emphasized "how the public understands or misunderstands evolution and some of the misconceptions they come in with." She hopes to combat the idea that people must choose between science and faith - "that you are either a good Christian creationist or an evil atheist evolutionist." September 20, 2005 Challenged by Creationists, Museums Answer Back

Church may not want answer to the gay question
"Maybe we should just reinstitute an old Catholic practice —— public burnings at the stake for homosexuals. In fact, oblations right in front of the parish church could have a good impact on local neighbourhoods or, if that isn't possible, either the parish parking lot or the playground for the parish elementary school."

Texas sues the pope ..... oh well, what other way to battle demons.

In the face of this maddness of men I see a fimilar glaring smile, eyes that twinkle with that back-assward glee that satisfies most uninquiring minds, simple answers for simple minds, after all was it not so cool to be dumb rather than a nerd in school, simply speaking: Marking a milestone in our social behaviors these past six years, a swell in popular voices reaching the public knowledge base, not thru education but thru peoples churches and religious institutions. The human mind can’t help but imagine and ask, why when where and how. Basic tenets in our thought heightening, instruction and knowledgeable that our minds are feed and grow on information, I present we have become a nation of lesser thinkers and faster gradifacation we demand NOW. To ask why is philosophical, to ask why can also be pharisaical, to ask how is more pharisaical than philosophical because of the greater requirement for inquiry and study, ‘hard work’. To ask when is most totally scientific and pharisaical and 0% philosophical. Metaphysics is pure imagination, philosophical and emotional. Scienctifics is pure pharisaical, requiring testing of studies, proof beyond doubt but may require some imagination to find those doubts and proofs.

As the great philosopher and revered thinker on metaphysics in our time, said about Karma, his disappointing time limit on answering allowing in this misunderstanding of Karma. Karma defines the final of your actions, for every action there is a reaction. We polute with out reguard to the consciquiences, we vote these inept idio-simpltons into public office via popular decent of logic. The natural world of real laws and disaplines of the wrath of natural physics, laws of nature physical and biological, combine like the overview structure of the virus that plages us, living in harmony with each we decide we control, we harness, we redistribute, finding only the resistance of the natural world we feed on.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

t r u t h o u t 09.19Bill Clinton Launches Withering Attack on Bush"What Americans need to understand is that ... every single day of the year, our government goes into the market and borrows money from other countries to finance Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, and our tax cuts," Clinton said.Largest Theft in History: $1 Billion Missing in Iraq money missing from all ministries under the interim Iraqi government appointed by the US in June 2004 may turn out to be close to $2bn. Of a military procurement budget of $1.3bn, some $200m may have been spent on usable equipment, though this is a charitable view, say officials. Paul Krugman Tragedy in Black and White who can honestly deny that race is a major reason America treats its poor more harshly than any other advanced country? To put it crudely: a middle-class European, thinking about the poor, says to himself, "There but for the grace of God go I." A middle-class American is all too likely to think, perhaps without admitting it to himself, "Why should I be taxed to support those people?"The Progressive Populist Negligent Homicide we to conclude that the depopulation of New Orleans went according to the Bush administration's plan? The Progressive Populist claims that the dispersal of hundreds of thousands of Democrat-leaning voters from New Orleans could turn Louisiana from a swing state to a Republican lock. And the stricken area of Mississippi has a Democratic congressman, so it might have been considered expendable as well.Caution Urged for Reopening of New Orleans his earlier warnings, the top official in charge of the federal response to the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts again urged a delay on Sunday to a plan that is bringing people back to a city largely without power, drinking water or a working 911 system.North Korea Agrees to End Nuclear Programs Korea on Monday agreed to stop building nuclear weapons and allow international inspections in exchange for energy aid, economic cooperation and security assurances, in a first step toward disarmament after two years of six-nation talks.Whoops! There Goes Another Pension Plan S. Miller is a turnaround artist with a Dickensian twist. He unlocks hidden value in floundering Rust Belt companies by jettisoning their pension plans. His approach, copied by executives at airlines and other troubled companies, can make the people who rely on him very rich. But it may be creating a multibillion-dollar mess for taxpayers later.Cindy Sheehan Wake Up! Sheehan: It is time for all of us to stand up and be counted: to show the media, Congress, and this inept, corrupt, and criminal administration that we mean business. It is time to get off of our collective behinds to show the people who are running our country into oblivion that we will stand for it no longer.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chaves Largo Vivo

"We will begin with a pilot project in Chicago on Oct. 14, in a Mexican-American community," said Chavez, who was in town for the United Nations sessions.

"We will then expand the program to New York and Boston in November."

"The first New York neighborhood in the program will be the South Bronx, where Chavez was to speak today as a guest of Rep. Jose Serrano.

New York Daily News -

Chavez' surprise for Bush

Friday, September 16th, 2005

Worried about the skyrocketing cost of gasoline and heating oil this winter?

Well, Hugo Chavez, the firebrand president of oil-rich Venezuela, wants to help.

Chavez, a former army officer twice elected president in huge landslides, has become a target of the Bush administration for his radical social policies.Last month, right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson openly urged his assassination.

But now Chavez is firing back at Bush and Robertson with a surprise weapon - cheap oil for America's poor.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, the Venezuelan leader said his country will soon start to ship heating oil and diesel fuel at below market prices to poor communities and schools in the United States.

"We will begin with a pilot project in Chicago on Oct. 14, in a Mexican-American community," said Chavez, who was in town for the United Nations sessions. "We will then expand the program to New York and Boston in November.

"The first New York neighborhood in the program will be the South Bronx, where Chavez was to speak today as a guest of Rep. Jose Serrano.

The Venezuelan leader revealed details of the new oil-for-the-poor program during a wide-ranging interview at the upper East Side home of his country's UN ambassador.

"If you want to eliminate poverty, you have to empower the poor, not treat them as beggars," Chavez said.During the hour-long interview, he also blasted the Iraq war; accused Bush of trying to kill him to reassert U.S. control over Venezuela's oil; offered support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina; and lampooned the UN as out of touch with the world's poor.

Echoing his favorite American writer, radical linguist Noam Chomsky, Chavez warned that "Americans must reorder their style of life" because "this planet cannot sustain" our "irrational" consumption, especially when it comes to oil.

Much of what Chavez said he has expressed before.But his novel oil-for-the-poor idea in this country is sure to make him an even bigger target of the Bush administration.

Those who scoff at this as a publicity scam should think twice.With the price of oil at record levels, the Chavez government is swimming in cash.Those sky-high fuel prices are bound to have a drastic impact on low-income neighborhoods here, especially since Congress redirected much of this winter's usual energy assistance program for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Venezuela, on the other hand, owns a key U.S. subsidiary called Citgo Petroleum Corp., which has 14,000 gas stations and owns eight oil refineries in this country, none of which was damaged by Katrina.

Chavez said he can afford to sharply reduce Citgo's prices by "cutting out the middle man."His plan is to set aside 10% of the 800,000 barrels of oil produced by the Citgo refineries and ship that oil directly to schools, religious organizations and nonprofits in poor communities for distribution.

The same approach, he said, has worked in the Caribbean, where Venezuela is already sharply subsidizing oil deliveries to more than a dozen nations.

Cutting oil prices must seem like the worst sort of radicalism to the Big Oil companies and their buddies at the Bush-Cheney White House.

But ordinary Americans fed up with price gouging by these energy companies could begin to look at Chavez in a different light if his oil-for-the-poor project works.

Still, Chavez, warns, we must all think about the future. Americans are 5% of the world's population, yet we consume 25% of the world's oil.

On his drive from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan this week, Chavez noted, "Out of every 100 cars I saw on the road, 99 had only one person in the car.
"These people were using up fuel," he said. "They were polluting the environment. This planet cannot sustain that mode of life.

"That's the kind of message that can get a man killed these days - or at least labeled a dangerous madman by folks in the White House.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


We have Dignity...dignity for the completely bloated decomposed bodies....dignity for the flag-draped coffins arriving in Dover by the thousands....Dignity for thousands lying in military hospitals....and of course, it must be our standard of Dignity for the many, many thousands of dead citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan as the cause that we are so in the dark about everything! I wonder if we can call it Dignity for us to be under the hammer of our rulers and not being allowed to question and or dissent. Apparently we are certainly very "Dignified Corraled Sheople". ~Carolyn Tester

Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 by the San Francisco Chronicle
As Bodies Recovered, Reporters are Told 'No Photos, No Stories'
by Cecilia M. Vega

wo lets wonder where our national dignity is .... blown away by the winds washed away by the waves hid away by our 'free' press with threats from 'our' government

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