Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wondering if anyone reads this, I know some do, I appologize for being absent to you that do. Seems my post offend some powerful subjects in our imperial criminal government, it is about control all about control.

Some items of interest of late would first be the weather, yes our ecological thermal heating and cooling systems seems in an abnormal flip flop.

water and the weather

January 31st, 2006 and torture

Gore ask you YES YOU "If the president has the power to eavesdrop on American citizens without a warrant, imprison citizens on his own declaration, kidnap and torture, then what can't he do?" a must read!

Did that just piss you off?

Give'm more hell

Last but no where least, is your phone safe? Can you dial 911 if you need them will you get through? Are you having annoying phone problems like I am? Well, this may well be why...NSA/Chaney don't like you/ you said the word BOMB or any word might just get you on the list.

Good safe night, private night to all, the truth in love provides



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