Friday, May 19, 2006

King James had his George so what's it to ya

The Truthout people sent us all a semi-explanation as to why on Monday we did not hear blasted from our squawk boxes, TV, radio, or read-e-O you call internet; that Karl Rove was indicted, arrested and charged with something, please. Instead he is speaking to a group that praises the liar, for being such an entertaining liar I suppose. After all it is all about blood and gore that soars in box office sales, people love action and boy has this administration given US the most action we have seen sense LBJ gained his seat. The nation builders are holding Japan as their look see it works model, Tice is using metaphors like Hiroshima and Nagasaki when referring to the NSA illegal activities, illegal anti-American activities I will add.
Intentions, they are like shots in the dark when your trying to guess someone else's intentions. Most times than not the true intentions are veiled from view, and the actions that miss-give these intentions are for the gotcha moment. Serves truth in the governmental duties, and all our personal lives we all know someone skilled in these ways. Just as we know very well power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And under Rovian game rules, all is fair in love and war. Wondering about election problems, election problems and more problems. And we know Mexico has legalized to the point it isn't a jailable offense to be a drug user, dawned on me today, what if the national guard was sent or the decision made after the news of this alone with fears of loosing the cheap white labor in the states. The kind that works for the weekend, the kind that indulges them selves to a point of oblivion to forget the situation they are in from the no where job their 2000 vote got them. I know after the war started the liquor stores parking lots full from day shift close time till store close time. And to this day stay as busy as the grocery store next door. Common social reaction in times of stress, and no more stress could be put on a community, a state, a populous as a whole than to send the children to battle and die for lies. Greedy old oil bastards and their carpet baggers.
I fear something bad might come of the strike at the nuclear reprocessing plant near me, half the work force is on strike at NFS. Nuclear Fuel Services, if it is still online they are affiliated with Oak Ridge facilities near Knoxville.
I do know this plant is one of few that does what it does, I used to follow their squabbles with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and law suites by neighboring businesses because of flooding washing nuclear waste water, heavy water into the actual building. Settlements made out of court with gag orders. If you happened to drive from say Johnson City to Asheville you would see the train cars parked alone the railway beside the plant with containers, the ones waiting shipment to South Carolina a few years ago that upset the governor there so bad. The local machine shop that repaired the containers, and how close and tight the plant was in relation to homes and other businesses, just damn scary. I always wanted to buy me a jigger counter, but ...
Ok, no more why I can't sleep tonight. These guys go on strike there have been gun battles. Like most businesses, especially those related the related to the war games, I say games because of an analogy read tonight and the like danger that lies there, theocrats and 'Engaging With Battle Cry' Bush's own version of Jr. Nazi crusaders. After all it more fits my theme than does all this depressing 'Stupid Old Great White Way legal issue of the day, reminds me of a list of Republican sex offender crimes someone sent to me I need to check up on those somehow and if I do verify I will post.

"When Karl Rove emerged from the White House Monday morning to speak at the American Enterprise Institute, the most ominous moment came during the introduction. Christopher DeMuth, the president of the conservative think tank, went out of his way to praise Rove's 'equanimity' in the face of 'sharks in the water.' In Washington, when they are about to erect a statue in your honor, they praise your 'genius and vision.' When they are trying to decide whether to send a handwritten note in case of your indictment, they praise your 'calm and equanimity.' For Woody Allen, 90 percent of life is showing up. For Rove these days, it is 100 percent." [subscription or ad view required] (05/16/06)
NSA thwarts whistleblower
In These Times
by Leah A. Nelson

"Russell Tice has something to say, but there is no one he can talk to. He explained as much at a mid-February hearing before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations. Tice is a 20-year veteran of the United States intelligence network, having worked for Naval Intelligence, the Department of Defense and, most recently, the National Security Agency, where he held the position of intelligence analyst and capabilities officer. He has intimate knowledge of the innermost workings of the intelligence community, and wants to tell Congress about an NSA program that, he says, is unconstitutional and possibly criminal. 'What [the American people] know about is Hiroshima,' he says. 'What I’m going to tell you about is Nagasaki. I’m going to tell you about three Nagasakis.' He is gagged, however, by the non-disclosure agreement he signed before becoming privy to top-secret government activities." (05/15/06)
When I read this, it becomes clear how 'they' will spin this in it's finally.....
The laws that were broken, and the probable consequences
by Anita Ramasastry

"One company, Qwest, apparently did investigate the legal situation, however. And after it did so, it refused to comply with the NSA's requests. Qwest had two reasons for balking: It believed warrants (or at least court orders) were necessary to make such requests legal, and it was concerned about who would have access to the information, and how it might be used. Based on what we know now, it seems Qwest was entirely correct to refuse to comply. A federal statute specifically forbade it -- and the other companies -- from doing what the government asked. While this law restricts the companies -- not the government -- the government surely should not be secretly putting pressure on the companies to break the law." (05/15/06)

So our NSA program is faulted on ethics, not illegalities that warrant at the least an oversight commission, I guess ethically speaking a slap on the wrist that twist the arms of ATT, Bell South and the others that are criminals .... ok now, here we go another nauseous dizzy spinshisters gets bye, while we cry fowl, sour fowl at that. I am asking myself if it is ok now, what exactly is the difference between Bush and Nixon .... terrorized differences is what. We live in fear, some drown themselves in drink soon will be escaping reality taking all their $dollar bills south of the boarder$ .... you see it works out better that way, or the military option does keeps people in easier than out, shows their true fears.
Wonder with more to ponder way over yonder .....
Be forewarned, war photos un-censored view with care .... request made to post the photo's to this site, I just can't help but links with warnings are suitable with me and you too I am sure....

From, 5/15/06:

This collection of photos is the most complete we are aware of. Many of them are being made public here for the first time. Many of them are extremely gruesome. These must not be censored, because this is what a war really looks like, and that is something citizens need to see in order to cast informed ballots and lobby our representatives for or against war.

Please copy all of these images onto your own website.

This first page is the worst. Some of these are posed war trophy photos.

Here are photos, uncensored, from Abu Ghraib.

Here are more torture photos from an unknown location.

Here are photos of the war taken between 2003 and 2005.

And these are early Iraq War photos.

Here are photos from Fallujah.

And, finally, a few assorted photos.

continuity in altered states
a worldly reality with reason
"All this has to make you wonder: what else are they hiding from us?"
OH .... I think King James was maybe GAY !!!! ... cause anyone else who thinks I 'believe this just yet' I am not sure, but I did read it and saved the link... somewhere, post later probably after I get coffee made, but dang look out if I find more truth than not. Fuel for me. and more to watch as this and more develops, works out, battles, the good fight.
Good morning btw
to late to milk the cows now and soon to feed the chickens in this longitude, five thirteen am before the repost with editing, seems odd.
Support your troops, keep their rights to privacy, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.... IMPEACH THEM ALL
2450+ dead
24500+ seriously injured
54 coalition troops dead the first 16 days of May
72% US soldiers in Iraq voted to pull out within a year
25% of them voted for immediate pull out
550,000 Iraq war veterans
troop morale is dropping as fast as Bush's approval ratings
Deficit, budget cuts treated an already stalled and crippled VA budget to care for our soldiers.
Delays in benefits to those with disabilities proposed for up to two years .... cuts to lower the deficit all while they pass tax cuts for the most wealthy four percent of America...
"If we don't get intervention within the first five years, the veteran is set up for a lifetime of problems," says John Wilson, a psychology professor at Cleveland State University. In an Associated Press (AP) story from April 30.
The tragic death of Andres Raya, a 19-year-old US Marine, demonstrates this condition. The young man decided to commit suicide by inducing a gun battle with police officers in his hometown of Ceres, California, with the apparent motive of avoiding an impending return to duty in Iraq.

Now is the time to stand up and be counted. It is going to take a little more than pasting stickers of yellow ribbons that read "Support Our Troops" on the bumpers of your SUVs and cars. Are the patriotic citizens of the United States of America willing to support our troops? Because their "commander in chief" sure as hell is not going to.

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