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What Kind of Cat are You?

I don't get the questions not as much as I don't get the answers, try it you'll get it, or not. Do you think I am a sweety, no way, sour more like it well sweet and tart will work. They need a sweet tart cat, got one super sweet Tigger, Ms Sissy is sassy and sweet reminds me of .... well. On with the quiz .... meow

Take the quiz:
What kind of cat are you?

Sweety cat
You are a sweety! You are polite and kind. Go you there aren't many like you out there anymore.

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Do you know big families? Just back from my brother in-laws family reunion weekend, there is seventeen brothers and sisters, Wow. One SisInLaw I talked to had with her twelve grandchildren, I think that was the best Grandmother award, or was it most Grandmother award. My sister being hostess this year she put in a sand box, pile, busy kids are good kids and boy can kids get busy in a sand box. Back yard darned with picnic tables and bar-b-que grill pull along trailers, teki torches, horse shoes and kids. Bonfire roasted hot dogs with ten foot sticks, you got to be hill billy to value a stick. Marshmallow faces, I don't know which to miss, being a kid or having grandchildren.

Seriously, take a look-see for yourself ....

A video that anyone interested in the truth behind the Palestine conflict needs to see. Please forward widely. Right click on link and select "Save target as"

ty Sav

Tragedy in the Holy Land - The Second Uprising This documentary addresses the core issues of land and identity - It probes the evolution of the seemingly incurable conflict in Palestine from a historic perspective that is typically unknown to American audiences Edward Said and Noam Chomsky

My vise maybe conspiracy, conspiracies and the mystery, mostly politicial, with no excuses. Insainity is no stranger, but niether is the insainities of World War I, 1918. The insainites of today, massacare, turning a mind back like a reminder of a sixties child. Playing in sand boxes with plastic army men, molded in Hong Kong, shipped with full protection of the US millitary. Shopping for toys at the army outlet store, sneaking over the fense at the armery and playing in the tanks.... The theocrates of Iraq are dominate, shooting Olympic tennis players for wearing shorts. Old Chinesse woman, who does my laundry, says to me "this should be lesson for American Theocrates". Then with that, this "It would be a better lesson if they would had just read history and maybe they would not had to have this lesson, ever wonder how God would talk to someone?".


Blogger Wonder said...


Iraq veterans expose Jesse MacBeth to be a fraud
by Sharon Jumper
Sat May 27, 2006 at 11:59:57 AM PDT

There have been several diaries on Daily Kos in recent weeks that have linked to comments made by and interviews with Jesse MacBeth, who claimed to be a former Army Ranger who committed war crimes and witnessed atrocities in Iraq. Several anti-war groups have used this individual as a poster boy and spokesman for the cause. He also was featured in a video discussing alleged war crimes in Iraq, and said video was disseminated widely on progressive, democratic, and independent web sites.

Several veterans, including myself, raised questions about the credibility of this individual. Today, Iraq War Veterans Against the War has confirmed our suspicions -- Jesse macbeth is a fraud. He was kicked out of the army prior to completing basic training. He was never a ranger, and never served anywhere other than Ft. Benning, GA, where he flunked out of army basic training.

Iraq War Veterans Against the War posted the following on their web site today:

"MacBeth came to Iraq Veterans Against the War in January 2006 asking for help, and the organization and its members extended itself to help him in various ways. Assisting veterans is one of the founding principles of IVAW and it is a mission that we take seriously. After looking into his recent claims, we have learned that Jesse is not what he represented himself to be. Accordingly, IVAW does not in any way endorse Jesse MacBeth or any of his accounts involving military service. He -- and he alone -- is responsible for them. IVAW was not aware of the creation of the video program featuring MacBeth, and did not authorize use of our logo in the program.

"The timing of the widespread circulation of the MacBeth video interestingly coincides with the ongoing military investigation of the recent Marine massacre of two dozen civilians (including women and children) in Haditha -- what is being termed as an atrocity by one member of Congress (R). MacBeth's false statements unfortunately have played into the hands of those who would deny that any atrocities whatsoever are occurring in Iraq. While such murders by military personnel are reprehensible, ultimate blame for these actions must be placed on the responsible commanding officers, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Bush administration who have created the context for chaos in through an illegal and unjust war and occupation which they admit has no end in sight.

"IVAW is a young and growing organization of courageous veterans and active duty soldiers in the "War on Terror", whose mission is to end the war in Iraq through immediate withdrawal of troops. We believe that veterans should be given the benefits they deserve upon returning home, and that the United States owes reparations to the Iraqi people for the destruction of their country. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was ill conceived and dishonestly sold to the American people, and IVAW members have the special vantage point of first-hand experience of the war to know why it's wrong and why we need to bring the troops home now."

[More at DailyKos]

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501-Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico

Newsroom-l, news and issues for journalists

Sun May 28, 02:50:00 AM EDT  

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