Thursday, June 29, 2006

Frontlines of the Culture Wars

Battles for the greater good, but for whom is all this 'goodness' good for? It is not goodness at all, it is bigotry, continuing and advancing 'their' agenda of eugenics. Two articles highlight the public threat of ultra righteousness nosing into governmental and public health affairs, which effects all and every one.

Ideology won't prevent cancer

A vaccine that would reduce the risk of cervical cancer faces a challenge from the religious right.
By Julie F. Kay, JULIE F. KAY is a staff attorney at Legal Momentum, a national legal advocacy organization seeking to expand the rights and opportunities of women and girls.
June 29, 2006

A VACCINE proved to dramatically reduce cervical cancer, the second most common form of cancer among women, would be expected to sail through federal approval processes. Yet getting such a vaccine to the people who would benefit the most from it is no sure thing, thanks to those promoting an ideology that any sex outside (heterosexual) marriage is wrong. A far-right political agenda should not be allowed, again, to threaten women's health.

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will determine whether Gardasil — which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a guard against the cancer-causing human papilloma virus, or HPV, for girls and women ages 9 to 26 — should be widely used. The panel's decision would establish whether private insurers and the government would cover the cost of such vaccinations. By recommending that Gardasil be universally administered to girls ages 11-12, the committee can facilitate widespread vaccination and enable all girls and women to protect themselves from a sexually transmitted infection that the CDC says 80% of American women will have by age 50.
Opponents of the vaccine argue that abstinence is a "foolproof" alternative that negates the need for mandatory vaccination. These groups believe that vaccination will act to lower young women's sexual inhibitions and promote risky sexual behavior, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

Lunatic fringe, you say? Not anymore. Such beliefs are held by some Bush administration appointees. One of them — Reginald Finger, a medical doctor and a member of the CDC committee — is a believer in "just say no" as the preferred protection against HPV. Until last fall, Finger was a medical issues analyst for Focus on the Family, an ultraconservative group that advocates "abstinence until marriage and faithfulness after marriage as the best and primary practice in preventing HPV" and other sexually transmitted infections.
Read the rest of article Los Angeles Times

The other subject, Prosecuting State-Authorized Medicinal Cannabis Patients, one has some reservations on what side to take, but when weighing facts and knowing your talking about terminal illnesses why fight them and it is clear what a waste it is to fight someone dying wanting some or any relief.

Congress Votes To Continue Prosecuting State-Authorized Medicinal Cannabis Patients

Washington, DC: State-authorized patients and their caregivers who use or possess medical cannabis will continue to be subject to federal arrest and prosecution, after the House of Representatives rejected a proposed amendment today that sought to bar the US Department of Justice (DOJ) from prosecuting patients who use cannabis medicinally in accordance with the laws of their states.

The House voted 259 to 163 against the bi-partisan measure, sponsored by Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). The 163 House votes in favor of the patient-protection provision was the highest total ever recorded in a Congressional floor vote to liberalize marijuana laws. Of those who voted in support of the Hinchey/Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment, 18 were Republicans (a gain of three votes from 2005) and 144 were Democrats (a loss of one vote from last year). The House's only Independent Congressman, Vermont Representative Bernard Sanders, also voted in favor of the amendment.

"For the fourth year in a row, Congress had an opportunity to stop wasting taxpayers' dollars arresting seriously ill patients who possess and use medical cannabis in compliance with state law," NORML Executive Director St. Pierre said. "Instead, 259 members of Congress chose today to prosecute patients."

Speaking on the House floor in favor of the amendment, co-sponsor Maurice Hinchey said, "This amendment has to do with two simple things: being compassionate for people who are suffering and dying ... and the right of states to govern medical practice, not this Congress."

Representative Dana Rohrabacher added that it is a "travesty" for the federal government to intervene in states that have voted in favor of the medicinal use of cannabis.

Also speaking in favor of the provision were co-sponsor Reps. Sam Farr (D-CA), Barney Frank (D-MA), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Barbara Lee (D-CA), David Obey (D-WI), and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) Congressmen John Boozeman (R-AR), Steve King (R-IA), Tom Latham (R-IA), John Mica (R-FL), John Peterson (R-PA), and Frank Wolf (R-VA) spoke in opposition to the amendment.

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, at (202) 483-5500.

NORML and the NORML Foundation: 1600 K Street NW, Suite 501, Washington DC, 20006-2832
Tel: (202) 483-5500 • Fax: (202) 483-0057 • Email:

"The stories of corruption in the drug industry could fill the Manhattan phone book."~ Dean Baker


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Silence is a Lie, Golden Only To Liars

So Bush and Cheney are all fired up, "there is freedom of the press after all", I sighed. But wait, the freedom minions are still at war, marching freedom back over our boarders. The lengths our government goes to in order to muffle the press has been shock and awe for most watching this very close. I have been sense before 2000, as our School of Americas trainees from South America go on to silence, threat, even kill journalist covering political conflicts and US Government Covert Operations in Latin and South America. And later in the war on Terrorism, and we have found out even here in there War on Freedoms.
Silence of such maneuvers of our government is what is treason, and silence of our disgust of these actions. Or stifling our ability to debate such issues, and the triumph move stifling our freedom of information through our free press by threats makes one reassess who these Republicans really are. Peter King and his like are no more Republicans as Hitler was, their fascist regime are the very terrorist we should fear. Robbing every citizen, enforcing the thumb of oppression in the form of big brother in every outlet of our lives they can possibly watch us from. Scary isn't it. Well this is more scary. You can put the hum of Big Brother in the back of your mind hopping one day he will get a virus and crash in cyber space, but can you egnore the neglect of the FDA. The FDA is just as stacked as the courts, they seen to that Frist, profits baby profits.
Sleeping sheep these supporters of this facade of a Republican party, a wolf dressed in wool. A conspiracy I say, and hell yeah I am crazy but my fears do not dictate to me how I live day to day. When Phama teach our doctors, a tool for doctors has turned the doctors roll as a tool for the Pharma Industry. Like a shady Mafia buys justice, so do Pharma Industries now in these times. Times without truth, where silence is golden only to those who lie. When in any other time in our national history has upper middle class people faced major illness and had to rob from their wealth to support their failing incomes, other than the great depression? The thieves have put you to sleep, are draining your life blood, using your children to kill for you and all this time you dream of freedoms gone by while you slept. When they move about and wake you up, and you open your eyes to these lies, they charge you at the fault and you in turn become the criminal. Job buy outs is another awe, not so much a shock, just at awe how politically this must have been inspired.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

'End times' religious groups want apocalypse soon

Read the link, that is what I am talking about, the dangers of these collective idea's. Joan Chittister notices the political religious affair as a "strange new admixture of church and state that swears to be separate but wants to act as one."

Now, wonder who it is that supports this republican congress, one third of voters were of evangelism cult [if you believe in a metaphysical world, and your a member of a group that owns property that shares your belief you are a cult] and wonder will the administration deliver the war in the middle east that begins the end.

nuff said

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It Takes a Kingdom

The Gay Animal Kingdom

From the JUN/JUL 2006 issue of Seed:

 Credit: Catherine Ledner

Joan Roughgarden thinks Charles Darwin made a terrible mistake. Not about natural selection—she's no bible-toting creationist—but about his other great theory of evolution: sexual selection. According to Roughgarden, sexual selection can't explain the homosexuality that's been documented in over 450 different vertebrate species. This means that same-sex sexuality—long disparaged as a quirk of human culture—is a normal, and probably necessary, fact of life. By neglecting all those gay animals, she says, Darwin misunderstood the basic nature of heterosexuality.

Male big horn sheep live in what are often called "homosexual societies." They bond through genital licking and anal intercourse, which often ends in ejaculation. If a male sheep chooses to not have gay sex, it becomes a social outcast. Ironically, scientists call such straight-laced males "effeminate."

Giraffes have all-male orgies. So do bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, gray whales, and West Indian manatees. Japanese macaques, on the other hand, are ardent lesbians; the females enthusiastically mount each other. Bonobos, one of our closest primate relatives, are similar, except that their lesbian sexual encounters occur every two hours. Male bonobos engage in "penis fencing," which leads, surprisingly enough, to ejaculation. They also give each other genital massages.

Continue reading "The Gay Animal Kingdom"

Jill Raymond:
Face Truth About Human Sexuality

Meanwhile in the animal kingdom fights for shelter, calls out the guard.

National Guard Ordered to New Orleans
    By Cain Burdeau
    The Associated Press

    Tuesday 20 June 2006

    New Orleans - Acting at the mayor's request, Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Monday she would send National Guard troops and state police to patrol the streets of New Orleans after a bloody weekend in which six people were killed.

    "The situation is urgent," Blanco said. "Things like this should never happen, and I am going to do all I can to stop it."

    One hundred National Guardsmen with law enforcement experience and 60 state police officers were to be sent to the city Tuesday. Up to 200 more troops would be deployed after that, said Denise Bottcher, the governor's spokeswoman.

Grrawl .... do not think for one second seven murders rationalized moving in the national guard .... but this might, around seven thousand elderly, disabled and single working parents want to come home and HUD with HOPE VI, says no.

Bill Quigley:
HUD to New Orleans Poor: "Go F(ind) Yourself Housing)!"

Watching the wildlife on this perfect spaceship that is already taking us through the universe traveling at a comfortable cruising speed. Ignoring needed maintenance and care, mutiny is feared and it becomes questionable if we could co-exist anywhere, if not this planet.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jack be a nimble Nimrod

Jack Burkman

"afterward, we got a snazzy hotel room at the mayflower downtown. on the way over there, this really hot business man in a pinstriped suit walked past me, said hello, and doubled back. he asked me my name and introduced himself (jack burkman, government relations strategies), asked where i went to school, etc, gave me his card, and asked me to call him. i later texted him and never could get rid of him again. he thought he talked to me on the phone several times, but he never did. i always made kat or kristin be me. he told kristin about how he really enjoyed my outfit (TITS GALORE) and that i was beautiful, etc. by the end of the night (5 am or so), he was offering to pay for our room and give us a thousand dollars if two of us would fuck him. oh, jack burkman. his card is my DC souvenir. Burkman Wonked

The Family

What will FRC say?
What will the FRC say?
Jack Burkman registered with the Family Research Council in '01 as a lobbyist: (this is public information)"General Description: Non-profit commited to Promoting Family, Faith and Freedom."
I wonder what Tony Perkins will say?
permalink 9:01:07 PM

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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Invitation

By Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for,
And if you dare to dream of meeting
Your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool
For love, for your dreams,
For the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon.
I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow,
If you have been opened by life's betrayals,
Or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain,
Mine or your own,
Without moving
To hide it or fade it or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy,
Mine or your own,
If you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes
Without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.

I want to know if you can see beauty
Even when it is not pretty every day,
And if you can source your life
From God's presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure,
Yours and mine,
And still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair,
Weary and bruised to the bone,
And do what needs to be done for the children.

It doesn't interest me who you are, how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
In the center of the fire with me
And not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you
From the inside
When all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone
With yourself,
And if you truly like the company you keep
In the empty moments.

The poem "The Invitation" is available in Oriah Mountain Dreamer's book The Invitation.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flag day flew away

One thought, flag day and all it does represent, our freedom. Freedom to speak without penalty, freedom to believe what you believe, freedom to be prosperous in happiness whatever you wish to believe and speak even of what happiness is to you, an individual, a singular. Not at all any lesser a moral, a right in a human state of being in freedom is being free, physically free. Without due process, all laws this flag is weaved with tatters and frays, this day is null, for even just one. Many individuals are treated not as humans, outside of our laws stands lawbreakers we allow to make laws that dishonor every soul we bleed for this flag, our freedom each and every one.
Take the camera's, the reporters run them away our sight is gone, but our memory lives on. Flags a tattered mess, dishonor this flag the only way is to dishonor these laws, human rights to freedom. Your rights to freedom leaves this flag like the kind breeze that is gone, drooping hanging like unjust death the flag has been lynched. Tramped and scorned by the church choir voices repeated, dubbed and forged.

Respect the flag obey our laws and close Guantanamo down, give them rights to due process give them human rights.

June 14, 2006

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

United States Department of Defense

1000 Defense, Pentagon Washington, DC 20301

RE: Calling for closure of Guantanamo

Dear U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

I am both shocked and saddened by the apparent suicide of three detainees at the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Amnesty International, along with the UN, the EU and several US allies have called for the closure of the facilities, and it is time for the US government to respond. Although you have recently made comments that you would like to see the facility closed, it is time to make it happen. Since the detention facilities and the policies that direct it were designed by you and your administration, you have the power to withdraw the Presidential Military Order of November 2001 that created the military commission proceedings and close the facilities for good. I am alarmed by the statements that your administration has made in regards to these deaths. Rear Admiral Harris stated that these were not acts of desperation but rather an act of asymmetric warfare, and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Colleen Graffy dismissed the deaths as a good PR move to draw attention. Comments such as these show a chilling disregard for life and call into question the United States ability to conduct an impartial investigation into the deaths. It is of utmost importance that the US allow an independent investigation of the deaths lead by civilians and also allow the group of five UN experts immediate and unrestricted access to the Guantanamo detention center, with the ability to talk privately with detainees. If these deaths are indeed suicides, they can not be divorced from the policies and practices that the US has imposed on those imprisoned at Guantanamo. Almost two years ago, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed its concerns about the effect of indefinite detention and the prolonged use of solitary confinement on the mental state of the detainees. In addition, many of the detainees attorneys have expressed concern about the deteriorating mental state of their clients. I urge you to close the facilities at Guantanamo and either charge detainees and give them a fair trial or release them unconditionally, without returning them to a country where they face further human rights abuses. In addition, you should disclose the existence of any secret detention facilities and ensure that all detainees in US custody or effective control are registered with the ICRC and have access to attorneys, families and independent judicial review of their detention. Mr. President, the US is at a crossroads. I implore you to take this opportunity to reverse course and end the policy of detention without trial or charge for detainees held in the name of the war on terror, thereby taking an important step to re-establishing the US human rights record.

Plea being delivered by Amnesty International

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What you do not know, will hurt you

Says that in the logo of one of our local papers, and it is true, if 'they' could agree on what is truth. A western thing, seeing reality, not believing in ghost and goblins, searching for answers to unknowns. Sad thing it is true on either side of the argument, but nothing smashes our basic constitutional principals as much as this NSA thing does. McCarthyism, yes another ism, people died because of their 'ideas', people were and are imprisoned for the ideas some find offensive, or disagreeable. Pay attention, this ism is at threat to your very freedom. Your ideas if kept safe in your own little skull are safe from discretion, but ideas voiced or even published on the web together with your purchasing information and phone records, could pretty well sum you up, shake you down to a profile. Wonder what insignificant rant put me on a watch list, a black ball list for as long as the data they have on me including my voice digitized kept in ultra-mega data files that can be picked through to mold what they want of me to be believed to be as me. First links are on the McCarthy days, history tells us how we went wrong, you shouldn't make the same mistake twice if your an intelligent society.
Release of Subcommittee papers (note these links to this information has changed, I can not say the content has changed, after all they tend to revisit history a whole awful lot.) McCarthy watch

Pentagon's NSA sets sights on social-network websites WorldnetDaily June 10, 2006

find your senator Switchboard at: 202-224-3121

Last but not at all least of all the bait and switch of the Rovian kind, and something for flag day ....

Truthout will issue a statement on the Rove story today at 5 p.m. (Pacific). The post will appear on [their]our blog at:

Veterans Defending the Bill of Rights.

a letter from the ACLU (good people, good fight)

Dear Friend,

I write today to urge you to take action on a matter near and dear to my heart -- free speech. The ACLU urgently needs the help of everyone across America who values our Constitution and the fundamental freedoms it protects.

Here is the situation -- the Senate is poised to vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to prohibit desecration of the flag. This amendment would restrict certain freedoms in the Bill of Rights for the first time in our history, setting a dangerous precedent that puts all of our liberties at risk.

With your help, the Senate has blocked the flag amendment in past years. This year, the vote is closer than ever. Election-year political posturing has taken over in the Senate and we are now within just one vote of losing this fight.

It is critical that you take action right now at Urge your senators to protect free expression and vote "no" on the flag amendment.

Free expression and the right to dissent are core principles that the American flag represents. Our liberties can only remain vibrant and strong when we stand by these principles. If exceptions are made every time someone in power disagrees with a particular act or statement, our liberties will surely be compromised.

From my travels around the country, I know that many military veterans strongly oppose this amendment because they know the cost of freedom and believe that measures like this would unnecessarily restrict the very liberties they fought to defend. They also understand that the flag amendment is a distraction from the real concerns of veterans, like adequate health care and VA funding.

Congress should not be sacrificing our First Amendment freedoms in order to mobilize some politicians’ political base.

I urge you to contact your senators right now and tell them to vote "no" on this proposed amendment. If passed, it would betray the very principles the flag represents.

If you would like to read more before taking action, go here.


Nadine Strossen
President, ACLU

Wonder remembers the Dan Rather guard papers, and suspects with aid from NSA as a tool 'they' were one step ahead. See post on reporters told to get new cell phones.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dizzy isms and Power

I've got some splaining to do. You know like explaining but the 'plain' truth, splaining. I noticed class segregation as a child, outside looking in, and inside looking out. I've rested nicely with my seemingly anti-militant Christian tone, into a no class segregation zone. Where (any) the 'church' may be the nurturing of class segregation in society, or the cradle of class segregation. In my life there is no class segregation, there is just simply a human class. Being born into a predominately Republican First Baptist founding family on one side. On the other a Norma Rhea type for an aunt, of whom I am very proud of and admire her as do many others that work at the same union shop. Countless times she has given so much of her time for the cause, and the democratic local. Her politics being so socially visual was strange to what I grew up knowing, should be. But as an adult to me her politics were more fitting for the words of what 'should be'. An interview with Barbra Ehrenreich puts the point easily through the eye of the needle, easier than my words ever could.

What a wonderful idea, Know thy Neighbor, we should do this everywhere, for more reasons.

Osama has personally appointed a replacement, serving French onion soup, but instead of onion soup your hard roll is floating in Texas Tea sprinkled caution 'they still want you dead'. Still towing the same ol line, terror, O-some big bad wolf somewhere in a cave directs and holds the United States Military in Iraq, these damn elusive wolves. Tom Engelhardt sums up the history of Iraqi version of Osome wolf, al-Qaeda, Iraq War turning points, making some very dizzy indeed.

Osama Bin Laden was CIA supported during the cold war, he turned on the march of democracy and we have war. Being one that is convinced he is as false as any myth put out there. Al-Zarqawi was just convenient and possibly a free convenient 'terrorist of the al-Qaeda of Iraq'. I have a Harley shirt from Oman, somewhere, on the logo for the Harley store the eagle is burning, as biker culture is representative of freedom even if just of the road so to is the symbol of freedom probably same as here, freedom of oppression from anyone outside of our culture, just like there here there are gangs. But never have we labeled it Harleyism, but we label with some sort of sick honor as a worthy terrorist, Zarqawi-ism. An onward is declared for World War III, the long war, the war on terrorism, an onward in the era of izziums and wars of ideas. Like the falsity of Zarqawi himself, the falsity of these battles, this war and it's falsities it appeals with zeal to the base, the foundation that still supports this war. Fighting idealism with bombs, who's idea was that after all? Some think tank, without negotiators, diplomats and honest fair business practices what other tool in their reach. Some links relating, postings and then when time permits, more splaning if you wonder why.

wondering does anyone remember this as referenced by the washington post way back in april.

Two slides from a briefing prepared for Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, describe a U.S. military propaganda campaign that was intended to highlight the role of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian terrorist, in the Iraqi insurgency. By emphasizing his foreign origin, the "psychological operations" effort sought to play on a perceived Iraqi dislike of foreigners and so split the insurgency. by barefeet on Fri Jun 9th, 2006 at 02:48:44 PM EDT Truthout Town Meeting.

We should make a law, and in that law have an admended extra just as important law that no signing statements allowed, this law would relocate the office of Defense Secretary during times of war, to the war. Allowing safe distance, safe shelter provided and security adequate just enough to keep this civilian person protected while they see the war first hand and guide the war first hand, at the war. Better decisions made the better the view, the view to the truth of what is really going on.

10 June 2006

What al-Zarqawi's Death Means for Iraq
Drafted By: Adam Wolfe

In December 2005, according to press reports, U.S. military intelligence identified Sheikh Abd al-Rahman as al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's spiritual mentor. By following al-Rahman for months, and gathering further information, the U.S. military was able to confirm that al-Zarqawi was at a safe house near Baquba, north of Baghdad, on the night of June 7. An air strike was called in and al-Zarqawi died shortly thereafter as a result of injuries sustained from the bombing run. Hours after the announcement of al-Zarqawi's death, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki appointed his ministers of interior, defense and national security. These incidents marked two positive developments for Iraq's transition. Nevertheless, when analyzed in context, they are unlikely to reverse the trend toward instability that has dogged Iraq since shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein's government.

Al-Zarqawi's Legacy

As a result of the nature of al-Qaeda in Iraq, it is difficult to asses the impact that al-Zarqawi's death will have on the insurgency and the sectarian violence. It seems certain, however, that it will do little to stem the bloodshed. The impact of his death depends largely on how much control he had over al-Qaeda in Iraq and the importance of this organization to the insurgency. By looking at both aspects, it appears that al-Qaeda in Iraq will most likely survive its leader's death and that its impact on the fighting in the country will be marginal, if only because al-Qaeda comprises a small portion of the insurgency.

The hierarchy of al-Zarqawi's organization is rather opaque, and it is not clear how much control he had over the network of foreign fighters in Iraq. At least 20 of al-Zarqawi's "lieutenants" have been captured or killed in Iraq since 2003, but it seems that the organization has been able to quickly fill any open posts. In fact, shortly after al-Zarqawi's death, an Islamist network published a statement naming Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Iraqi, who was apparently al-Zarqawi's "deputy emir," as the new leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Some confusion has developed over this announcement because al-Iraqi has the same name as al-Zarqawi's spiritual adviser, who U.S. authorities claim was killed in the bombing run. Analysts have speculated that these may be two different individuals. At the same time, U.S. authorities put forth another name, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, as the likely successor of al-Zarqawi. Abu Ayyub al-Masri was named by Major General William Caldwell, the U.S. spokesman in Iraq. Al-Masri is an Egyptian who allegedly came to Iraq in 2002 from Afghanistan where he shared "communications" with al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. These two developments indicate that al-Qaeda in Iraq's organizational structure will continue, and it may even grow in strength if the new leader proves to be more effective.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's reputation as a brutal, uncompromising militant, without strong religious credentials, likely made even Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri uncomfortable in aligning with him. His violent attacks made him unpopular with segments of the Sunni Arab population in Iraq, who shared his goals of forcing the United States out of the country and reestablishing Sunni dominance. Al-Zarqawi also weakened a Muslim front against the United States by encouraging attacks on Shi'a. For instance, in an audiotape that al-Zarqawi released shortly before his death, he said, "The roots of Jews and the Shi'a are the same" and even went so far as to brand Shi'a leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as an "atheist."

These statements further split the Muslim community in Iraq, and heightened tensions between Sunni and Shi'a elsewhere creating the possibility that Islamist militants could turn on each other, damaging bin Laden's efforts at vitalizing all Muslims against the "far enemy" -- the United States and its allies. In July 2005, for example, al-Zawahiri reportedly sent a letter to al-Zarqawi, questioning his attacks against the Shi'a; the letter warned that "questions will circulate among mujahideen circles and their opinion makers about the correctness of this conflict with the Shi'a at this time."

Al-Zarqawi's Successor

Indeed, although al-Zarqawi was successful in inspiring foreigners to join the insurgency in Iraq, as a popular leader of Iraqis he was a failure. One danger that his death leaves open for the United States and the Iraqi government is the possibility that al-Zarqawi's successor will be more competent. If al-Qaeda in Iraq is successful in winning more Sunni hearts and minds in Iraq, it could prove to be a larger threat to the new Iraqi government than under al-Zarqawi's helm. As a result of the time spent between al-Masri and al-Zawahiri, analysts think that if al-Masri takes control of the organization, he may direct al-Qaeda in Iraq on a course that more closely resembles bin Laden's strategy. Additionally, al-Iraqi, the other possible replacement for al-Zarqawi, is thought to be of Iraqi origin (al-Zarqawi was Jordanian), which means he would probably be better able to rally the support of Iraqis.

It is worth noting that al-Zarqawi's organization represents only a small portion of the insurgency. Still, a higher proportion of the casualties in Iraq are attributed to al-Zarqawi's organization because of its willingness to use controversial tactics that the domestic insurgents are not. Nevertheless, as a result of al-Zarqawi's small role in the insurgency, his death will not diminish the sectarian tensions or the current level of violence.

The Iraqi constitution was drafted along sectarian lines, the government was formed along sectarian lines, and the security forces are largely operating as sectarian forces. The trend toward the fracturing of Iraq along sectarian lines will not be reversed by al-Zarqawi's death, nor will the violence associated with this trend. It appears that most U.S. officials agree that there will not be a fall in the level of violence in Iraq as a result of al-Zarqawi's death.

The appointment of an interior minister shortly after the assassination, however, has the potential to slow this sectarian trend. Jawad al-Bolani is not associated with any militias, unlike his predecessor at the ministry, and will make it his priority to route out the SCIRI-aligned Shi'a "death squads" believed to be targeting Sunnis. His ability to take on the militias, however, will be determined by his capacity to take on the divided factions within the Shi'a United Iraqi Alliance, as each side is unlikely to concede its militia without the other doing so first. Al-Bolani faces a Herculean task in achieving this goal, but the survival of his government may well depend on his success.


While Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death is a major public relations coup for the U.S. military and the Iraqi government, it is unlikely to have a major impact on the trend toward the sectarian fracturing of Iraq. His forces composed only a small part of the insurgency, and guerrilla fighters associated with other violent organizations and militias will continue their operations against the Iraqi government and U.S.-led forces. Additionally, it appears that al-Zarqawi will be quickly replaced like his "lieutenants" before him. While al-Zarqawi was the face of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and for the most part the organization's only visible figurehead, his replacement may prove more effective at garnering domestic support for the organization. Finally, the appointment of a minister of the interior has the potential for a greater impact on reducing the sectarian violence, although here, too, it seems al-Bolani's task is too great, and he will likely have little impact in reversing the trend toward Iraq's fragmentation.

Report Drafted By:
Adam Wolfe

US-Made Man an "Enemy to America's Liking"
By Patrick Cockburn
The New Zealand Herald

Saturday 10 June 2006

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a little-known Jordanian petty criminal before he became the Islamic fundamentalist fanatic denounced by the United States in 2003 as an insurgent leader of great importance.

His status enabled him to recruit men and raise money to wage a cruel war, mostly against Iraqi civilians.

In one macabre innovation, he staged beheadings of Westerners - including Ken Bigley and Eugene Armstrong - which were then put on the internet.

Zarqawi's death in an airstrike by American F-16s on a house north of Baghdad is important in Iraq because he was the most sectarian of the Sunni resistance leaders, butchering Shiites as heretics as worthy of death as foreign invaders.

His chosen instrument was the suicide bomber. The targets were almost invariably young Shiite men desperate for work and queuing for jobs as policemen or soldiers.

President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed news of his death but, paradoxically, among those most pleased by his elimination may be the other insurgent leaders. "He was an embarrassment to the resistance," said Iraqi commentator Ghassan al-Attiyah. "They never liked him taking all the limelight and the Americans exaggerated his role."

Zarqawi's rise was attributable to the US in two ways. His name was unknown when he was denounced in 2003, by Secretary of State Colin Powell before the UN Security Council as the link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.

There was no evidence for this connection and Zarqawi did not at that time belong to al Qaeda. But to Muslims, Powell's denunciation made Zarqawi a symbol of resistance to the US. It also fitted Washington's political agenda that attacking Iraq was part of the war on terror.

The invasion gave Zarqawi a further boost. Within months of the overthrow of Hussein, Iraq's Sunni Arab community of five million appeared united in opposition to the occupation. Armed resistance was popular and for the first time Sunni militants known as the Salafi had a bedrock of support in Iraq.

The next critical moment in Zarqawi's career was the capture of Saddam Hussein in December 2003. Previously, US military and civilian spokesmen blamed everything on the former Iraqi leader.

No sooner was Saddam captured than the US spokesmen began to mention Zarqawi's name in every sentence. It emerged this year that the US emphasis on Zarqawi as the prime leader of the Iraqi resistance was part of a carefully calculated propaganda programme.

A dubious letter from Zarqawi was conveniently discovered. One internal briefing document quoted by the Washington Post records Brigadier General Kimmitt, then-chief US military spokesman: "The Zarqawi psy-op programme is the most successful information campaign to date."

The US campaign was largely geared towards the American public, aiming to establish that the invasion of Iraq was a reasonable response to the September 11 attacks.

This meant it was necessary to show that al Qaeda was strong in Iraq and play down the fact that this had happened only after the invasion.

In an increasingly anti-American Arab world, hostility from the US made it easy for Zarqawi to develop his own organisation and finance it.

The siege of Fallujah in April 2004 and the storming of the city by US Marines in November led to al-Tawhid wal-Jihad - whose name was later changed to al Qaeda's Organisation in Iraq - becoming a powerful force. The suicide bombing campaign had already begun in November 2003 and from the beginning was directed against Shiites as much as foreign troops or officials.

Zarqawi's war was devised to have the maximum political impact. Actions such as the beheading of foreign captives made him an enemy to America's liking.

Although US military officials admitted that few insurgents were non-Iraqi, Zarqawi's Jordanian origins were useful in suggesting that the insurrection was orchestrated outside Iraq.

There were always going to be sectarian and ethnic differences between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds after Saddam's overthrow. But he also did much to deepen sectarian hatred by killing Iraqi Shiites whenever he could.

This destabilised the Iraqi Government.

It also made his anti-Shiite fanaticism increasingly acceptable.

His death may lessen Shiite-Sunni sectarianism but it probably comes too late. In the savage civil war taking place in Diyala, the province where he was killed, Iraq's communities hunt each other down and those in the minority are forced to flee, fight or die.

27,000 reasons for no more war ...

Don't Forget Those Other 27,000 Nukes

By Hans Blix

June 8 2006, International Herald Tribune

Stockholm, Sweden -- During the Cold War, it proved possible to reach many significant agreements on disarmament. Why does it seem so impossible now, when the great powers no longer
feel threatened by one another?

Almost all the talk these days is about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to states like Iran and North Korea, or to terrorists. Foreign ministers meet again and again, concerned that Iran has enriched a few milligrams of uranium to a 4 percent level.

Some want to start waving the stick immediately. They are convinced that Iran will eventually violate its commitment under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to forego nuclear weapons.

While it's desirable that the foreign ministers talk about Iran, they don't seem to devote any thought to the fact that there are still some 27,000 real nuclear weapons in the United States, Russia and other states, and that many of these are on hair-trigger alert.

Nor do the ministers seem to realize that the determination they express to reduce the nuclear threat is diminished by their failure to take seriously their commitment, made within the framework of the NPT, to move toward the reduction and elimination of their own nuclear arsenals.

The stagnation in global disarmament is only part of the picture. In the United States, military authorities want new types of nuclear weapons; in Britain, the government is considering the replacement, at tremendous cost, of one generation of nuclear weapons by another - as defense against whom?

Last year a UN summit of heads of states and governments failed to adopt a single recommendation on how to attain further disarmament or prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. For nearly a decade, work at the disarmament conference in Geneva has stood still. It is time for a revival.

One can well understand that policymakers in the United States, as elsewhere, feel disappointment and concern that the global instruments against nuclear proliferation - the NPT and international inspection - have proved to be insufficient to stop Iraq, North Korea, Libya and possibly Iran on their way to nuclear weapons.

This may help explain their inclination to use the enormous military potential of the U.S. as either a threat or a direct means of preventing proliferation.

However, after three years of a costly and criticized war in Iraq to destroy weapons that did not exist, doubts are beginning to arise about the military method, and a greater readiness may emerge to try global cooperation once again to reduce and eventually eliminate weapons of mass destruction.

A report with 60 concrete recommendations to the states of the world on what they could do to free themselves from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, worked out by an independent international commission of which I was the chairman, is now available at

Apart from proposals for measures to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction to more states and terrorists, the report points to two measures that could turn current concerns about renewed arms races into new hopes for common security. In both cases, success would depend on the United

A U.S. ratification of the comprehensive test-ban treaty would, in all likelihood, lead other states to ratify and bring all such tests to an end, making the development of nuclear weapons more difficult. Leaving the treaty in limbo, as has been done since 1996, is to risk new weapons testing.

The second measure would be to conclude an internationally verified agreement to cut off the production of highly enriched uranium and plutonium for weapons purposes.

This would close the tap everywhere for more weapons material and would be of special importance if an agreement on nuclear cooperation with the United States were to give India access to more uranium than it has at the moment.

It is positive that the U.S. has recently presented a draft cutoff agreement, but hard to understand why this agreement does not include international inspection. Do the drafters think that the recent record of national intelligence indicates that international verification is superfluous?

Hans Blix is a former chief UN weapons inspector.

© 2006 The Internaional Herald Tribune
Continuity of government, continues ....

By William M. Arkin
Sunday, June 4, 2006; B01

On Monday, June 19, about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies from the State Department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will say goodbye to their families and set off for dozens of classified emergency facilities stretching from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs to the foothills of the Alleghenies. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that my sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The exercise is the latest manifestation of an obsession with government survival that has been a hallmark of the Bush administration since 9/11, a focus of enormous and often absurd time, money and effort that has come to echo the worst follies of the Cold War. The vast secret operation has updated the duck-and-cover scenarios of the 1950s with state-of-the-art technology -- alerts and updates delivered by pager and PDA, wireless priority service, video teleconferencing, remote backups -- to ensure that "essential" government functions continue undisrupted should a terrorist's nuclear bomb go off in downtown Washington.

But for all the BlackBerry culture, the outcome is still old-fashioned black and white: We've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on alternate facilities, data warehouses and communications, yet no one can really foretell what would happen to the leadership and functioning of the federal government in a catastrophe.

After 9/11, The Washington Post reported that President Bush had set up a shadow government of about 100 senior civilian managers to live and work outside Washington on a rotating basis to ensure the continuity of national security. Since then, a program once focused on presidential succession and civilian control of U.S. nuclear weapons has been expanded to encompass the entire government. From the Department of Education to the Small Business Administration to the National Archives, every department and agency is now required to plan for continuity outside Washington.

Yet according to scores of documents I've obtained and interviews with half a dozen sources, there's no greater confidence today that essential services would be maintained in a disaster. And no one really knows how an evacuation would even be physically possible.

Moreover, since 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, the definition of what constitutes an "essential" government function has been expanded so ridiculously beyond core national security functions -- do we really need patent and trademark processing in the middle of a nuclear holocaust? -- that the term has become meaningless. The intent of the government effort may be laudable, even necessary, but a hyper-centralized approach based on the Cold War model of evacuations and bunkering makes it practically worthless.

That the continuity program is so poorly conceived, and poorly run, should come as no surprise. That's because the same Federal Emergency Management Agency that failed New Orleans after Katrina, an agency that a Senate investigating committee has pronounced "in shambles and beyond repair," is in charge of this enormous effort to plan for the U.S. government's survival.

Continuity programs began in the early 1950s, when the threat of nuclear war moved the administration of President Harry S. Truman to begin planning for emergency government functions and civil defense. Evacuation bunkers were built, and an incredibly complex and secretive shadow government program was created.

At its height, the grand era of continuity boasted the fully operational Mount Weather, a civilian bunker built along the crest of Virginia's Blue Ridge, to which most agency heads would evacuate; the Greenbrier hotel complex and bunker in West Virginia, where Congress would shelter; and Raven Rock, or Site R, a national security bunker bored into granite along the Pennsylvania-Maryland border near Camp David, where the Joint Chiefs of Staff would command a protracted nuclear war. Special communications networks were built, and evacuation and succession procedures were practiced continually.

When the Soviet Union crumbled, the program became a Cold War curiosity: Then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney ordered Raven Rock into caretaker status in 1991. The Greenbrier bunker was shuttered and a 30-year-old special access program was declassified three years later.

Then came the terrorist attacks of the mid-1990s and the looming Y2K rollover, and suddenly continuity wasn't only for nuclear war anymore. On Oct. 21, 1998, President Bill Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive 67, "Enduring Constitutional Government and Continuity of Government Operations." No longer would only the very few elite leaders responsible for national security be covered. Instead, every single government department and agency was directed to see to it that they could resume critical functions within 12 hours of a warning, and keep their operations running at emergency facilities for up to 30 days. FEMA was put in charge of this broad new program.

On 9/11, the program was put to the test -- and failed. Not on the national security side: Vice President Cheney and others in the national security leadership were smoothly whisked away from the capital following procedures overseen by the Pentagon and the White House Military Office. But like the mass of Washingtonians, officials from other agencies found themselves virtually on their own, unsure of where to go or what to do, or whom to contact for the answers.

In the aftermath, the federal government was told to reinvigorate its continuity efforts. Bush approved lines of succession for civil agencies. Cabinet departments and agencies were assigned specific emergency responsibilities. FEMA issued new preparedness guidelines and oversaw training. A National Capital Region continuity working group established in 1999, comprising six White House groups, 15 departments and 61 agencies, met to coordinate.

But all the frenetic activity did not produce a government prepared for the worst. A year after 9/11, and almost three years after the deadline set in Clinton's 1998 directive, the Government Accounting Office evaluated 38 agencies and found that not one had addressed all the issues it had been ordered to. A 2004 GAO audit of 34 government continuity-of-operations plans found total confusion on the question of essential functions. One unnamed organization listed 399 such functions. A department included providing "speeches and articles for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary" among its essential duties, while neglecting many of its central programs.

The confusion and absurdity have continued, according to documents I've collected over the past few years. In June 2004, FEMA told federal agencies that essential services in a catastrophe would include not only such obvious ones as electric power generation and disaster relief but also patent and trademark processing, student aid and passport processing. A month earlier, FEMA had told states and local communities that library services should be counted as essential along with fire protection and law enforcement.

None of this can be heartening to Americans who want to believe that in a crisis, their government can distinguish between what is truly essential and what isn't -- and provide it.

Just two years ago, an exercise called Forward Challenge '04 pointed up the danger of making everyone and everything essential: Barely an hour after agencies were due to arrive at their relocation sites, the Office of Management and Budget asked the reconstituted government to identify emergency funding requirements.

As one after-action report for the exercise later put it in a classic case of understatement: "It was not clear . . . whether this would be a realistic request at that stage of an emergency."

This year's exercise, Forward Challenge '06, will be the third major interagency continuity exercise since 9/11. Larger than Forward Challenge '04 and the Pinnacle exercise held last year, it requires 31 departments and agencies (including FEMA) to relocate. Fifty to 60 are expected to take part.

According to government sources, the exercise will test the newly created continuity of government alert conditions -- called COGCONs -- that emulate the DEFCONs of the national security community. Forward Challenge will begin with a series of alerts via BlackBerry and pager to key officials. It will test COGCON 1, the highest level of preparedness, in which each department and agency is required to have at least one person in its chain of command and sufficient staffing at alternate operating facilities to perform essential functions.

Though key White House officials and military leadership would be relocated via the Pentagon's Joint Emergency Evacuation Program (JEEP), the civilians are on their own to make it to their designated evacuation points.

But fear not: Each organization's COOP, or continuity of operations plan, details the best routes to the emergency locations. The plans even spell out what evacuees should take with them (recommended items: a combination lock, a flashlight, two towels and a small box of washing powder).

Can such an exercise, announced well in advance, hope to re-create any of the tensions and fears of a real crisis? How do you simulate the experience of driving through blazing, radiated, panic-stricken streets to emergency bunker sites miles away?

As the Energy Department stated in its review of Forward Challenge '04, "a method needs to be devised to realistically test the ability of . . . federal offices to relocate to their COOP sites using a scenario that simulates . . . the monumental challenges that would be involved in evacuating the city."

With its new plans and procedures, Washington may think it has thought of everything to save itself. Forward Challenge will no doubt be deemed a success, and officials will pronounce the continuity-of-government project sound. There will be lessons to be learned that will justify more millions of dollars and more work in the infinite effort to guarantee order out of chaos.

But the main defect -- a bunker mentality that considers too many people and too many jobs "essential" -- will remain unchallenged.

William M. Arkin writes the Early Warning blog for and is the author of "Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs and Operations in the 9/11 World" (Steerforth Press).

© 2006 The Washington Post Company

Wonder what your politician is hiding behind the marriage and flag issues, non-issues, it is what we engage them with is what becomes the issue. The issues at hand, the important ones, are the ones you deal with yourself living your life and those close to you. My self I see a young woman who lives near here who I do not know, but my heart goes out to her and her daughter that will never see her father, ever. The fallen leave life, and lives for these fables and myths they fight for. It was a stunt, at a convenient time, the ism guy. Working for a living with a living wage, above poverty level. Ironic that Tennesseans have a doctor in congress and to his credit is only the credits he handed over to pharma industry, not any real issues of health care or public health he cares to address : :
Unless it causes one to be gay and grab a flag and spontaneously burst into flames if you dare mutter anything about a life long commitment ceremony called marriage.
Wonder, not to be confused with a younger person calling herself 'wonder' who wonders the Appalachian Trail. A fine place to wander, and wonder about life. take care in your trails.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wonder how many Christians woke yesterday saying Oh Shit!

"Godless" is Gutless
Greg Palast
June 7th, 2006

Anne Coulter says we're "Godless" --we "liberals." And by "liberals," she means anyone who wants to keep the government out of our underpants, out of Iraq, and out of the business of helping Big Business shoplift America.

It's time someone took on the blonde bully.

Anne, I realize yesterday was special day for you, releasing your book on June 6 -- 06-06-06.

Going through it, I must, admit, is heavy going: 'Godless' is a 300-page brick of solid meanness and pin-head hatreds packaged like a fashion magazine: Big Brother wears Prada.

You accuse those who don't sign on to your list of prejudices as the Lord's enemies. That's not original, Anne: the Taliban thought of it before you and they too were partial to dressing in black.

You want to talk about Godless? OK, let's go:
Would the Lord lie us into a war?
Would the Lord let thousands drown in New Orleans while chilling at a golf resort?
Would the Lord have removed tens of thousands of Black soldiers from the voter rolls as the Republican Party did in 2004?

You talk about being "Christian" -- but with all your zeal to fire up electric chairs and Abrams tanks, you sound more like a Roman. I suggest this, Anne: let's debate. Set the time, set the place, and I'll be there. Nose to nose, my facts versus your fanaticism.

But I know you don't have the guts to do anything but lob idiocies from your electronic Fox-hole. Your new book is called, "Godless." Your autobiography should be called, "Gutless." **********Greg Palast, winner of the George Orwell Courage-In-Journalism Prize, is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Yesterday, he released his book, Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War." Order it now from or your local book shop.

At least one, so far.

Coulter Calls 9/11 Widows "Witches"
Conservative author Ann Coulter sparked a storm on Wednesday after describing a group of September 11 widows who campaigned to create the September 11 Commission as millionaire "witches" reveling in their status as celebrities.

More Palast

edits made due to code change updated flag day, with wind blown hair and I don't care Anne tude going on. What better way to celebrate flag day than to ride free waving your own flag. Where your alone in the wind, the wolf calls. Cool air so hard numbs the body to free the soul. Curves to switchbacks, winding slowing then going left then right. Like, love on the chase each turn is mysteriously new. Adrenaline rush, after rush twisting bands of hair to braid this love tighter and tighter till hold. Wind whistles songs played like angel feathers on hearts harp. Love free. Ride safe.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drug Warriors Push Eye-Eating Fungus

Why are members of Congress advocating the use of a dangerous crop-killer
in Columbia?

....Go to Original

"Fusarium species are capable of evolving rapidly.... Mutagenicity is by far the most disturbing factor in attempting to use a Fusarium species as a bioherbicide," wrote David Struhs, then secretary of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection, in a 1999 letter rejecting the use of the fungus against Florida's outdoor marijuana crop. "It is difficult, if not impossible, to control the spread of Fusarium species."

Mutation of the fungus allows it to attack other "hosts." The eye-eating Fusarium seems to be a result of such a mutation. After all, the soft-contact lenses that it grows behind are a recent development - having only been commercially available since 1971.


So, who does support the spraying of the eye-eating fungus over other countries? Only a few adamant drug war jihadists in the House, led by Burton, who are frustrated by the lack of progress in the drug war.

The fungus provision has already passed the House, but the Senate version of the bill contains no similar language. Responsibility for a final decision rests on the conference committee where the House and Senate bills will be reconciled - scheduled to happen before this summer.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Caution, a grain of salt and allot of Wonder could it be?

What, true? More than likely it is true, and more than likely this type of thing has been going on sense before King George. Take it in, consider it as I did before I posted it, as it might just be another 'Dan Rather' or Jason Leopold might have been the last noted Rovian victim in their bait and switch games.

Feds: 3 dead as U.S., French agents seized British evidence in covered up
Capitol Hill gunfight

[Is this for real. Who knows? I have not seen any other reference to this story in either mainstream or alternative media. If anyone knows more, please send appropriate citations/links. The media
reversed first reports of gun fire in the Capitol buildings with the explanation that it was a false alarm. The story promptly disappeared from the media.]

This article comes fromTom
Date: Wednesday, May 31

Topic: --Feds: 3 dead as U.S., French agents seized British evidence in covered up Capitol Hill gunfight Police, media silence sought as Bush officials turned Rayburn parking garage into temporary auto-body shop
by Tom Flocco
Washington ­May 31, 2006
Bush administration officials operated Memorial Day weekend damage control to cover up the deaths of three foreign intelligence operatives­two British and one French ­involved in a Friday morning shootout in the House of Representatives parking garage.

The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire over a pouch containing evidence files documenting an operation to bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor on Thursday­ with the full knowledge of George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was in Washington while the operation was being hatched.

Teams of U.S.-French alliance (AFA) operatives­including CIA, NSA and FBI agents committed to holding the Bush administration accountable for criminal activities­ had been electronically monitoring a British agent who they determined to be the leader of a black ops bombing plot planned for the purpose of disrupting northeast rail traffic via a fake terrorist attack.

Federal agents revealed that a taxi cab left the Rayburn building parking garage with three body bags just after the shootout which was covered up by Capitol Hill police on instructions from Bush officials who were in contact with television executives and House/Senate leaders.The agents had followed the British operative into the Rayburn parking garage where the shootout occurred according to longtime federal whistleblower Stewart Webb and intelligence authority Thomas Heneghan both of whom confirmed the whole incident via several of Webb’s 22-years worth of inside federal sources with further corroboration by several more U.S and French intelligence agents to whom Heneghan spoke.

Evidence files proving the bombing operation were seized after an Israeli intelligence agent had reportedly tipped off the Brit who was being pursued by AFA agents which resulted in several House and staff members experiencing shot-out automobile windshields and doors sprayed with bullet holes in the ensuing weapons exchange, the two told

Heneghan told us this evening that hundreds of shots were fired from the automatic weapons during the gunfight causing reasonably extensive damage, and that one female House staffer fainted in the hall after encountering one of the agents being sought by Capitol police during the Rayburn lockdown.

Formal protests and reports were exchanged by the British and French governments while Mr. Bush was provided with the full reports of the incident now classified under arcane U.S. intelligence regulations to further sequester the evidence from the American people.

Washington news outlets are reportedly being discouraged from filing Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to acquire the evidence and reports.

Webb was speaking to an intelligence source within a half hour after the shootout on Friday morning just as we called to find out if he had heard that the Rayburn parking garage and Capitol complex were being temporarily sealed off to keep tourists, House members and staffers away from the scene and evidence of damaged vehicles, concrete walls and pillars.

Capitol police told the media that the gunfight sounds were caused by apparent construction equipment which may have sounded like shots being fired in the parking garage, but no reports indicate the nature of the construction scheduled for that day at the Rayburn building and for what purpose, but also why the police launched a four-hour Rayburn lockdown and floor-by-floor search of the largest office structure on Capitol Hill.

According to U.S. intelligence agents close to the incident, the media fell for the Bush-ordered Capitol police damage control “lock, stock and barrel.�

Federal agents had planned to arrest Tony Blair

We were told that French and U.S. agents are familiar enough with the Rayburn building that they were able to leave inconspicuously and without notice after seizing the evidence; however, the Israeli agent who tipped off the British agent with the evidence was the subject being sought during the Rayburn lockdown, but someone in the building helped him escape.

AFA operatives had planned to arrest Prime Minister Blair to appear before the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury to explain doctored British-Iraq War weapons of mass destruction evidence according to the intelligence sources.

Federal agents said Blair was spirited to Andrews Air Force base after the shootout, reportedly “white as a sheet,� while screaming “they can’t do this� as he entered the jet under military escort back to the United Kingdom.

George W. Bush was worried enough about intelligence reports of Blair’s impending arrest that air force pilots and aides were not told the identity of the passenger to be flown to the U.K. in order to foil any last minute attempt to arrest the Prime Minister for war crimes under the North Atlantic treaty, they said.

Rayburn building auto-body repair shop

“After agreeing to keep their mouths shut and being offered ten times their normal pay as a prerequisite for the mission, several auto repairmen were flown from Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday evening via private jet, blindfolded, then taken to the Rayburn parking garage to repair vehicles involved in the British-French gunfight,� said Webb who spoke to intelligence sources declining to be named.

“The license plates were removed and the auto-body workers were told it was a secret operation and they were in Quebec, Canada,� he said.

It is not known whether federal agents attempted to compromise workers on the evening before the Saturday garage cleanup via secret photographs with prostitutes to further insure their silence in a manner similar to U.S. congressmen and senators, said Webb.

Given the damage to personal vehicles, it may be problematic forcing Democrat and Republican staffers­ for personal if not historical reasons­ not to tell family and friends about how their cars were repaired over the weekend after a Capitol Hill gunfight which never occurs in a congressional office building.

The French government was told by the Bush administration that they would have to pay the bill for the shootout damage; however, they reportedly refused to do so and sent it back advising that the administration would have to pay the bill, leaving historical questions as to whether American taxpayers had to foot the bill for the first multi-foreign government shootout at the Capitol since
perhaps the War of 1812.

Questions surrounding knowledge of the real events of the incident by Capitol police, White House correspondents and Capitol Hill reporters also comes into play, given evidence of damaged and repaired vehicles, parking garage concrete walls and pillars, body putty and fresh paint odors, the lockdown of the parking garage and availability of vehicles at the scene to their owners either right away or later in the weekend.

More importantly ­and historically, the event confirms evidence of an ongoing under-the-radar-screen war on U.S. soil between presidential, British and Israeli agents clashing with French and American agents holding Mr. Bush accountable for criminal actions obstructed by House and Senate members compromised by “freezer cashâ€� bribes, stolen HUD property payoffs, prostitutes
and other “control file� threats from White House crime families.

Public revelations that the state of the Bush administration is such that banana republic style gunfights involving foreign government operatives in Capitol legislative buildings would graphically prove Mr. Bush’s loss of control and ability to govern­ hence a massive police, media and official cover-up was of necessity essential to maintain his presidency.

Some might consider the Rayburn gunfight a modern day time capsule replay of 1776 and the War of 1812­ same players with the addition of Israel.

Quebec ­May 26, 2006­­
American/French alliance shuts down power to prevent NE train derailment­

In an ongoing series of unpublicized confrontations between intelligence factions within the U.S. government, power grids in Quebec were shut down by agents within the U.S. and French governments to prevent what was reported to be an attempt to stage train derailments along the Northeast corridor between New York and Washington, DC to blame on “al Qaeda terrorists,� according to agents who spoke with national security expert Thomas Heneghan. The power grid shutdown coming out of the French-Canadian province was said to have prevented American
trains from crashing into one another or into major rail stations. This specific information came directly from the team of U.S. and French operatives who spoke with Heneghan on Thursday. The U.S. media will not report that the outage occurred via Quebec and that several operatives of Indian descent were taken into custody for questioning as possible culprits by U.S. marshals in
Connecticut. This is not the first time the French have come to the aid of Americans who remember General Lafayette at Valley Forge in 1776, French troops who helped stop the British from burning down the U.S. Capitol Building in the War of 1812­a fter which U.S. forces sacrificed thousands on the Normandy beaches to liberate France in World War II. It’s no accident that the French are
protecting the safety of U.S. citizens instead of America’s Bush-bribed and blackmailed, prostitute compromised Congress.

Listen to a short verbal briefing about this story with Tom Flocco and Stew Webb
Washington­May 26, 2006­­
NSA death squads reactivated to neutralize U.S. citizen activists­ It has been confirmed over and over again via multiple deep U.S. intelligence sources who spoke with 22-year federal whistleblower Stewart Webb and national security authority Thomas Heneghan that NSA death
have been assembled using rogue, off-the books operatives with the full knowledge of George W. Bush and newly confirmed CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, to neutralize or kill American citizens speaking out, criticizing or otherwise threatening the political stability of the Bush
presidency with inside information about its criminal activities. Heneghan and Webb told that the code for the operation is Thirteen-1-3, involving U.S., British and Israeli intelligence operatives. Since the majority of Congress has been compromised and blackmailed to prevent Mr. Bush from being held criminally accountable, impeachment is considered to be out of the question by intelligence factions who have turned to Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s grand jury as the more credible threat to the Bush presidency.
Astonishing and outrageous criminal evidence and testimony has reportedly already been provided to grand juries. Some 60-70% of all federal intelligence agents are said to be finished with Bush administration crimes to the extent that they are handing over proof of criminality directly to Fitzgerald’s career prosecutors supervising the grand juries.

Wonder you have to, too.


Emotional Public Issues Vailed

A survey says hate crimes have dropped in Colorado, if other factors couldn't easily skew the data, like fear of reporting such a crime, it might be believable. It is a shame that someone might be harmed in a way that a hate crime is, but yet reported as a crime might not be prosecuted as a hate crime anywhere. But if everyone is walking around in disbelief gay history is fiction [why?] believe anyone to be gay anyway?
—Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, writing on, April 24
I think it is a typical trait, possibly a genetic dysorder or not; or a right of passage into the far right abyss to exhibit hateful wishes on others, is that why they do it? Same every where, in Russians even. Nowhere near saying it is a Christian thang, as it comes from radical fundamentalist of Islam as other religious creeds act out discrimination and hate crimes. Attention is given to another unimportant issue, to only skew your view, like calling for immigration to be kind but consider security first. Pushed along like the snake oil salesman puts on a show to sell his wares after the show, entertainment, emotional issues cover the real issues like Nuclear Earth. The real tolls of war. The truth of 911. Where has all the money gone. Why a job doesn't support one person. Is cancer, aids, diabetes and the war on terror holding the economy up, and why was this allowed to happen. ? some real issues : : Like learn Spanish, and whatever language you want and speak it fluidly every chance you get in public. Surely Americans have not become so lazy they just don't wana, yep. So lets pass a law so we don't have too, sounds about par for their course.

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