Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drug Warriors Push Eye-Eating Fungus

Why are members of Congress advocating the use of a dangerous crop-killer
in Columbia?

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"Fusarium species are capable of evolving rapidly.... Mutagenicity is by far the most disturbing factor in attempting to use a Fusarium species as a bioherbicide," wrote David Struhs, then secretary of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection, in a 1999 letter rejecting the use of the fungus against Florida's outdoor marijuana crop. "It is difficult, if not impossible, to control the spread of Fusarium species."

Mutation of the fungus allows it to attack other "hosts." The eye-eating Fusarium seems to be a result of such a mutation. After all, the soft-contact lenses that it grows behind are a recent development - having only been commercially available since 1971.


So, who does support the spraying of the eye-eating fungus over other countries? Only a few adamant drug war jihadists in the House, led by Burton, who are frustrated by the lack of progress in the drug war.

The fungus provision has already passed the House, but the Senate version of the bill contains no similar language. Responsibility for a final decision rests on the conference committee where the House and Senate bills will be reconciled - scheduled to happen before this summer.


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