Thursday, June 01, 2006

Emotional Public Issues Vailed

A survey says hate crimes have dropped in Colorado, if other factors couldn't easily skew the data, like fear of reporting such a crime, it might be believable. It is a shame that someone might be harmed in a way that a hate crime is, but yet reported as a crime might not be prosecuted as a hate crime anywhere. But if everyone is walking around in disbelief gay history is fiction [why?] believe anyone to be gay anyway?
—Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, writing on, April 24
I think it is a typical trait, possibly a genetic dysorder or not; or a right of passage into the far right abyss to exhibit hateful wishes on others, is that why they do it? Same every where, in Russians even. Nowhere near saying it is a Christian thang, as it comes from radical fundamentalist of Islam as other religious creeds act out discrimination and hate crimes. Attention is given to another unimportant issue, to only skew your view, like calling for immigration to be kind but consider security first. Pushed along like the snake oil salesman puts on a show to sell his wares after the show, entertainment, emotional issues cover the real issues like Nuclear Earth. The real tolls of war. The truth of 911. Where has all the money gone. Why a job doesn't support one person. Is cancer, aids, diabetes and the war on terror holding the economy up, and why was this allowed to happen. ? some real issues : : Like learn Spanish, and whatever language you want and speak it fluidly every chance you get in public. Surely Americans have not become so lazy they just don't wana, yep. So lets pass a law so we don't have too, sounds about par for their course.

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