Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jack be a nimble Nimrod

Jack Burkman

"afterward, we got a snazzy hotel room at the mayflower downtown. on the way over there, this really hot business man in a pinstriped suit walked past me, said hello, and doubled back. he asked me my name and introduced himself (jack burkman, government relations strategies), asked where i went to school, etc, gave me his card, and asked me to call him. i later texted him and never could get rid of him again. he thought he talked to me on the phone several times, but he never did. i always made kat or kristin be me. he told kristin about how he really enjoyed my outfit (TITS GALORE) and that i was beautiful, etc. by the end of the night (5 am or so), he was offering to pay for our room and give us a thousand dollars if two of us would fuck him. oh, jack burkman. his card is my DC souvenir. Burkman Wonked

The Family

What will FRC say?
What will the FRC say?
Jack Burkman registered with the Family Research Council in '01 as a lobbyist: (this is public information)"General Description: Non-profit commited to Promoting Family, Faith and Freedom."
I wonder what Tony Perkins will say?
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