Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Silence is a Lie, Golden Only To Liars

So Bush and Cheney are all fired up, "there is freedom of the press after all", I sighed. But wait, the freedom minions are still at war, marching freedom back over our boarders. The lengths our government goes to in order to muffle the press has been shock and awe for most watching this very close. I have been sense before 2000, as our School of Americas trainees from South America go on to silence, threat, even kill journalist covering political conflicts and US Government Covert Operations in Latin and South America. And later in the war on Terrorism, and we have found out even here in there War on Freedoms.
Silence of such maneuvers of our government is what is treason, and silence of our disgust of these actions. Or stifling our ability to debate such issues, and the triumph move stifling our freedom of information through our free press by threats makes one reassess who these Republicans really are. Peter King and his like are no more Republicans as Hitler was, their fascist regime are the very terrorist we should fear. Robbing every citizen, enforcing the thumb of oppression in the form of big brother in every outlet of our lives they can possibly watch us from. Scary isn't it. Well this is more scary. You can put the hum of Big Brother in the back of your mind hopping one day he will get a virus and crash in cyber space, but can you egnore the neglect of the FDA. The FDA is just as stacked as the courts, they seen to that Frist, profits baby profits.
Sleeping sheep these supporters of this facade of a Republican party, a wolf dressed in wool. A conspiracy I say, and hell yeah I am crazy but my fears do not dictate to me how I live day to day. When Phama teach our doctors, a tool for doctors has turned the doctors roll as a tool for the Pharma Industry. Like a shady Mafia buys justice, so do Pharma Industries now in these times. Times without truth, where silence is golden only to those who lie. When in any other time in our national history has upper middle class people faced major illness and had to rob from their wealth to support their failing incomes, other than the great depression? The thieves have put you to sleep, are draining your life blood, using your children to kill for you and all this time you dream of freedoms gone by while you slept. When they move about and wake you up, and you open your eyes to these lies, they charge you at the fault and you in turn become the criminal. Job buy outs is another awe, not so much a shock, just at awe how politically this must have been inspired.

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Boiling the Treasonous Times to Dry Facts

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