Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The 'Great White Way' Events Prove It is Policy

The justice department's removal of Judge Lamberth has more to the story than you'll read on Washington Post. When your governments Department of Interior miss-uses funds it should be seen as just that, miss use. The government leases mineral, mining, and oil rights for Indian lands, yet takes the money for other uses and the Indian dues are not paid, he exposes this for what it is an outrage. But that wasn't all this ethically and morally correct judge was outraged about it goes much further than just the Indian case, much more touching this administration and thier policy.
My great grandmother was Cherokee I am enough Native American to call myself that. Along with English, French, Scotch Irish and with not a drop of fear Jewish lineage and some say some Malungeon (whatever that is {white looking African}). So I am very anti-racist and respect every single one of my ancestors. If the Stormwatch guys are still reading in Charlotte NC, you don't need to post here I am sure anyone interested in your creed will find you with a simple search for white racist hate groups. If you find this a day to celebrate, I understand fully your miss guided ways. If you search for the Human Genome Project you will find that you too all of white manhood came originally from YOUR MOMA boys, and she was African. Being Native American I can add Asian to my life's origins. But I assure you I get more African from my white parts and pieces, it is a matter of time and history and FACTS.
So racism is a stupid lie, and it is just a place for your hate to live and thrive. A waste of time and it just shows everyone else how stupid 'The Great White Way' is. But the 'White Way' is imperialistic as this administration follows very closely the eugenics code set in order by daddy Bush while he was Texas Senator.
Racism has been the fault and Judge Royce Lamberth is a hero, a hero of the people. The powers that be do not want the truth, they want the way to continue .... continuity is key.
Just as I have said many time before to many people, racist should be struck with color blindness.
Change subject, Jason was right after all Rove is named as source, Novak Names Rove and the other nameless confirming source is Bill Harlow CIA. Touché

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