Sunday, July 09, 2006

Resting from Resting

Waves Wash Away
The trails of tears
of you not being here
Sun screen
Soothing is the sound washing
flooding away every worry
soothing every hurt healing
restoring fullness
of one
Memories with anguish
leaving only those of joy
Waves of worldly salts of life
soaked in sterile sun
reflecting blue the moon
joys footprints dots the sky
marking moments
remembered in time
devolving hardness
preserving purpose
enhancing the enchanted
reissuing the heart
releasing boundaries
of the soul

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My blog wasn't one of the coolest blogs on Sunday Morning, but some of my most fav sites were, that's ok. It's hard to make a good blog when you haven't all day or don't attend to it like a real job, it don't feed me so you can read me free. I avoid commercial ad's, but this has to be shared it is so cool, your hair to this diamond ... wow this is so cool.

What is not so cool, Russia taking our nuclear waste. Not too long ago they were bitching about the neglect of the nuclear waste already there, un-guarded and how easy it was for 'terrorist' to purchase material for their 'dirty bombs' and our Bright Brain Bush wants to give them more to ... sell. Ok rationalized this idea is not, still no great ideas on how to deal with the waste other than just don't deal with how about abandon the nuclear fuel idea and go with solar, wind and plant (not food crop) for alternative fuels..... why because the biggest battle of the oil industry that they can mark up as mission accomplished is the war on hemp. Hemp is the most versatile crop like peanuts .... products like paper (soft wood industry), oil (big oil), pesticides (Dow chemical), plastics (Eastman) - auto body parts (entire auto industry), synthetic oils (big oil) and last but nowhere least Pharmaceutical ( pharma industry) all fight the fight to hold down Iraq oil and the answers to our global wars, global warming all because of a little fear someone might get a buzz on Hemp. Nope, more like someone might get that dollar they are so used to receiving, it is the dollar. But they use your Nixonian fears of dope smoking hippies wandering the streets.

Wonder washed with waves of Water


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