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The Arabicus

abacus (ab'a kes) n.,pl. -cus-es or -ci' (-sl') [Gr abax] a frame with sliding beads for doing arithmetic. from my webster at hand

A simple wooden framed, wooden or metal dowels placed parallel to each other holding round or square even color coded movable objects to mark a place in calculation. Pre iron age, possibly left over from the last cycle of industrialized society hidden from common history. Thus hidden the example, where industrialized civilization lead with economical laws of demand and supply is more like laws of ants than of a human kind, of which we could had learnt that we still can.

Many places around the world still this is a valuable teaching tool, even one for your computer.


Who's money is buying bombs?

.... and

Who's money is buying bombs?

.... on our hands

American Unions for one big investor. Bond fact sheet shows the investments practically speaking is a poor investment on all returns. Besides those that are bombed can add things up, sum things up and who's due.

Nuking the Middle East via DU

Craig Murray and sites that mirror

Sum things up:

Susan G at DailyKos suffers from a terminal case of teh Shrill...
Would you hire a babysitter who hates children and thinks they should be eliminated? Or who
declares for years in your hearing that children are irritants who should be starved to be small, unseen and mute?
Would you hire cops who think laws are stupid and useless and should be abolished?
Would you hire a conductor for your orchestra who believes music itself an abomination?
Then why would you hire - and you did hire them, America; they are your employees, after all, not
your rulers, despite their grandiose pretensions - members of a political party who think government is useless, ineffective, bloated and untrustworthy?
You've hired for your kitchen the chef who spits in your food because he despises preparing meals.
You've hired for your yardwork the gardener who sets out to kill your roses to demonstrate his assertion that they will die in your climate.
You've hired for your office the accountant who's staked his career on proving no accurate books can be kept.
In electing Republicans, America, you put people in charge of institutions they overtly, caustically loathe and proudly proclaim should not exist. Good thinking, USA, and stellar results: Katrina, Iraq, Medicare D, trade and budget deficits, mine disasters and on and on and on and ...
Conservatives have declared officially for decades that they hate public programs and love private business. Why then, do Americans profess shock when these same people run the public credit card up to bunker-busting levels to line the pockets of friendly corporations, leaving taxpayers - current and the as-yet unborn - the bill? It's the dine and ditch mentality writ large, and American citizens are the unfortunate waiters having their lowly pay docked to cover the deadbeat loss - and their future grandchildren's pay docked as well.
We are witnessing an orchestrated, unprecedented transfer of public wealth to private pockets, a national one-party feeding frenzy that's making beggars and beseechers of us all, and yet many
Americans stand around muttering in a daze of semi-apathetic befuddlement about gosh darn how did all this come to be and how sure as shit, uh-huh, those Republicans shore were right, government doesn't do a the little guy a damn bit of good, no sirree bob. Better drown it some more. Cut them taxes, privatize something, anything, pronto!
Kee-rist on a pogo stick.
If you put people in charge of running a project they are ideologically committed to proving a
failure, it will fail.
Seems pretty straightforward to me. But hey, I'm a Democrat. You know, one of those people who think universal quality public education is a massive good to society, that maintaining our highways and levees and bridges and dams is part of what makes this country great, that paying first-responders and nurses what they're worth helps guarantee our public health and safety, that providing for fellow citizens who fall on hard times is not only the ethical thing to do, but the pragmatic one, ensuring that this country does not incubate a permanently inflamed and disgruntled underclass ready to drop a match on a pool of social gasoline.
Here's a thought - just a thought, mind you, beloved America: Perhaps it's time to return to government the party that has an ideological stake in making it ... you know ... succeed. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to raise our sights a wee bit and elect people who think public service is more than an opportunity for the "Biggest! Fire Sale! Ever!" for their friends and loved ones. Perhaps it's time to insist on greater - if not great - expectations from the employees we decide to hire or fire every two years to carry out our will under the constitution.
As one-party Republican rule has clearly shown, when you expect incompetence, corruption and deceit from your government, you get exactly what you vote for. In spades.

Election day in Carter County; write ins, write ins, write ins, and yes lets hope we get to review the appeals judges, and yes it is a conspiracy that chocolate soft serve ice cream or Extreme Moose Tracks in not on the ballot and who cut the water off in our district?

Well our 'founding fathers' must have had mothers that taught them well. There needs to be laws to hold freedom into this realm of reality that allows freedom to be true to it's word and thus this democracy under laws of the republic. [not to be confused with "laws of the 'republican'"] But laws written to guide the chosen representatives of the public as the founding public found freedom and marked it's place in the creating of our United States. Those laws define no king, no dictator, no zar, nor a lord (as in land owner, land lord) thus slaves must be his surf's either should no one individual shall make or break the rules of law that govern the government, or hold them at bay. Our representatives represent more values of bigots and unstudious lawyers to the laws that govern them. Like racist and facist soldiers of the corporational appointed king they grasp your very single most valuable freedom and use it against you, to control you, your freely choosen faith. Or else the reality of our democracy, will look like the realities of the Middle East today.

The safety of the world may very well depend on laws passed, wrote in offices in our nation's state capitals, like laws to limit or eliminate all together profit and public trade of weapons of war and mass destruction, that would be security. Investments into bonds of governments that violate international treaties should be banned, as well as sanctions internationally if diplomacy is exhausted. Humanitarian foreign aid should not have litmus test of moral levels as long as it enables life. Laws to respect human rights in all our representative actions despite how desperate the pre-preemptive may seem, laws against it, laws that allow resolve (related to forgiveness) and stand up only for defense. Democracy is not a game, a bet or gamble when all our lives are at stake when it is, a game.

They have to play like its a game to win, even cheat.

Average wait in line to vote thirty minutes in Kingsport TN, twelve minutes to actually vote, longest ballot in Tennessee history, largest turnout in Tennessee election history. Announced during the time running up to the elections on local new stations as 'the republican primaries' because of the dirt, slinging.

Link to the ESPN Pat Tillman story in three parts. I am asking myself why I find this so interesting, because of all the others if they be a Christian or not. But this may very well be the only illustration to the chain of command and how
dishonest and abusive of the truth those in that chain can be, maybe. Or it might just be I identify with these people, and in this story id's of those who preach, teach what they believe, that (their) god hates. Also to the point of what I am talking about, yes indeed.

ESPN An Un-American Tragedy

hornfans forum

Advise Goddess' interesting what people think (they know)

Tis why I Wonder and yes I did change the title and added yesterdays post I didn't get posted

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