Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Should it be called that? Knowing Harpers got rung dry on the alternate theories on causes of AIDS article published a while back, but you have to know this is really happening. I have been following the news, journals and all available research on this stuff and it is true. It is not a theory as this may happen, it is really happening, now.
I will post more files I have here at a later time, time, and equipment to do so. But the effects are real. Effects of the species human. Nature, our earth has ways to cleanse it's self, you can smell it, rain refreshes the air. You can see it, rivers wash clean it's shores with flood, dry heavy over growth burns leaving new space for new life. It is a cycle, a life cycle that like weather patterns are the rhythm of earth, the pace of life, it's very heart beat of a living breathing grumpy planet.
Jay Leno makes jokes of the polar bears, and it is almost about as funny as Anne's adams apple. His jokes about smaller gentiles for polar bears, there is more truth to it. Male humans are becoming sterile, and drops in male birth rates in several countries. My point is things are already happening to people from these chemicals that pollute our environments. worn out from a marathon that should had been a sprint ; Read the harpers story, and a Bitch'n festival .... I only felt like reading my LiP mail .... later gators.

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