Friday, August 11, 2006

Howdy Pilgrims

The pre-school play where my ADHD afflicted son chased everyone with a over cooked turkey, where if turkey and turkey slaughter weren't the lessons these kids and parents would had been re-enforced with, the notion this nation was 'founded' that day "thanksgiving" and by 'those' pilgrims, that day [a small point his teacher let go without correction, his history section on his bookshelf was born that night]. Some seem to learn no more than that, and some inspired with curiosity find meaning to words like 'founding fathers', pilgrim, Religion and government. Those that learn no more, well they have created what we now see called culture wars, they have created the culture wars themselves. Could be a simple mistake on their part, I say mistake because of a simple historical fact. The pilgrims ESCAPED what they want to impose and have imposed on the political landscape of our government, in the first place. Ok, that is where this all started, it pissed me off that this is commonly accepted fact, but it is not and in diluting the importance of why these people were pilgrims in the first place.

dominions in the Military/Paul Weyrich

You have to give Weyrich's CFC credit for turning the term "morality" on its head.

Ed Brayton on Paul Weyrich expose

Moon's money - the billions that moved America right and theocratic

more in time


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