Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Skulls and Bones

9500-year-old skulls found in Syria

Maybe one day there will be peace, to find more, 9500 years sorta blows the whole plan now don't it.

Like the sound of heart beat soothes the soul, the truth soothes the mind.

Maybe 'they' would like to stifle the truth. If this is true which it very well maybe, alone with other archaeological finds, it adds to life another question. A life full of hidden, lost, buried knowledge over time. Society rise to civility in trusted hands, time after time the trust has been given to the emotional and not the reasonable. Of whom it is safe to give that of trust.

Most Americans want people living in fear of bombs to know, we did not elect this elite sob x-drunk frat boy and we do not agree with their actions. America has done wrong to this world, in a very bad way. Up to 200,000 innocent civilians dead in Iraq through the invasion. Up to 100 a day now die, most found gagged and bound with wounds from torture. Maybe they do not do it behind prison walls anymore. Our evangelistic leaders have profited from Iraqi blood and organ sales. The military train soldiers to believe they are blessed to do this, almost as your suicide bombers are blessed with heavenly rewards. It is as if they wash their minds of conscience, and fill their heart with hate. In George's name they go, to kill, to torture, to rape and pilfer, what a shame.

A collective unreasonable bunch they are. Capitalist bedding the righteous, filtering monies, using phone banks to charge like multitudes when that just be a few. They fool not only you, when for years built their imagined grandiose selves as gods each day a little grander so as most do not even notice.

We grow from seed, and swear we are made of goldsmiths best so as to sparkle in the sunshine just to weather, dry and die.

Woe Wonder

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