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More on morality

Deception and Hypocrisy

Are You on the NewsHour's Guestlist? PBS Flagship news show fails public missionDoes the NewsHour With Jim Lehrer serve "viewers like you"? Not unless you happen to be a white male of the Washington elite. Don't miss Steve Rendall and Julie Hollar's hard-hitting study.

on to

Consciousness Seeing Red: A Study in Consciousness and the Review, read and wonder how it relates to autism.

My own conscious won’t let this go unsaid, the media, The Dubya Administration of Distraction and Delusion have deliberately hid from us the true number of Iraqis whom have died as a result of war sense the March 2003 invasion and sense occupation. While occupation in it’s very meaning by the worlds super power would garner some type of controls to monitor and evaluate civilian casualties for valuable statistical data on munitions evaluation. It is an old and tired issue but it’s nearly new again.

Read this Pressing Issue from editor and publisher

“ Will Media Finally Count the Dead in Iraq? From the beginning, the U.S.
military refused to count -- and the American media rarely probed -- civilian
casualties as the result of our invasion of Iraq in 2003. Now a new study places
the number at 600,000, more or less. Why is the AP playing up the view that the
report is nothing but "politics"? By Greg Mitchell (October 11, 2006) -- From
the beginning, the U.S. military refused to count -- and the American media
rarely probed -- civilian casualties as the result of our invasion of Iraq in

Now today comes a shocking study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health -- to be published Thursday by Lancet, a leading medical journal -- based on very detailed (and no doubt dangerous) field work. It suggests that more than 600,000 Iraqis have met a violent or otherwise war-related end since the U.S. arrived in March 2003. Even now, however, The Associated Press casts a very skeptical eye on the study, emphasizing the views of one “expert” (as the AP describes him) who charges that it is nothing but "politics,” with the November election approaching.”

Read on to Part II: Iraqi Death Rate May Top Our Civil War -- But Will the Press Confirm It? 800,000

Tennessee has seven days to change America, Early Vore Oct.18-Nov.2

During lapse in new posting to WoWonder I urge you to read the archives or keep up on more regularly updated links listed in the sidebars. The links are so incomplete, maybe soon with a new tools and equipment there you may find some extreme updating, soon. Colder weather may prove to provide more time but until that colder weather comes, well I am on hiatus officially. Not posting regular, but a simile-spontaneous update of reads I not what I intended WoWonder to be, but it has become that which it is. Wander the trials I have marked with care and till when a spontaneous burst of unavoidable blogjonesitious causes more unpredictable updating at WoWonder, see ya. Will return emails, and moderate comments to post.

Fall brings with it activities that don’t end at dark. October’s storms like March washing the fields of grain, fruitful trees and streams with wind and rain, like a canvas for to paint an Indians summer into your fall. The colors and views keeps you in awe, and that takes all lit day.

beyond the beauty and peace ....


Reality of hundreds of thousands dead
war not natural causes WAR causes not natural, war

.... the insanity we look away from .... with shame? ....

Wonder where I left my Daisy

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