Monday, January 15, 2007

Bring them home safe

Nadler Introduces Bill to Protect the Troops and Bring Them Home

WASHINGTON, D.C. - “ Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-08) today introduced a bill to force a new direction in Iraq. The Protect the Troops and Bring Them Home Act provides that no funds can be used in Iraq except to protect our troops and to arrange for their withdrawal beginning in one month and ending by December 31, 2007. It also provides that the number of U.S. troops in Iraq cannot be increased at any time.

"It has been wrongly asserted that Congress cannot force the President to de-escalate or withdraw from Iraq because it cannot use its only real power - cutting off funds - lest it be accused of 'abandoning the troops,'" says Rep. Nadler. "But if Congress appropriates funds, but limits those funds to protecting the troops and redeploying them from Iraq, that would be the best way of supporting the troops. In fact, keeping (or adding) American soldiers in the middle of a civil war with no end in sight is the ultimate act of abandonment. We must save American lives by bringing them home as soon as possible."

The Protect the Troops and Bring Them Home Act would limit the use of funds to:

1.. Protecting our troops while they are in Iraq

2.. Bringing the troops home in a safe and orderly manner on a timetable

beginning one month after enactment of the Act and ending by December

31, 2007

3.. Providing assistance to Iraqi security forces

4.. Providing economic and reconstruction assistance

5.. Arranging for diplomatic consultations.

"If we want to end America's military involvement in Iraq's civil war, the only way we can overcome the President's stubbornness in keeping us involved in this misguided effort is to limit the use of the funds to protecting our troops while carrying out a withdrawal," says

Rep. Nadler.


"To those who warn that it would be wrong and inhumane to leave Iraq soon, I ask: What's so humane about sticking around and killing again and again."Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps, December 3, 2004

've had this theory I tossed about loosely during conversations for a while now, that take up less time to talk about doing than actually doing. Logistically space travel is best achieved by objects already moving through space, meteorites, asteroid, planetary objects just our closest fellow travelers, and us already moving through space in a route. We skipped here to Earth from Mars on a rock skimming the life planting the life on a bigger rock. Sooner or later during a drawn out conversation of life from Mars developing like life on Earth, then wouldn’t it be plausible to serenade of intelligent technical beings destroying the Martian environment causing the planet too loose its protective atmospheric shell and dry up all of its life. Other than of course what landed here so many Martian Neptunian Eclipse’s ago, years ago.

colossal intersection in time, that point where rock intersects Mars scooping up life then dispersing life on a rock called Earth.

Reason to remember, Martin Luther King that there is always a dream.

Such a noble day for those who hear the drum beat of the dream, good works. MLKway

Such the muck, to hide the human in our way of life, a voice to reason.

Easy .... just leave the truth out, out of sight out of mind.

Administration Leaving out Important Details on Iraq

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