Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The news gives you a sense of perspective

Watching for my evening news, there was none other than another summery of yesterdays and into last weeks. Oh and the 20 or so drug indictments, seems on average about a dozen or so a week now. This bothers me, and the cargo ship awash, the news announcers were very determined to place judgment on the 'treasure hunters' as referred too by the national news. As if it was chaos and mass looting, when if they were on a beach here and found anything wouldn't have a second thought, it's theirs. Giving the viewers a similar sense of perspective as they exhibited. It leads us to believe, not what but how they believe these 'treasure hunters' were in fact 'looters' grabbing and running. Assume as much, but that was no where near the take the national news took, and no where near the story and coverage of the treasure hunters listing the goods with the police present and observing. Despite too the fact the said goods (one fine BMW bike ;) were trashed by the sea. Useless in a few years exposed to the salts even if it were not trashed.

Helen Thomas with Amy Goodman at the media reform conference in Memphis her sense of perspective
Jessica Banks has just as entertaining read as Colbert himself
"The Colbert Report is one of the few spots on American television where scientists and science writers discuss their work, lampooned though it may be.... Today in order to vote, appreciate contemporary art, etc., more and more you must have an understanding of what's happening in the world of science. The Colbert Report has upped the ante: You now need to know the science in order to get the joke. Science is becoming the currency of the hip."


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