Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sifting through

W hat is important to me news, and what is not so important. Standing out among the pretty faces, apologetic vista release, needle words of Bush's State of the Union Address is Molly Ivins, mistaken wounded counts and non-lethal weapons deployment to Iraq.

Harvey Wasserman | We love you, Molly Ivins
Our beloved sister Molly Ivins is fighting for her life against cancer, and all we can do is try to send her even a fraction of the brillliance, joy and love she has given us for so many incomparable years. This genius daughter of Texas turmoil has stood alone for so long as a voice of clarity, wit, common sense and plain-spoken conscience that it’s hard...
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Posted Jan 30 2007 - 9:49am Smirking Chimp

Revision, error in updating, for whatever reason there still is an air of doubt:

Agency Says Higher Casualty Total Was Posted in Error

For the last few months, anyone who consulted the Veterans Affairs Department’s Web site to learn how many American troops had been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan would have found this number: 50,508.

But on Jan. 10, without explanation, the figure plummeted to 21,649.

On the tech and military sites around the web a non-lethal weapon called the Active Denial System becomes reasonable and public. But is it really reasonable to imagine targets knowing this weapon aimed directing ray beams to heat their skin can cause irreversible harm if they have coins in their pockets or wear glasses or contacts. I suppose burning a hole with your coins in pockets or blinding you for life because you did not understand the consequences of not running when targeted. Imagine such a weapon used on those who protest war, protest anything for that matter within a democratic nation. We bring democracy to Iraq, force their voices mute with ray guns deliberately for the purpose of crowd control, to muff the dissenting voices of Iraq. To create for the up and coming American oil profiteers a society of slaves to toll for our oil.

New interest caught my attention over our warming winter, that of warming winters for one who can't let it go by like any other winter we have never had. Human rights, and re-reexamining my own experiences where human rights come into the issues. Where it all bubbles from, this muck that seems to trap the reasonable into a cesspools of dogma of doctrine of old, where the best they can do they don't, educate one's self as to why. First Freedom First movement by the Rev. Barry Lynn and together with the interfaith alliance will welcome your curiosity and settle your mind to the reasons for the principal foundations, true foundations that keep us morally on the higher ground and above and beyond any misrepresentations of our national foundations that take issues of non-issues and attention away from their destructive ways.

Go now, read the links and admit it leaves you with more a sense of wonder than of conclusion they want you to think, our realities of why the right is all wrong. Evangineers and des Wunderkinders visions of such dancing in true progress together, metaphorically speaking wander through a no mans land.

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