Thursday, February 08, 2007

Going over to shakes' place, there is a battle on

Carry on, the battle is as foreseen and as spoken in prophecy, hold to your principals, moral and ethical selves they so desire to muff. Edwards should keep the brave soldiers of the culture wars, we need more willing to stand up to oppression whatever form it might reveal its scary self as.

Catholics slam bloggers hired by Edwards for pro-gay, pro-choice posts

Two bloggers hired recently by Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards were criticized Tuesday by a Catholic group for posts they had written elsewhere on the Internet. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, demanded that Edwards fire Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan.

'Civil rights' I suppose free speech, free thought as such is not rights Catholics feel anyone should have. Sense it's ugly face introduced it's self in faith based federal funding, it seems to me it is more the government as what is now-a-days, is holding faith's to their task of providing to the communities they pilfer. Now that feels different as different as awards is to incentives, do churches and religions really want to answer to big brother?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've have tried to post, that is post a comment of encouragement to John Edwards @ seems the army of wing-nuts have it all clogged up, for hours I have tried. Reading the comments most are encouraging and supportive of John keeping our most beloved blog writers as his own, for now. I worry, but then again this is a good sign of encouragement it's self this poke at John for hiring such,,, such people who talk straight at you, not with pretty words that smooth and mellow your heart into suppression but with loud mad screams of utter discuss at how ironic even this statement from someone who stands on no pedestal himself. .... b-but thinks people thinks he does.

If John didn't wear his supporters scares what kind of rep of these people would he be, if he didn't?

He has this coat, like a coat of many colors, maybe like the white peoples mlk, or of days gone by as he does me a reminder of a young nation with young hope as in jfk.

by his apology he took on the conversation, making it(the convo) makes it a real issue, now. It has two contenders now, the Catholic group, and John Edwards with help from shakes who in herself, in their selves relate to a majority of use more common folk who aren't delusional about why our parents can't afford their medications nor are we delusional about why we are sick, poor or our rights to speak as if we were even people. I suppose we should all get seminary degrees so as to have the license to preach our pains away. Then tell everyone if I don't get support of at least 10% and a fine fee if a wedding or funeral comes a wanting, you all are damned. I used to have a link up to an internet self ordain place, should had kept it.

I won't ramble on too much about this, this is what I talk about though.

I did believe in god at a time in my life, but that god I was taught about didn't look as this god people parade about with today. God's work was feeding hungry, healing the sick, and I am sure housing the homeless. The others he dealt with also I was taught, it is not my place to place a judgment on anyone. Even if I become a preacher myself, only kind advise. And gods place was not in a government, a church or even a book. But everywhere else you could think of, even the darkest of hearts.

I know that I have a target painted on this blog, my internet identity and that isn't much different than my real identity at all. Exceptions; the real life wonder don't answer to wonder on the first take, has a real voice so some tire of it, and wonder certainly has empathy for people, even the meanest of the meanest most deceitful 'man of god'.

Comments on Edwards blog were many I read most as of a few minutes ago. As I said I tried to post a comment, Irony, someone posted it smells ironic and left some interesting links to older comments of this Donohue.

I missed the cnn thing, I do not watch that much tv and wish I didn't have the two I do have. The news is useless dribble, unless your into keeping up with the drug dealers, national celeb celebration each day. People eat that shit up, make believe never never land. While they stand in never ever land, on a melting iceberg heading way out to sea. So I linked my story how I found out about it, (2-two-many ou's) (now that is 2 more) :)

the link above is how I read about it


enuff said

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