Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To Replicate a Goddess such as Amaterasu

Holidays about love , about foundations in life and presidents, reflect considerable differences as practiced in different cultures.

In Japan traditionally the females presents the chocolates to the male, and their National Foundation Day has morphed into Foundation Day or Freedom of Faith Day for the 'Christian' parts of today's Japan.

It took an atomic bomb to kill the Goddess' reign over the people of Japan, the illustrative moan of humiliation this mortal task of excepting the reality of being only human.

The lessons of the shame of prescribing genocide on another nation should never be forgotten. At the same time, to sit in judgment of a part of society and its differences as faults. It took a collective agreement the actions taken, a divine death or replication as his mortal self lived on when the emperor was forced to renounce his claim divinity. Allowing in the new constitution freedom of conscience and religious freedoms, preventing as well as reassuring a clear division from governmental guided by divine entity from two thousand six hundred and some years ago. Amaterasu was dethroned in 1946, it took an atomic bomb, she lived approximately 1500 years from 660 BC to 1946, as some celebrate still her enthroning in honoring Foundation Day or celebrate her dethroning in honoring Freedom of Faith Day.

It illustrates as it should this profound lesson, the tragic ones along with the finer structures this society based its foundations and form of government that lead this long pretense of being of such a being, super naturally powered form a collective of a certain faith in a certain deity, Amaterasu. Just as I wonder why this seems so ironic, the exact same iconic ironic ism that frustrates those who express 'getting nowhere' reaction to the church and state arguments, to highlight one example and my own post Oh yes that always.

Culture could have no better mirror, but our attention that peace has prescribed for our efforts and time, I beg a moment is all it takes to ponder such as ironic-isms. I followed this examining if I should take also the name Spartacus, the Edwards Bad Girls of the Blogosphere where a mer word, tolerance was so turned and flipped on it's very definition by Donahue. I found history of another, who's claim to divinity may have been it's greatest fault, like a cracked foundation from the start.

This illustrates for those reading the revisionist version of our own national founding in interpretation the arguments that wondered through the authors to our constitution so many fine men before so honored. Those believing as if history of man and history of a deity to be of little difference a reality where quotes are reassigned to fit the myth, and others are forgotten to weaken an opposing opinion.

So am I Spartacus

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