Friday, May 18, 2007

Mocking 'American' Democracy

If there were not a difference in other nations so called Democracy, would we ever know the differences? A very informative, enlightening interview Bill Moyer's gave tonight with Bruce Bawer.

Fundamentalist mock our democracy, to isolate themselves into those of like minds. Like the scourge of trash and pollution on our oceans, scientist have noticed a similar physical behavior of that with similar properties, they seem to gather together. Like wolf packs, like flocks of birds, like sheep there is a alpha that survived long enough by wit or by force he leads, patriarch society. When different cultures, with different religions or race collide in a democracy we call it cultural clash, the culture wars and goes unnoticed unless by force it is noticed. Fundamental social studies, when rats are studied and allowed to breed to a maximum healthy population in their behavior the scientist notice a similar trait. When left to breed past the healthy population the controlling alpha's usually dictate the sickly be killed at all cost, I am speaking of animals. But as the pope pointed out not long ago, man will soon resemble or become more animal like in nature. I contend, man has always, forever even before our current state of evolving has been just as much a mammal and just as animal as all the animal species. I get kicked real hard for that one, by all fun-dees. Christians have taken on the Muslim in a race it seems to see whom can be the most fundamental. If your not steaming out your ears by now and would like to read someone who articulates much better than I, read the transcript or better yet watch Bill Moyer's interview with Bruce Bawer it aired tonight on pbs and as always it is a must see or read. Just before that he interviewed Melisa Harris-Lacewell on her SOS essay digs into the racial aspects of culture clashes, and it don't leave Obama out.

Why do I say that fundamentalist mock our democracy? The advocate has a reflection on this very natural aspect of being the animal human in the culture I call 'The Great White Way'.

The Reverend Mel White remembers the late Jerry Falwell
Soulforce co-founder Mel White knew two Jerry Falwells: the evangelical preacher who spewed hate from the pulpit and the family man who wasn't so bad once you got to know him.

As Told to Michelle Garcia

An exclusive posted May 16, 2007

During his years of concealing his own same-sex urges, the Reverend Mel White was a ghostwriter for iconic antigay evangelical figures such as Pat Robertson and Billy Graham. When the Reverend Jerry Falwell got wind of White’s prowess, White was recruited to pen Falwell: An Autobiography, published in 1987. Eventually White came out and became a voice, as the cofounder of Soulforce, for open and closeted LGBT people against the religious right’s condemnation. Here, White remembers his relationship with Falwell, who died May 15, and looks to the future of the antigay movement.

read more @ the Advocate

Wondering the cultural battle lines burning sage to clear the stench of hate, when it clears we can burn the frankincents, myrrh and nutmeg.

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