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Americas Gangerene

. . . a respite from a right-wing radicalism . . .”

I guess that is how to describe it, the scents of irradiated misrepresentations, like a new view, the light illuminating some truth . The network news stations are catching up, only because congress is also playing catch up. Seems along time coming, and a while more to get there but things are taking a turn for the better as far as public knowledge of, these things found to be so wrong. I blame Ted, not John, and as of yet heard a whisper of an AnnWassaAndy blog proving our patients not as thin.

Sixth Wreath
Against revenge? No. Just a mass of flowers.
While destinies lie mapped in spiral ways’
unfathomable mazes, and our hours
of waiting for true justice stretch to days,
centuries turn to aeons, and more pain,
cruelty, cunning, cowardice, outweigh praise,
and being is unrealised, hope vain,
history a legend without a moral,
dull habit, our becoming, endless drain
of expectation, lit up by ephemeral
delicate perfumed glimpses flowers bring -
these papery rubies strewn on beds of emerald
in pliable quilts of yet another spring
reveal no answer. But they sing. They sing.

Richard Burns

As Al Gore testified before a congressional hearing on global warming, the ‘gangerene’ guru of today. The first American ‘gangerene’ are remembered.

Racism and the Cherokee Nation
African America - Black History - U.S.
Wednesday, 21 March 2007

by William Loren Katz

A majority of Cherokee Nation voters recently turned their backs on centuries of collaboration, cohabitation and struggle alongside Blacks, endorsing a move to revoke the citizenship rights of nearly 3,000 Black tribal members. The author, a noted scholar of Black-Native American history, maintains the decision was influenced by the racist charge "that the freedmen, if not ejected, would use up all of the tribal service monies." In so doing, Cherokee voters have adopted the "virulent bigotry imported by the European invaders."
Racism and the Cherokee Nation

This article originally appeared on The Black World Today.

"Cherokee voters were influenced by the racist charge ‘that the freedmen if not ejected, would use up all of the tribal service monies.'"

What As President Bill Clinton and others arrived in Selma, Alabama for the 42nd anniversary of the "Bloody Sunday" march that prodded Congress to pass the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the Cherokee Nation chose a lower road. It voted overwhelmingly for an amendment to their constitution that revokes citizenship rights for 2,800 members because their ancestors included people of African descent.

Marilyn Vann, president of the Descendants of Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, has long fought racism from both governmental officials and indigenous figures. In this instance, she claims, Cherokee leaders misled voters by insisting "freedmen don't have Indian blood," "the freedmen were forced on the tribe," "the freedmen do not have a treaty right to citizenship," "the people have never voted on citizenship provisions in the history of the tribe," and "the amendment will create an all Indian tribe." Cherokee voters were also influenced by the racist charge "that the freedmen if not ejected, would use up all of the tribal service monies."

The design of the amendment, Vann points out, is patently discriminatory. It removes membership from descendants of enrolled African Cherokees whose documentation of Indian ancestry was affirmed by the Dawes Commission more than a century ago as well as those without documentation of Indian ancestry. On the other hand it accepts Cherokee members with white blood or even people whose ancestors are listed as "adopted whites."

This development comes at a moment of re-examination of African and Indian alliances that followed 1492. Governor Nicolas de Ovando of Hispaniola arrived in the Americas in 1502 with a Spanish armada that carried the first enslaved Africans. Within a year, Ovando wrote to King Ferdinand that the Africans "fled to the Indians and never could be captured." To the fury of Europeans, Native Americans, the first people enslaved in the New World, accepted African runaways. Indians saw no reason to face the invasion alone.

In their maroon colonies beyond the European settlements that dotted the coastlines of the Americas, each group contributed invaluable skills. As victims of the triangular trade, Africans brought their unique experience of European intentions, weapons, and diplomacy. Native American villages offered runaways a safe haven for families and a base for operations, and allowed the two peoples to forge the first "rainbow coalition." So ubiquitous were maroon communities that a French scholar called them "the gangrene of colonial society." Seeing these alternative societies as a threat to their hegemony, Europeans repeatedly deployed search and destroy armies.

"British traders introduced African slavery to the Five Nations - the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks and Seminoles." black Seminole maroon women

British colonial officials in what is now the United States required Indian Nations to sign treaties promising the return of Black runaways. (There is no record of any fugitives being returned!) To keep Native American villages from becoming an escape hatch, officials from Florida to Canada offered Indians staggering rewards for runaways. And to that same end, British traders introduced African slavery to the Five Nations - the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks and Seminoles. Once these Nations adopted European-style dress, Christianity and African bondage, they were called "The Five Civilized Tribes." In Florida where the terrain permitted guerilla warfare, African Seminoles played a commanding role in a resistance that at times tied up half of the U.S. Army, held the U.S. military forces at bay from 1816 to 1858, took 1500 U.S. military lives, and cost Congress $30,000,000.

By Nat Turner's slave rebellion of 1831, southern planters, frantic that leaks in their labor system would have explosive consequences, joined with whites seeking valuable Indian land, to demand removal of the Five Nations. President Martin Van Buren had 7,000 U.S. troops drive 60,000 Indians, including black members, to distant Oklahoma. Thousands perished on this "Trail of Tears," Cherokees of both lineages comforted one other.

Even before they reached Oklahoma African bondage dominated the social, political and economic life of the Five Nations, and created the class and racial divisions evident today. A minority of Cherokees with white blood owned slaves, claimed a superior status and rose to leadership. "Pure Indian blood" Cherokees, the majority, became "inferior." African Cherokees, slave and free, were relegated to the lowest rung. However in the 1850s Heinrich Mollhausen, a noted German artist, visited the Indian Territory and described a form of bondage unlike any southern plantation:

These slaves receive from the Indian masters more Christian treatment than among the Christian whites. The traveler may seek in vain for any other difference between master and servant than such as nature had made in the physical characteristics of the races; and the Negro is regarded as a companion and helper, to whom thanks and kindness are due when he exerts himself for the welfare of the household.

Black Cherokee Old Woman In 1860 Cherokees in Oklahoma owned 2,511 slaves, and at the outset of the Civil War, Cherokee leaders, pressured by pro-slavery Indian Agents and virtually surrounded by Confederate armies, agreed to support the Confederacy. However, Opothle Yahola, a Creek chief and pacifist, was able to lead 7,600 people -- including half of the Seminole Nation, Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks and others, to Union lines in Kansas. By April 1862 the young men of this multicultural exodus had joined the Union Army and helped free slaves in Missouri.

"African Cherokees soon ran barbershops, blacksmith shops, general stores and restaurants or became ferryboat operators, cotton-gin managers, teachers and postmasters."

The defeat of the Confederacy allowed U.S. officials to scrap its Indian treaties. Whites who had forced African slavery on Indians now demanded Indians accept Lincoln's "new birth of freedom." The Seminoles, who had long treated their African members as allies rather than slaves, embraced equality. Cherokees followed. African Cherokees soon ran barbershops, blacksmith shops, general stores and restaurants or became ferryboat operators, cotton-gin managers, teachers and postmasters. O.S. Fox, editor of the Cherokee Afro-American was enthusiastic:

The opportunities for our people in that country far surpassed any of the kind possessed by our people in the U.S. . . . It is nonsense for any Afro-American to emigrate to Africa or anywhere else if he can make a living in the Indian Territory.

In 1879 African Cherokees, petitioning for full equality, based their appeal on a shared history:

The Cherokee nation is our country; there we were born and reared; there are our homes made by the sweat or our brows; there are our wives and children, whom we love as dearly as though we were born with red, instead of black skins. There we intend to live and defend our natural rights, as guaranteed by the treaties and laws of the United States, by every legitimate and lawful means.

How ironic and sad that people of African Cherokee lineage still have to fight for natural rights being denied them by the New World's first victims of virulent bigotry, imported by the European invaders.

William Loren Katz is the author of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage and forty other books, and has been associated with NYU for 35 years.

His web site is: http://www.WILLIAMLKATZ.COM

To comment on or discuss this item, click here to visit its page on the Black Agenda Blog.

Cutting Native Peoples' Health Care
by Robert J. Miller, TomPaine.com
In one blow, Bush ignores treaties with Native Americans and the need for universal health care.

“A memo recently issued by the Bush administration would restrict all discussion by government officials involving climate change science and global warming impacts threatening the polar bear.”

Native Americans Convene To Discuss Global Warming from tompaine


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Ignore it DU don't go away, silent slow genocide

Jack and Delay then things went Gonzo, contract hits and two men in some cruse ship deal nothing to do with gambling and the organized cartel that seeps of old time mob rule in Vegas vs eastern shore of days ago, along a old pristine o so southern gentile coastline.

What do mushrooms, Indians, gambling Tom and Jack have to do with war and mushroom clouds, well, uranium mines. But more focus on what we trade, for what we have, we’ve traded everything for not just nothing as in zero, it grows into the negative. Every generation, every child, every living breathing thing on this ship earth for ever has to pay. So Christians you have your rapture in floods on their way. That point or end has past, but it will not be in a day, a week, a year, but will take forever. No it is purgatory for 4.5 BILLION years, but generation after generation will say, it is the apocalypse. So the worst thing that could happen today, has already for the godless.

Mushroom-Clouded Thinking by Devin Helfrich, read it! at TomPaine.com

Buried deep within the volumes of the Bush administration’s annual budget proposal is an initial request for funds to start rebuilding its nuclear weapons infrastructure——at a price tag of over $150 billion. One possible location for this new H-bomb plant is the Savannah River site in South Carolina.
Why, in a world where the United States is legitimately worried about countries like Iran and North Korea building new nuclear weapons, is the Bush administration rebuilding its own nuclear weapons complex? While common in Washington, this type of hypocrisy is astonishing.

Woe, I wondered what those glowing squiggly things I can see in my eyes when it is pitch dark are.

US Military, President Out Of Control . . . What Does 'Mildly Radioactive' Mean, Anyway?

By Bob Nichols Project Censored Award Winner 2-21-05

"I believe in the end that ... you will comprehend that the amount of DU [Depleted Uranium] released into the atmosphere since 1991 is far more than my estimate.

Whatever you or I think or differ about, the disaster is worse than we even know ... but that tale will be told each year, each decade, each century.

Humanity has changed the genome of the entire planet forever." - Leuren Moret ". . .

Remember the 100-hour-long First Gulf War? Only an unlucky few were killed.

We Americans used 375 tons of uranium munitions.

Out of the one half million, or so, soldiers in the prime of life in the war, 11,000 are now dead.

and hundreds of thousands are on Medical Disability "The latest good journalist to "Drink the Government Kool-Aid" was Bob Evans of the Daily Press in Virginia.

Evans used the deceptive Government term "mildly radioactive" over and over, in his recent seven-part series on uranium weapons in use by the US Military.

In his effort to be fair, Evans, a respected veteran journalist, never used the forbidden words "illegal" or "war crimes."

The Daily Press readership includes a large segment of "retired military." "Since uranium is a metal that also catches on fire and burns, the bombs, shells and bullets burn and vaporize when they hit something hard like a tank, bunker, or building.

Uranium gas and smoke ends up in the nose, throat and lungs of our kids and friends in the US Military and any unlucky Iraqi around. Some of the gas also hitches a ride on the desert winds to the rest of the world, including the American ally, Israel.

"This is a real bummer for the American Troopers and the Iraqis. Uranium by the thousands of tons has been dispersed this way in Iraq during Gulf War I, the No-Fly Zones era, Gulf War II, the war after the war, and to this very day.

Once the uranium gas and dust is in their lungs and bodies the soldiers and civilians become radiation poisoning victims and are forever changed.

"There is no way to remove the uranium smoke from the body. It is radioactive. There is no treatment; there is no cure. This stuff stays dangerous, lethal even, forever and a day. After all, it is highly radioact ...err, ... pardon me, "mildly radioactive," ... err ... whatever! ". . . It gets worse.

Captain Terry Riordon unknowingly brought radiation poisoning home with him from Iraq to his wife, Susan Riordon.

As recounted in the November, 2004 issue of the mainstream Conde Nast publication Vanity Fair, Mrs. Riordon was constantly burned by her husband's semen during intercourse.

"Seems Terry's semen was turned to a fiery alkali by the radioactive uranium that settled in his testicles. The happily married couple had no idea what this new and horrifying complication was in this intensely private part of their life together. Little did they know the American Department of Defense had hopped into bed with them with a deadly intent. "With her husband slowly dying of radiation poisoning and in intense pain herself, Mrs. Riordon resorted to filling condoms with frozen green peas to use on herself to obtain relief from the internal burning's intense, excruciating, lasting pain. Other couples do that and other wildly frantic and imaginative measures seeking relief. The burning can leave blisters and contamination. "

"It hurt [Terry] too. He said it was like forcing it through barbed wire," Riordon says. "It seemed to burn through condoms; if he got any on his thighs or his testicles, he was in hell."

In a last, desperate attempt to save their sex life, says Riordon, "I used to fill condoms with frozen peas and insert them [after sex] with a lubricant." That, she says, made her pain just about bearable.

Perhaps inevitably, he became impotent. "And that was like our last little intimacy gone."

"Children produced from radioactive soldier's couplings have devastating birth defects; both to war's children born in the United States and in Iraq. After all, uranium gas is just a dumb radioactive metal; it does not care one whit about the nationality of the body parts it targets."

. . . Bob Evans, in his series, even inadvertently let a Classified Specification out of the bag.

The 140,000 pound Abrams Main Battle Tank, a primary dispenser of radioactive, poisonous uranium gas and dust in Iraq, fires its big gun at a spectacular 2,100 MPH or three times the speed of sound (MACH III.) "The three foot long solid uranium projectiles then vaporize and burn at temperatures ranging from an estimated 3,000 to 10,000 degrees as they penetrate their target. Mr. Evans, guru-like, informs us the temperature is 5,600 degrees.

"What is the difference in "highly radioactive in Russia or "mildly radioactive" in Virginia?

Is it the same metal? Yes, it is.

Are both metals radioactive? Yes!

Whether they are in Russia or the United States, yes, they are: at 12,000 little bullets per second, anywhere in the known universe!

Uranium is our own perverse absolute value. "Well, this is kind of a bummer for all US citizens. President Bush and the US Military have gone and screwed the pooch.

Turns out that using uranium for weapons is, like, kind of a "Big Time" War Crime. Not only is it a War Crime, it is a War Crime four different ways, according to famous UN War Crimes and humanitarian lawyer Karen Parker, JD.

"Parker stated "My 'four-point' test is especially intelligible: people understand.
"It spreads" (beyond the field of battle);
"it lasts" (can't be turned off when the war ends);
"it injures people in impermissible ways" (as in making an as yet unborn child deformed);
and "it harms the environment". " . . Uranium bombs, shells and bullets are just different forms of slow-acting, stealth nuclear weapons.

They are slower than the instant big boom and flash of Nagasaki type Nuclear Weapons - the atom bomb and hydrogen bomb. They are the answer to the Administration's dedicated Crusade for the Holy Grail of a "usable" nuclear weapon.

"Time has telescoped from 1945 instantly-past to present; World War II is just over, and we used nuclear weapons on civilians. Now we are using the next generation of nuclear weapons on the hapless guerrillas and civilians of Iraq. They never had a chance. Not a prayer.

"Uranium weapons spread deadly radioactivity that kills and contaminates forever.

Iraq is simply "toast" because of the indiscriminate, promiscuous and criminal use of millions of pounds of uranium weapons by our kids and friends in the US Military, at the command of their political masters. The masters and troopers are war criminals, and we, the U.S. taxpayers, are accessories to war crimes.

US Military Out of Control - Defies Law "So, what to do? It's all right there, in US Army Regulations, according to Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D. Ret., the former Director of the Pentagon Depleted Uranium Project.

U.S. Army Regulations AR 700-48 and TB 9-1300-278 require the Army to "Clean and Treat."

The Army is required by US law to treat all persons affected and all areas contaminated by the radioactive uranium munitions. There are no ifs, ands, or buts.

"The self-claimed right to use war crime weapons carries the with it big responsibility to clean up after oneself. Refusing to clean up and treat is purposeful genocide. It is that simple.

We are guilty as sin. "Dennie Williams' breakthrough CommonDreams.org article of November 11, 2004 sets the record straight on the US Military's view of using and cleaning up after illegal uranium munitions. "The Department of Defense 'does not clean up DU [depleted uranium weapons] once it leaves a U.S. weapons system such as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and hits an enemy building, or vehicle', said Melissa Bohan, an Army public affairs official."

"The "suits" in the Pentagon can't be anymore clear than that. They absolutely refuse to treat the people poisoned, including their own troopers, and refuse to clean up the poisoned radioactive land.

The US Military did the same thing in Vietnam with the chemical Agent Orange, which was denied and covered up for decades. As one Vietnam War medic says "Uranium weapons are like Agent Orange on steriods."

"Therefore, the situation is this: the political leadership of the U.S. decided to secretly use thousands of tons of a genocidal weapon, uranium, in Iraq. Their servants in the US Military are gung-ho to irradiate the Iraqis and poison their land, forever, with illegal uranium-based war crimes weapons. The Army refuses to obey their own Regulations, that have the force of law, to Clean & Treat, in their slavish obedience to the sub-human, sick, perverted genocidal desires of their politically appointed controllers.

What's wrong with this picture? "This is real Nazi Germany stuff, isn't it? Closer to home, it is very similar to Andrew Jackson's policy of exterminating Native Americans. Citizens here in the U.S. may not want to know or accept that fact, but that is the sleight-of-hand dealt to us mere citizens in America in 2005 by our corporate-owned and sponsored politicians and media.

"Denying a fact situation does not make it disappear. The facts, and the thousands of tons of weaponized uranium oxide gas and dust, just hang in there. This is impossible for supposedly patriotic "My Country Right or Wrong - Love It or Leave It" type Americans to explain away.

"Uranium is as real as it gets, and it never goes away. As long as there are congenitally deformed Iraqis left in the world, and until the Iraqis are finally exterminated by these long-lived genocidal weapons, they will continue to whisper and croak in whatever voice left to them: "America Exterminated Me, Punish Them!" and demand justice.

"Americans of all political stripes should be enraged to hear of what our US Military has done to Iraq. It is not OK, and they should feel betrayed by the Bush Administration, perhaps especially the center-right Americans responsible for twice electing Bush. (And the results of Both elections are still disputed.)

"It was real Americans some 60 years ago "The Greatest Generation," as network news reader Tom Brokaw called them, in his book of the same name, who with the Russians, Free French, British and others stomped the fascist war makers in Germany and their Axis ally Japan in World War II.

"Now the "World's Only Superpower's" American Army has taken the place of Hitler's Storm Troopers in ruling the modern world. It is supremely ironic that their own uranium weapons kill them as well as the "enemy" civilians, as they set out to control.

These unthinking soldiers will ultimately destroy the world, and that seems to be the desired outcome of Administration's cult like "Rapture Me" Christo-fascist radical religious tradition.

"In the famous Nuremburg War Crimes Trials, established after World War II to try Nazi War Criminals and assess their guilt and punishment, the Chief Prosecutor said of the German people something that applies directly to Americans today. He speaks knowingly and directly across more than 50 years of time to resolutely instruct American citizens on exactly what our duty is today, right now:”

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." - Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950 "The statement was affirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal. It is now international law and by extension, U.S. law. It is our duty as American citizens.

The fascist government controlling the United States and the US Military can no longer be allowed to exist.

The world and international law holds us all accountable, and the price is dear.

"These white-collar criminals must all be impeached and imprisoned for their war crimes, commensurate with their degree of complicity and guilt. If the House will not impeach and the Senate will not put them on trial, then, we have a problem."

We will have to do it ourselves.

Additionally, we have to vote out the co-conspirators in the Senate and the House for refusing to impeach.

That is the law, handed down in 1950 after a disastrous world-wide war.

We Americans must follow the law. It is our sacred duty. As President Bush likes to say "they [the House and Senate] are either for us or against us." "Can we wait till tomorrow, next week, or, next year to impeach?

"In a word, "No!" "Leuren Moret, world famous former Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist, said the following in an Email on Valentine's Day, 2005, requesting hundreds of physicists, scientists, professionals, managers, writers and others to join in the world-wide effort to stop the current flagrant use of illegal uranium weapons: ""I believe in the end that ... you will comprehend that the amount of DU [Depleted Uranium] released into the atmosphere since 1991 is far more than my estimate. Whatever you or I think or differ about, the disaster is worse than we even know ... but that tale will be told each year, each decade, each century. Humanity has changed the genome of the entire planet forever."

"How can you help us present the disaster in a way that ordinary people can comprehend? Infant mortality is increasing globally for the first time in 41 years..." "This planet is being turned into a death star," Moret added.

"The time to act is now. The Bush Administration controls the big media on this issue. They do not control you. Tell your friends and email this article everywhere. As U.S. citizens, as human beings, we know what we should do, and we know that we cannot afford to wait any longer.

Writers & Warriors Speakers Group: Contact Bob Nichols at info-radiation-wars@cox.net

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Tigger on his 'empty' dog house

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Honey, Where are the Bees?

96% gone as of today, a new phenomenon on the sun today. Neo-nicotine combined with older layers of pesticide, beyond the honey bees, something is killing the pollinators. There goes bio-fuels, where goes the bee.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Culturally Challenged

Of “Losing Moses on the Freeway”and “American Fascists, the Christian Right and the War on America,” Chris Hedges sees through wisely eyes’, what’s really going on. As he points out in this article “When They Came for the Homosexuals ...

“My ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, Dr. James Luther Adams, told us to watch closely what the Christian right did to homosexuals. He had seen the same tactic in Nazi Germany, where he spent 1935 and 1936 working with the underground anti-Nazi church known as the Confessing Church. The Nazis also used “values” to launch state repression of opponents. Hitler, days after he took power in 1933, imposed a ban on all homosexual organizations. He ordered raids on places where homosexuals gathered, culminating in the ransacking of the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin and the permanent exile of its director, Magnus Hirschfeld. Thousands of volumes from the institute’s library were tossed into a bonfire. The stripping of these Germans’ civil rights was largely cheered by the public and the German churches. But it legitimated tactics, outside the law, that would soon be employed against others. Adams said homosexuals would also be the first “social deviants” singled out and disempowered by the Christian right, but not the last.”

Born different ok, born wrong is not the way at all.

Silence is no more than agreement with the puritan motives of the ‘Christian Right’, after all the suit from the smoke is washed from the mirrors, you have pure motive.

Still talking about Soul Force, and the force they fight.

Just in the nick of time as it whist by I caught a glance, another all so illustrative a story, as their true intentions, the Christian Right. Southern Baptist Closet Case Mohler Backs Changing Sexual Orientation Of Fetus In The Womb. If not for the perfection of man, maybe there would be the perfection of a god. My immediate concern here would be if no method, no treatment or surgery could ‘fix’ the gay mutant, how far will ‘they’ go to insure perfection, will they negate the unlikable? Abortion or any medical procedure taken from the realms of choice and placed within a mandate of law such a man would prescribe, is truly the most derailment to any democratic society, social or capitalistic. Vandals and Law joined in the obstruction to Soul Forces right to free speech, thru silence and unjust political behind the misuse of laws.

Reading thru the comments to Chris Hedges article “When They Come for the Homosexuals...”, some very employable points are being made. Central to these is ‘I’ll leave you be, just leave me be’, rings true to the freedom of religion principal. It is simple, it is of one element, makes one type of bonding cohesion that builds a peaceful structure even in society. A peaceful society has yet to exist without it, as it reflects a brightness glimmering off respect. When they wrote about it in their bible it should had said ‘you don’t have to love your neighbor, just like them enough to leave them be, let them live’ someone later wrote something near that moral ‘love and let live’.

Nazi reflection is not necessarily a liberal reaction, if you know history you can’t deny the resemblances, not so distant history. If those scare you, your heart and mind’s in the right place no matter your religion. If this we point too, you see yet you remain silent, your just as culpable as those who’s ‘believe’ as in agrees with what the ‘Christian Right’ ‘believes’. Where the issues they choose to whale about, are not a believe it or not issues at all. Directed to those of another view, idea that forms it’s basis on scientific facts, not superstitious beliefs. There is genetic evidence of homosexual behaviors, naturally occurring that have been extensively studied and many scientific materials published contrary to what Dobson, Farewell or any Mohler spew as something ‘believable’. There is physical proof there is more than just two sexes of the human species.

Thea post this comment and includes this poem, never printed enough I feel, for ever and never forget.
Here is Thea’s post:
A quarter of the way through Chris’s article I thought of Nazi Germany. It seems to me that everything is already in place here, or soon will be. Wire tap capabilities, ID cards or Driver’s license needed for practically everything. Cell phones can track one’s whereabouts.
Last time it was the Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Poles…… Who will it be this time? Most likely the Arabs, and Muslims in general. The propaganda and stereotyping against them seems reminiscent of the propaganda and stereotyping against Jews years ago, except perhaps the violence factor. I guess the Holocaust wasn’t horrifying enough to wake people up. Chris seems to suggest we’re on the road to reliving it.
Framing the Debate By George Lakoff is a book that sheds light on how Chris’s premise is accomplished.
But the most disturbing of all is, that most of us go only as far as the nearest blog to voice our concern, even outrage. Most of us feel powerless to do something or to know what to do to stop the madness. Our politicians are bought and paid for and perhaps all have their own dirty little secrets that could be exposed if they rebel. But most likely, it’s that they like their privileged jobs and know who’s paying the bills to keep them in power. And most don’t see or want to see the big picture. It’s every man for himself and the country be damned.
Remember the poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892––1984). He wound up in a Nazi concentration camp for speaking out.
When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.
Which reminds me of my favorite from John Dunne, Meditation XVIII believe the last lines of which go like this:
“No man is an island entire to itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main ……. Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Not as much a race but is, immigrants in all have not found our hospitality we possessed seven even eight years ago. But that group with even children of that group held in prisons, jails and internment camps in Texas is of a majority Spanish decent. Children denied sunlight for weeks, deprived of their own families contact, treated like violent criminals. What allows such righteous people to know of this outrage against humanity its self yet do nothing, say nothing while draping themselves in the flag and belted with a sheath for the sword of family honor.

Such a line drawn, that one so thin and frail as the ‘wall’ between church and state, to even call it a wall would emphasize in our times something with just as much significance. Narrow path, ‘the rule of law’, is not just a phrase, there are laws to building laws. As prescribed by our own form of democracy in it’s founding, after all it is not founded on thin air, there is something rock hard there, in that binding of states into this republic that upholds the democracy for all to enjoy.

How did these Godwhacks and capitalist skinned the republican party? How did the Godwhacks and Capitalist pigs cloaked as principled republicans while whistling the tune ‘a sucker born every day’ commits high crimes and there is nothing misdemeanor about partisan stacking the courts or the law enforcers? With mega-phones, tv, radio, big screen audiences, nation wide side by side phone banks like devils from heaven. By building the personality of the judiciary, attorney generals of those who follow a certain creed, religion or belief is more horrid than the preaching of General Doom during the post invasion of Iraq, with his illustration of evil. Just as personified, the use of the word evil to portray a force, unseeable, caught tied tight in a sack {gitmo} it would terrify you too much to even look upon it, this evil.

The deals doused with Texas Tea drunkards during the conspiring this trail to their greater cause, these godwhacks and capitalist pigs.

Under the cloudy skies here in my neck of the woods, without a tv, this computer, or a radio there was no Saddam Hussein, there is no suicide arabs, not here any ways. Here in my community, county, town there is no threat to me or any of my neighbors, no matter what anyone predicts. Spring comes with deep sighs filled with fresh rain washed air, the bugs sing us to sleep at night, the song birds wake us up of the mornings even the rooster signals the end of snooze buttons. Your president had served up spring Texas Tea and you’ve drank sense March 03, the Wilsons didn’t find so sweet. Not like our friendly leaf teas in nearly everyone pantry Texas Tea is so potent its advised not to drink alone. Its truly a battle of whiskeys that induce the intoxication, whiskeys from around the world, a world whiskey war. You’ve drank your tea, set back and ‘enjoyed’ the entertainment, accustom to those who regularly drink Texas Tea. As the oil mob family ‘the Haliban’ (who did this war benefit?) that has stolen tax payers moneys to profit failing commerce the same that danced on the tables in Azores drunk on Texas Tea, spirits mixed with spirits of evangalinguistic logic swirled or shaken in a drunken state of power, prance more like a tyrant and emperor of a world inflicting on that world their own version of law and order.

Systems, processes, governing structures separate in duties insures justice the chain that drives the democratic wheel that has been so broken. Evangelistically, a suspicious flame that burnt on this Texas Tea, when righteous reasons unfounded, with the snubbing of fundamental biblical truths, justifying mass destructions of life as a crusade to liberate Iraqi peoples, they holler their visions of self perfection in their desires for them and us.

Politicians ties to these groups that discourage Soul Force and other organized advocates forget maybe that for a stability of peace you need stability of justice, in oppressing a minority there is no justice whatsoever, the ties that bind. Obama is one recently I read this article and how it relates, yea all is relative to us wanders.

How Barack Obama Learned to Love Israel
by Ali Abunimah
A decade ago the author, a Palestinian activist based in Chicago, thought wishfully of then State Senator Barack Obama: "If only a man of this calibre could become president one day." No longer. Obama now identifies totally with the political line of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most relentlessly aggressive arm of the Israel lobby. Although saddened by Obama's "about-face," the author isn't surprised. "He is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected and he will continue doing it as long as it keeps him in power."

Strange alliances have formed, double agents of dual culture Zionist too also have their own mirror image. By finding common enemies they in this alliance, this alliance on either end, either side could, will and has lead to genocide. But in all this we find other good souls with sound metaphysical minds, those minds that can truly tell what is good and what is evil as these Mayan Indians work, we should all burn a little sage now and then.
Mayan Indians, victims of genocide at the hands of a succession of U.S.-backed Guatemalan dictators, this week announced they would attempt to "purify" a site visited by George Bush, to remove any evil spirits the president might have left there

Just as the vandals prove another hateful aspect of 'The Great White Way', we too are driven to speak up and shout out untrue their lies to be, we paint it black as the night they claim we came.

Another fight to note, progressive or not, it is a challenge the very brave have taken before like the one before from long ago.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Congressman says he doesn't believe in God

Democrat Pete Stark of California is the highest-ranking elected official in the U.S. to make such a public acknowledgement

By Adam Schreck
Times Staff Writer
March 13, 2007

WASHINGTON — Cue the jokes about godless politicians and Bay Area liberals. Secular groups Monday applauded a public acknowledgment by Rep. Pete Stark that he does not believe in a supreme being, making the Fremont Democrat the first member of Congress — and the highest-ranking elected official in the U.S. — to publicly acknowledge not believing in God.

The American Humanist Assn. plans to take out an ad in the Washington Post today congratulating the congressman for his public stance and highlighting the contributions of other prominent secular humanists, such as writers Barbara Ehrenreich and Kurt Vonnegut and actress Julia Sweeney.

Fred Edwords, a spokesman for the group, said non-theistic Americans often faced discrimination for their views.

"So often throughout American history, people who are non-theistic or don't believe in a supreme being can't get elected to public office or, if they inform the public of their view, they don't get reelected," he said. "We're trying to increase the acceptance of non-theists as every bit as American as everybody else.

"Stark's declaration came in response to a search by the Secular Coalition for America to find the most prominent nonbelieving politician.

The advocacy group, which according to its website calls for extending
"religious tolerance … to people of all religions and to those without religious beliefs," offered a $1,000 prize to the person who could identify the "highest-level atheist, agnostic, humanist or any other kind of non-theist currently holding elected public office in the United States.

"A member of American Atheists California nominated Stark.

Ron Millar, associate director of the Secular Coalition for America, said the group wanted to highlight how hard it was for politicians to take a public stance about not believing in God. He said members were "pleasantly surprised" with Stark's candor.

"We didn't think we'd have any member of Congress come forward," Millar said. Stark, who has served in Congress since 1973 and chairs the health subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, clarified his views in an e-mail statement.

"When the Secular Coalition asked me to complete a survey on my religious beliefs, I indicated I am a Unitarian who does not believe in a supreme being," Stark said. "Like our nation's founders, I strongly support the separation of church and state. I look forward to working with the Secular Coalition to stop the promotion of narrow religious beliefs in science, marriage contracts, the military and the provision of social services.

"Unitarian Universalism describes itself as creedless, meaning that it has no underlying authoritative statement of religious belief. Some members believe in God; others do not.

A USA Today/Gallup poll last month found that 45% of respondents said they would vote for a "well qualified" presidential candidate who was an atheist.

Ninety-five percent said they would vote for a Catholic candidate, 92% a Jewish candidate and 72% a Mormon candidate.

Speaking of polls, poles and plows but not all here


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Monday, March 12, 2007

WoWonder: Do you know what it means?

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