Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I read these two words in a comment to an Opinion article on Health Care Reform

Arbitrary and nebulous, ever know the word you want to say, write, use, but can’t find the word even in your very own mind. Fumbling with words could be a stressing factor, like the stress of our daily grunge of work, or early onset Alzheimer’s that stalls our thoughts from blooming into sensible ideas. Reason happens when proper assessment of the situation in hand, reason happens then proper and good responses result in good outcomes of some pretty bad circumstances sometimes. Without reasonable reactions results of happenings may well be not good at all, like the fights that have been seen in the news during town hall meetings about health care reform. Arbitrary and nebulous, by ones choice the situation gets foggy, out of control arbitrary and nebulous actions lends to some bad results. If we could step back, twenty even fifty years and educate the arbiter, that individual would not suffer from nebulōsus.
I can remember every six months someone in HR was tasked with the duty of searching out a cheaper health insurance for our employees, to keep payroll cost and expenditures to a minimum, keeping our jobs assured for the next six months hopefully. Sometime around year 2001, that health insurance cost had to be a factor in the closing of that textile plant. Cost of an employee’s health insurance is a factor in recruiting prospective employees and maintaining a good employer employee relationship, peace and prosperity for all. So goes the quality of employee, quality of your service or product as goes the wages and benefits. No one can deny the cost of lost jobs coast to coast our nation has suffered, though like Al Gores analogy of the boiling frog syndrome, the waters temperature has yet to reach 200 degrees in our economy. Reaching a turning point that would sustain the desired economic conditions begins with each arbitrary soul it effects. Because they ultimately have to deal with the consequences of understanding the nebulous they formally suffered, before they understood. What is good for my neighbor ultimately is good for me to have my neighbor in good health, or else I myself may suffer his affliction and not be as lucky as one that doesn’t have adequate health insurance for starters. Education and changes is community birthed and raised, mass education not propaganda that makes a man making 45,000 a year think he is rich and wealthy enough that someone entitled to government funded medical care, subsidized housing, and other assistance are taking something from him, but they believe that very lie.
When a veteran, a life long steel mill worker becomes disabled they’re only entitled to the insurance we all pay for through our wages. It is insurance that I, you or them will not go without my basic (it is basic) needs if something bad happens to me that I can no longer provide these basic needs, food, housing, and medical care. A society is only as good as its worst, although some societies have hidden their worst instead of accepting fair blame for them. See online post, stories and comparisons of prison rates per populations of other industrialized countries (societies). Caring that everyone gets a fair and balanced beginning, education, healthy nutrition to grow into adulthood and sustained health care after adulthood is some would call a basic god given right, yet at the same time those very souls would rather you whom may just be down on his luck because of some huge medical cost builds attitudes and general consensus that poor folk are poor for a reason. Like a justice is served they feel it has been written so it must be so, you’re where you are for a reason, period. Don’t bother there will never be reason to that way of thinking, give it up trying, the nebuosis was arbitrary.

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