Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chris Rodda: David Barton Keeps Up His Lies At Glenn Beck Event

Chris Rodda: David Barton Keeps Up His Lies At Glenn Beck Event

David Barton's Lies in Action: Randy Forbes Reintroduces 'Spiritual Heritage' Resolution

Chris Rodda
Fri May 06, 2011 at 11:42:53 AM EST

In each of the last two Congresses, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) introduced his resolution for an annual spiritual heritage week. This resolution, packed with a seventy-five "Whereas" clause litany of Christian nationalist historical revisionism, was first introduced in the 110th Congress as H. Res. 888, then in the 111th as H. Res. 397, and now it's back as H. Res. 253, reintroduced by Forbes on May 5.

When the GOP's favorite pseudo-historian David Barton was on the Daily Show the other night, he boasted to Jon Stewart about so many members of Congress coming to him for historical information. Well, one of these members of Congress is Randy Forbes, one of Barton's most active minions in Congress and a frequent guest on Barton's radio show. And there couldn't be a better example of Barton's frightening influence in Congress than Forbes's masterpiece of historical revisionism -- his "Spiritual Heritage Week" resolution. As I detailed the last two times this thing was introduced, almost all of the historical misrepresentations and outright lies in Forbes's insanely long list of "Whereas" clauses come straight from Barton.

I have too much new stuff to write to spend time writing something new about this resolution, and it's completely unnecessary for me to do so anyway because the lies of David Barton and Randy Forbes haven't changed. So, I'm just going to repost my post from the last time this shining example of dishonesty and Christian nationalist propaganda was introduced, which contains links to the whole series of posts I wrote here on Talk2Action the first time it was introduced back in 2008.


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