Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just STOP spraying roundup Made my dog sick and deformed and killed kittens

Links listed below, will provide mirror site for information later this evening... I am looking for cohorts, like minded conscious folks, Alliances to fight this madness that has convinced good folks that roundup is safe. I am here to tell you that Roundup and similar products are far from what is considered safe for any all life.

A few months ago, my landlord (he takes the name seriously, days of serfdom, I am obliged and beholding to him)sprayed a tremendous amount of roundup on every outline of three gardens all containing eatables, drive, grounds around trees which keep falling over in high winds ... dead. I have three cats that enjoy the yard, gardens and sunning in the driveway, I received no notification to keep them indoors or that Jeff T. was even going to spray roundup. I don't mean to defame you and I am not, this is just the cold hard facts you need to be aware of. Kittens had at least a week or more before due date, they were still born within 24 hours one lived a few days. Second round of roundup as if fifty gallons on an acre of land wasn't enough, the second weekend of June. I am working in my garden while it is sprayed all around me within 50ft. I get tremendously sick, nausea back aches like a kidney, and I never get back aches, I go to doctor miss two weeks of work till better. In the meantime, my dog is dying, kittens are born again but without tails, with shorter curly tails, ears are backwards, nose is turned like a pigs. WTF  do I do?


links to read and learn mirrored here as of 7/01/2011

I googled .... here

Dangers of Roundup Weed Killer for Pets

 pesticide health effects

 More of Claire's work

Watch 'The World According to Monsanto' shown today on FSTV available there for a deal 877-378-8669

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