Sunday, July 12, 2009

The use of a religious label when referencing a group of people, in an area or region even continent is to me like reference labels of race to associate with a typical social behavior. But when within certain boarders define to the world when the reference points to you and yours. When strife is plumped and spiced with strife again, marinated so as to mellow the wild rarely heard click of the Iraqi Oil meter that counts the drops that drain, as with blood.

I believe in things, I have faith for example that using combinations of methods of science will tell us clues and answers to mysterious natural phenomenon. In analysis of energy in our own forces of nature we found to be true, intelligible applications of science and technology for an apatite to digest for the common knowledge. Apply these combinations of sciences to for example to the appearance of the mysterious hexagon shape and how the dynamics of Saturn's rotation, weather and magnetic fields play and form a geometric correct hexagon. Then again what determines the elliptical or spherical or wobbly shapes to stellar bodies. Through the chaos of interaction of these natural forces there is logical expressions or results. What better argument for a logical analytical creator, the natural order to storm is prime and with twice the reason, to create a visible real result from changing or maintaining of all the variables. There is the math, the physics, and geology that can define to almost certainty if the magnetic fields invisible expanding outward from stellar bodies that illustrate our gravitational fields mapped do revel spirals with ridges like conch shells form. perhaps hollow like tubes, perhaps much more. perhaps you want only to accept the simpler explanation instead of learning such advanced math as 'combinatorics' or nuclear science much less can you grasp basic geology, so you go with creationist but wait this is morphing into something other, fast like too. I also believe flower pedals illustrate the math of nature, or even better just signal in the symmetry that there is logic in chaos, that there is rule of kingdom after all, but it is very presumptuous that we would even pretend that it is driven by emotion. Storms form the anger of. Science can define this storm in much further detail and with no emotional blurs. Observance and study are actions of witness to. When the sciences and technology define even to to the point of recreation, the power exhibits and resembles that claimed only of gods. Like cloning, smaller natural structures than entire planets and solar systems. But the power and ability to create is possessed by man. In cultures around the world today these methods to define our world around us is frown on by many religious folk who just don't want to bother with learning the language and probably do not want to come off dumb, an emotion guides this desire. They leave it short, and feel perfectly comfortable taking a stubborn foothold, a strike to think no more for themselves than that. 'Won't be bothered' is a hell of world away from 'you can't either' emotional expression. Even the next sentence they may express sometimes with great pride of signature, seek and you shall find and it ain't simple or easy to follow.

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