Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boom Earthquake 'sound'? with regards to another similar phenomenon

"Bottom line: A mysterious boom shook buildings and created a loud sound in various cities in Alabama, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Earthquakes were ruled out for Alabama and Georgia, but for parts of Wisconsin, the booms were linked and associated with a minor quake. Government agencies ruled out aircraft or possible sonic booms, and there were no reports of gas explosions, possible meteors, or even a bomb explosion. For residents in these areas, the mystery remains." ` march 23rd, 2012
'Sounds' with regards to another similar phenomenon Seneca Guns

Earthquake Booms, Seneca Guns, and Other Sounds

Half Moon Bay seismologist digs beats of earthquakes

Strange sounds heard worldwide 2012 - Something is definitely wrong

Or meteors, or very small ice comets, Louis A Frank


Or the shifting of our poles, as magnetic north has shifted 40 miles a year
The magnetic north pole is currently shifting at a faster rate than at any time in human history — almost 40 miles a year — and some experts believe that it may be the beginning of a complete pole reversal, according to the Independent.


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