Sunday, May 12, 2013

everlasting Wonder

How could I know? You can't, but you can learn, you can read, then you will know as much as you can read and learn.

Read, the years of post during the Haliban's terror acts upon America, breeding hate from fear while still the thieves of our time that rob our Nation of wealth, pride, honor, respect and values. Webs spun through religious channels, wrapped and tied around our government. How the corporate media with religious groups are guilty in the demise of our American founding principles.

Culture wars, freedom of religion and wars on the free thinking minds of our times, and who it is behind the movements that have created a culture of fear, oppressing free expressionism, oppressing the individual the Religious Right and 'The Family' who devalues and separates more families than it binds. How politics and religion has made a grave union for the future of every free human, and made a mockery of American Democracy.

more 'en tempo

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