Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Back but not In Black

This has nothing to do with what you read next, unless you see the importance of you being able and permited to read the next words.

Took me over a week to get information pertain to using my new internet service, and it is not as good, fast, informative as yahoo was, beware.

During that time I was busy with tradition, thanks giving with family and just about but not family that don’t care for me being around. It’s when innuendoes are cut short of naming me, blaming me while you set there in their faces. It is very hard to tolerate and be nice when your me, whom very long ago made a self creed never to make efforts to just be for someone else’s pleasure, makes it hard to be a good guest when your hosts are hostile.

After that grand busy day of eating, bulging and belching just to endorse views I was recruited again for moving person for my ultra lazy brother. He can’t help it I try to tell myself, but my conscience won’t let me, he is lazy and it is that simple. He will spend more time and money being lazy than he will put forth effort to save time and money, when I am involved it cost me time and money. But he hasn’t a clue what it takes to bring up his slack, and has this personality disorder that causes him to blame his lacking abilities to accomplish anything on others closest and most involved with him. He needs professional help to be a good person, but I believe experts would run from the task, screaming it's my own fault.


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