Friday, February 16, 2007

The Greenbelt: This is, after all, Now

It is now, a time when the American public should be full aware of the actions of our government, their cohorts, their black ops, and for who's greater good this dark alignment serves.

100 billion

How much to fund the twisted 'flush 'em out' approach, IRA type double-agent bait and switch, guarandamntee 'they' are aware how dirty this war is.

A shock and awe to wake the public to these truths is needed, but doubtful our corporate media will issue such, self damning evaluation. So the truth is there, where we point to with links and stories that shine a light in dark corners of our inter workings of our worlds, hidden and tangled among the pentagonal propaganda.

Chris Floyd wrote on this, Anglo-American dirty war in Iraq, operations like this 'Salvador Option' that are supported by our tax dollars that terrorize communities in order to flush those that would stand up to such manipulations of peace and order then treat revolt as terrorist activities.

another link Carolyn Barker .org.

Wonder conscientiously what will you do when you see the truth?



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