Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ecstatic News Annoucement

It is with profound gratitude, delight, and my pleasure to announce to you and all my email contacts and those of you who send me newsletter, that on November 3, 2005 that my daughter, Teresa Lynn Tester, age 43, with Diabetes Mellitus (Juvenile diabetes) taking as many as four insulin shots a day since age 11, having kidney failure at age 38 resulting in her being on peritoneal dialysis four times daily for almost five years, today received a new kidney and pancreas, and removal of the dialysis and insulin pump tubes from her body. Tonight she lies in bed in ICU at Johnson City Medical Center with that beautiful healthy pink kidney and pancreas working very well - perfect blood sugar 98 vs 350, perfect urine output, a condition her body has not experienced for 31 years.

This has caused me to rethink my thoughts of being an organ donor and there will be no hesitation about being one now, for knowing of the thousands of patients waiting hopefully for a new chance at a normal life and knowing what happiness Teresa Lynn and all her family are feeling, I can do no less for the hopes of someone else. Today made me realize the overwhelming need to share whatever we can with our fellowmen.
Possibly you will also consider signing a donor card.

If you would like to write Lynn, I am certain she will be delighted. Just address it to the JC Medical Center. My joy overflows tonight knowing Teresa will be around with the great good changes coming to us and I just wanted to share it with you. Thank you.

Carolyn Tester

Afirmed and delivered

A huge thanks goes out to the donor, a huge hug grasping air capturing the energy of love it took for such a gift as this.

Wonder not that love provides


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