Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tempers temper

For a few days I have not had access to the internet, now with this tenny tinny keyboard and monitor and (has to be the very first one made) I post. This time away may be longer than it takes to fix my computer, as I fix everything myself just that way, every day. Will accept any advise thou, but will not try to talk again with 'so called' 'tech help'. They know their script well, they do know that. I might crush my broken system in some fit soon, will post pics of parts and pieces. A humorous hammer would be fit, sledge heavy and very dirty preferred. I just wonder what the hell could change your windows settings and not allow your changes to be saved, my problem at hand. Whatever, time is no issue, polls show things are flowing with Bush et al :aka: the Haliban. My heart is broken, on top of broken but beats right along into this Indian summer so colorful, so wonderful, if my other computer was working I would post pictures of the trees but the leafs are getting all blown down tonight, with winds of change, seasons progress and life goes on.
Pride hardens our soul for winters coldness, fall triggers changes in all of us. Indian summer provides the backdrops of beauty remembered, love forgotten to awake again green and blooming pink in spring. Time is the thief, he was never caught or apprehended, cuffed or wrangled, corrected or respected, therefore the crime is open. Winter cold preserves, fall leaves covers, the snow blankets, the doors are closed and shades drawn to keep out the cold harsh winter. Those without shelter or home, wander and wonder how they will make it from maybe just a tent. Love isn't as important, but it is love that provides.


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