Friday, April 14, 2006

I told you so

I did

Text proves Jesus was a martyr, we knew that. Self intended we didn’t. It goes on still today. Not selflessly as he did, but taking others taking innocents is wrong.

In these days and times, the single martyr isn’t heard. Another Jesus would pass away with the morning news enters evening.

The Oil Wars use martyrism as an excuse for the war on terrorism. Taking more innocence with every drive you take down the road, it is Oil Wars after all is said and done there is no other truth that has stood so long.

Greed Oil =Death for too many to be worth one drop of one person pushing this on, towing the line, or sitting quietly by even.

We are feeding this with our own national lively hood, paying dearly and the dearest paying the ultimate price with their lives, for the believers are innocent as well.

For every person who holds in their heart the belief that god controls Bush’s hand over the nuclear button, and will do the ‘right’ thing no matter what not one drop of innocents is worth your myth.

Most fables of the bible taught me not to put too much faith in your faith. Do not use your faith to harm others, respect of life till a natural end. The powerful messages talked of love, in all sorts. To believe in love is to live with love. In every way of your life.

Good Friday think about it



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