Monday, September 25, 2006

Losing Afghanistan The Rise of Jihadistan

Who's news, where? Corporate America says who and where get what's news. Facist, no we have a new definition of facism, illustrated here is the old. Like old europe perhaps?

"Editor's Note: Newsweek has scrubbed the cover of the United States edition for October 2, 2006. The cover of international editions, aimed at Europe, and other world regions has maintained the original title of the story, "LOSING AFGHANISTAN." The new cover for the United States edition features photographer Annie Leibovitz and is titled "My Life in Pictures." We offer the European edition cover and story here. -vh/TO "


Losing Afghanistan: The Rise of Jihadistan
By Ron Moreau, Sami Yousafzai and Michael Hirsh
Monday 02 October 2006 Issue

Five years after the Afghan invasion, the Taliban are fighting back hard, carving out a sanctuary where they - and al Qaeda's leaders - can operate freely.

Wonder what is 'their' reality, their truth. Wonder about our reality.

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