Thursday, September 21, 2006

The value of good greens, and the tragedy of greens

Spinach of course, I shouldn't but I am gona. Tell you about planting my spinach, people who know this think I am a nut, people who have seen my garden in the winter, well they enjoy nuts. I planted late this year, not the latest I have planted spinach mind you. It is not the news, I do every year I have a vege garden. Almost every year of my adult life excepting two, the last two. I wasn't put for long enough, I ate wild greens. Two days till the fall solstice, maybe I am nuts. The cressys come up wild, or you can plant them as I plan to fill the empty spaces tomorrow with a mix of spinach and cressys to cook with polk. Every year I say that, every year the deer eat the spinach, but a side dish is well enough trade for the views. Another trade off is the softer ground in the spring, and less weeds.
Of course greens, I also have orange bell peppers, like the Irish flag. Reminds me of the religious struggles there, the separations not only of belief, but of culture. A point in population growth like in most mammals, where lack of personal space or the illusion of leads to well disruption of civility. Eventually, we will breed our own disgruntled groups, for real, in multitudes and for many of the same reasons. Pressures of disparity of personal space, real or imagined. Our last grasp for personal space is imagination, our imagination and our thoughts. If the devil himself, I am referring to George the Joke muse in chief (Hugo rocks) and his deacons have their way even your thoughts could be your crime. Free thought is a principal, free speech is a principle, our laws used to guarantee us the public good would not suffer and free speech would not be mis-used especially by our own government. Lots of FCC shredding, and allowing out and out lies pass as true truthful news or history. Something we should be able to take for granted, the news, but time after time again events remind me of the Gangs of New York, politics as usual, continuity is key.

Someone is complaining about the pope's comments on modern atheism. Someone else stated on their blog (some really random read of mine, wandering :) "wonder why atheist are not complaining?". So I wandered this time taking note to where I had been, reading those who are complaining. Most complaints, comments and/or grunts are toward this: concerning people of reasonable minds.

"God's image can be destroyed by hatred and fanaticism."

In light of these distortions, he said, Christians need to "state clearly the God in whom we believe and proclaim confidently that this God has a human face."

"Only this can free us from being afraid of God, which is ultimately at the root of modern atheism. Only this God saves us from being afraid of the world and from anxiety before the emptiness of life," he said.

God’s human face – Hatred, fanaticism can destroy divine image, Pope Benedict says
By John Thavis

Catholic News Service

I have given this thought, and another, still free to do that in case you were wondering, and decided to post. I've not been abducted yet, I retired tired tonight but restless so I put this to rest although unfinished, expect updates with links. If I read less Scottish poetry, do you think I could drop using all these ...., ,,, commas? Certainly fire burns, that which burns must be of fire, intriguing that fire that burnt, for Burns. oh well. (other links later)


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Blogger Terror-Free said...

New Pope Shows Spine
Islamonazi CAIR Is Not Impressed - video

Please Call The Vatican Embassy In Washington, DC at (202) 333-7121 to Express Your Support!

Thu Sep 21, 10:25:00 PM EDT  

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