Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh yes that always

Seems this is one constant we should continue, as key.
from Joan Chittister's article "Oh no, not that again", America's approach vs Europe she says of the question "What is the place of religion in U.S. politics?". Continues on very well, reasonable reasons as to why this is and should be treated as an 'Oh no, not again". Or should it?
"Interestingly enough, the country founded to provide freedom of religion for all its citizens, to protect the church from repression by the state, to outlaw the very idea of an establishment church that had been the ruination of so much of Europe, the country that set out to erect a wall between church and state, is the country that today struggles with the issue most of all." read it
Watada mistrial or attempt to stop the military's response if held to the task of weighing the justice in war. Just as individuals build moral compass, more so should a collective, especially an army with the power to protect or destroy. Like a god.
US IS provoking a new nuclear arms race, that statement needs to be read and heard, around our local media. It means jobs, local jobs as it does for other communities as it does for folks around here. The danger in me speaking about it, the dangerous reasons for why it is not worth it. Leaves you to wonder, where's the bigger story, and there is.

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