Thursday, December 24, 2009

No singler payer-No Sale, No public option-No Sale, No Medicare buy in-No Sale

My sentiments exactly,

Part 1

Part 2

Money is each their own, to spend as they freely choose. 17% vs an additional 6.2% to fund medicare/medicaid which hands health care managers, whom are private agencies and doctors instead of insurance companies faceless health care managers is insane, and clearly motivated by monies and driven by lies.

Healthy Holidays ye every verry ones, Someone you do not know will die today and tonight, because the health insurers they pay will deny may well without anyone's knowledge but the doctors and the deniers. It happens too many times every day, but sad this poor excuse of a Health Don't Care Bill does nothing but indebted more to fund their war on a healthy America. Ooh and beware when it comes to giving spiritual advise you and your holiday company may very well be targets of an armed drone. We will soon see that here, in our own nation there will be more than just the few that lack will power.

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