Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Oh No

The Better Angels of Our Nature May Face an Uphill Fight in Copenhagen
by Abby Zimet

We could be in big trouble. Polls show that far more Americans believe in angels - 55% - than in global warming caused by human activity - 36%, or about the same number as those who believe in ghosts and UFOs.

My name is Sarah James, and I’m from Arctic Village, Alaska. Climate change, global warming is real in the Arctic. There’s a lot of erosion, because permafrost is melting. When that happens, it runs off, off to another lake, another water, another body of water, when the land gives out. And then, after that, it dries up, and it cause a lot of fire and a lot of erosion. And fire dries up and causes drought.

Amy Goodman interviews victims of global warming, believe ...

My final message will go generally out as a question. This is a general question. I would like to ask you: Would you commit murder? On the basis that you know what you’re doing is wrong and you can see that the victim is begging for mercy and for you to stop what you’re doing, yeah, would you commit murder? I mean, yeah, people who are sensitive at heart would take this seriously, but others, I wouldn’t mention right now.

The World Meteorological Organization announced today that 2009 will likely be the fifth warmest on record and the first decade of this century the hottest since records began.

Meanwhile, here in Copenhagen, the environmental group Germanwatch issued a new report ranking the countries hardest hit by extreme weather based on socioeconomic data. For 2008, Burma topped the list, followed by Yemen and Vietnam. The United States ranked fifth, higher than any other industrial nation. The study also looked at the hardest hit nations over the past eighteen years.

The Obama administration has moved a step closer to regulating greenhouse gases. On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency said six gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, endanger the environment and public health. The move would allow the EPA to take action against greenhouse gases without needing congressional approval.

Naomi Klein and Martin Khor on The Growing North/South Divide in Copenhagen Over Kyoto, Climate Debt and Emission Targets

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