Saturday, December 26, 2009

"what kind of society would inflict that on their population"

A greedy one, capitalist pigs ate our good health over the holidays.

The Athens-Banner Herald writes:

"Chesnutt faced a lawsuit filed by a local hospital following surgeries that racked up bills in the range of $70,000, he said in an interview with the Banner-Herald published Nov. 1.

With a Canadian label, Chesnutt often worked with musicians from north of the border and told the Banner-Herald that Canadians are stunned by his health care issues.

"They do feel for me, but it's something that blows their minds; there's nowhere else in the world that I'd be facing the situation I'm in right now. They can not understand what kind of society would inflict that on their population. It's terrifying," he said in an interview for the Nov. 1 article. "I've been nearly suicidal over it.""

His friend Kristin Hersh wrote a tribute to him on a page where people can make donations to help his family with his medical expenses

Singer-Songwriter Vic Chesnutt Has Died

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