Friday, June 17, 2005

shining a light of 'love' that thru truth will cause 'hate' to be seen for what it is, what it will always be whether draped in white or hidden in lies, just pure hate.

Watching the news evades my spare time these past few days, but I really doubt this was on any southern local national news, the Killen trials. John Sugg writes about it, you should read about it you should teach your children about it when they come of an age to understand why the littlest drop of hate is so bad. My father told me once when questioning me about something he thought I might have fibbed about, "that is ok" he said " it all comes out in the wash eventually". A good moral to the story of how much time has lapsed sense a true effort towards justice is made. I have seen this hate that infects this man and men like him, it has no ground in truth. It sinks to the bottom of everything where it belongs when a light of the truth shows its heart. Like a symbiotic creature, a parasite living within a perfectly otherwise healthy mind and body it destroys from within, destroys its host, hate does. That seed is easily passed, with a word, a gesture and spreads like pandemic when it infest our community leaders, judicial and civil governments and especially our law enforcement. Which all of Mississippi should be on trial for letting this good ol boy get by so long, with murder. They that knew, all should be on trial.

A hand gesture, that ok gesture John Sugg witnessed and wrote about, that silent hand shake, that wink and nod. The blood, the lives the good people that have lost because of this generations old secret culture of hate that thrives and lives not only in the deep south, it is everywhere. Racist hate is a kin to religious intolerance, if it is your color, your creed or your religion someone somewhere hates you for that difference.

Part I: Roses for an Unmarked Killing Field
Part II: Mississippi Editor Shows Guts in the Face of Hatred
Part III: Mississippi Surprise: Yep, He's a Klansman

I Wonder too John, we all should wonder more.


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