Thursday, April 28, 2005

t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | Hostile Information

t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt Hostile Information a must read

A sovereign nation veiled by the American flag, what you see and what is reality are in-fact opposing realities. Our government feeds us garbage and lies for news, tied to the corporate dollar we are now in the matrix. Happy to have jobs, thank God Oil Dollar for the opportunity to slave for corporate America. Where will the Iraqi people teach us about individual rights, independence of a nation or even the basic humanistic respect of life in this new world developing evolving from all this evil we a self proclaimed god fearing nation has preemptively enforced on these people of Iraq.

Dahr Jamail was careful in every instance to point out that the civilian leadership issuing the orders, and not the soldiers, are ultimately to blame for what is taking place. Specific soldiers committing war crimes must be punished, he said, but the ultimate responsibility for these acts belongs in Washington, DC.

'Horror' is not a strong enough word to describe what Dahr Jamail showed us on Monday night, what he saw with his own eyes, what almost no American has been allowed to see because 'Hostile Information' is not permitted in George Bush's America.

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Wonder who contols your news, our government and ultimately YOU

Wake yourself from the holds of the matrix, free freedom from corperate grips visit postage paid free dvd yourself out of this dirty rabbit hole.


Blogger Wonder said...

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

New Video Tells Dahr's Story

Testimonies From Falluja

Eyewitness in Iraq: Dahr Jamail, an Unembedded Report*

A Pepperspray Production, 28 minutes

Dahr Jamail recognized that Americans were being misled about the US
occupation of Iraq, so he went to Iraq to find the truth. After being
*un*embedded in Iraq totaling over 8 months, he returned to the States
to tell what he discovered. In this video Dahr Jamail speaks of the
horrors of occupation, the use of illegal weapons by American forces,
the rip-off of American taxpayers by Bechtel and other US corporations,
the shabby and biased media coverage of the situation by US media, and
of the resilient determination of the Iraqi people to be free from
foreign occupation.

A portion of the price of this video goes to support Dahr in his ongoing

See the preview!

Buy the video from the PepperSpray Productions website

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