Thursday, January 13, 2005

What did you expect? Them to do the right thing? Have you finished digging your bunker yet?

Needed: A Crusader . NOW
I recieved this e-mail just as an observer I suppose, and to be made aware of our Federal Governments tactics of give and take. Read the Truthout article, then read the rage know I haven't composed my own rage into words as of yet.

Hi John, I need a man on a White Horse! I hope you are doing well; enough so you might get in the mood to furiously jump 'in the saddle' or in front of your computer! I need a crusader like you at this moment as I am FURIOUS...furious after reading the article at the above link, I just lost it completely and became ballistically incensed. I wish that you would read it, think on it and then blast these so-called 'people' in Washington into hell with your genius rhetorical ability! To think these astronomical sums have to be spent to put these idiots on parade! $3 million for reviewing stands! Damn, if average this amount is spent every four years on just this one project, just how much has been spent every four years, since forever, building reviewing stands? and what happened to those reveiwing stands after the parade, I wonder. AND nine balls! If only some of us had the funds to just buy a new everyday housedress or afford to shop the GoodWill store! To think of this assinine situation up there, then think on the many struggling to make ends meet daily, or not making ends meet, or starving, doing without proper nutrition daily AND having to pay taxes to pay for the likes of this! I am so angry I could easily crunch a black walnut shell casing into smithereens and possibly some political heads of state at the present moment. Grrrrr! Please: take it and run with it! Do you have any idea how important your part has been and is in changing this world at this time? It's great, I tell you.
I'll end my tirade now and go have me a real mental breakdown. Ha.
Carolyn Tester

I hope every reasonable person with a voice will 'mount their white horse' or saddle that seat before the most freeing voice we have left, our access to speak, the internet.


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