Monday, December 20, 2004

Harmonic Resinating of Evil

A survey by Cornell University finds Republican and Religious Americans feel the civil liberties of Muslim American should be restricted, more so than Democrats and Americans of less religious fever. A noted figure calls on them to ‘tone down’ such fever and refuses their method and calls for a kinder persuasion a stop to the threats.

As the illustrated cover of Time magazine shows a Farris wheel seemingly powered by the pipe organist commands while human corpses dangle from the wheel as if it were a processor.

The Man of the Year article portrays Bush as the commander of the free world, while he processes resistant Iraqi citizens into Terrorist to the occupying forces. Could these events be illustrative to an named cycle, of our metaphysical natural world as a physical theory outlined in the book of revelation as the apocalypse. I am very sure life these days resemble something apocalyptic to the Iraqi that are wounded seeing around them so much death and destruction and clearly see who it is that inflicts it. The oppressors can’t fool the Iraqi, they only fool those they command, with weapons of deception here, we are blinded to the weapons of mass destruction there.

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Opening statement before the Iraq tribunal hearings at Tokyo

The Lord Finally Smites the Bush Regime

Muslim’s Civil Liberties

Adolph Hitler, Man of the Year Jan. 2, 1939

George W. Bush, Person of the Year Dec. 19, 2004

For faith and country: insurgents fight on,3604,1374581,00.html

Fiddling as Iraq Burns

Bring the troops home


Something to Wonder about this Winter Solstice Day

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